How To Restrict Content On Your WordPress Website

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Content restriction is one of the most crucial functionalities for WordPress websites. Especially, if you are running a membership or subscription website, then setting content restrictions is a must!

With the help of our WordPress experts, we have put together every single piece of information related to Content Restriction on WordPress websites.

Let’s get started with some frequently asked questions related to content restriction.



What is content restriction?

The content restriction allows you to restrict various levels of content on a website. Using content restriction functionality you can restrict access of users to a certain section. You can bar access to a menu item, a certain section of the website, premium content, media download, and much more.

How do I manage content in WordPress?

You can manage content on WordPress using the WordPress Dashboard. Also, you can create new posts, delete posts, or save them in the draft. And if you wish to restrict a few contents on your WordPress website, you can always use a content restriction extension.

Which plugin is best for content restriction on WordPress?

There are various content restriction plugins available on WordPress. Most of the membership WordPress plugins and subscription plugins provide this functionality.

Among these plugins, ProfileGrid is one of the best WordPress plugins that have Content Restriction as a core feature.

How To Restrict Content On Your WordPress Website 

Here are a few reasons to restrict the content of your website such as;

  • Increase engagement and conversation on your website.
  • Develop a strong community.
  • Restrict access to the content as per the membership level.

Although you may find many extensions, plugins, and shortcodes online to limit the access of your website content, searching for the best one requires a lot of time and effort. To make your work and search easy, ProfileGrid has come up with an amazing content restriction extension.

Further continuing the discussion, let’s talk about the overview of ProfileGrid’s content restriction extensions, their features, and step-by-step procedure to install and use them. Let’s dig in.  

Overview of Content Restriction Extension

ProfileGrid’s Content Restriction is one of the best extensions that help you take complete control of your website’s content. Moreover, the extension restricts the access of the users to pages and blog posts. Further, it restricts other functionalities such as images, sidebars, footer widgets, and more to specific users.

In addition to that, the plugin allows you to set the visibility of the content either to everyone, logged-in users, your friends, or only to you.

Features of Content Restriction Extension

Content Control allows you to do the following:

  • Restrict the logged in / logged out users or other users to access the website pages/posts.
  • Restrict the users to access tags, media, or any other website format.
  • It displays a system-generated message to the users who do not have permission to view the content.
  • In addition to that, redirect the users back to the home page/post after login website to those who do not have permission to view the content.
  • Also, make the website content accessible either to everyone, logged in users, your friends, or only to you.
  • Further, restrict the visibility of sidebars or widgets to logged-in users, friends, or only to you.

Explore more about the Content Restriction Extension here.

Steps to Restrict Content on your WordPress Website

Content Restriction Extension is one of the renowned extensions which allows you to restrict content and access the content available on your WordPress website.

You can either access the free version of the content restriction extension or get access to the paid version to get access to the advanced features. In addition to that, to restrict the content of your website to some specific users, you need to first install the ProfileGrid Memberships plugin

Download and install ProfileGrid Memberships

To get started with the Content Restriction extension, you’ll need to install ProfileGrid Memberships. And, to install the plugin, follow the below-given steps:

Step1: Go to the ProfileGrid website or click the button below.

Try ProfileGrid!

Step2: Click on the ‘Download’ button to download the core, premium, or premium+ version of the plugin.

Step3: Once the plugin file is downloaded, head to your WordPress dashboard.

Step4: In the left menu bar, below Appearances, click on Plugins.

WordPress Membership website

Step5: Click on ‘Add New’

WordPress membership website

Step6: Further, click on ‘Upload Plugin’ and upload the plugin file.

Step7: Once your upload is complete, click on activate to install the plugin.

Content Restriction Settings

After installing, you need to visit ProfileGrid » go to Global Settings page and click on the content restriction extension.

Step1: This will redirect you to the “Content Restriction Settings” page where you will find multiple options to do different settings as per your requirement. restrict content

Step2: Turn on the “apply custom access settings” button. This will give you access to multiple options where you can set to whom your content will be visible.

Step3: Click on the radio button as per your requirement. Also, you have options to choose from – content accessible to everyone, logged-in users, my friend, or only me.

Step4: After choosing one option, select the user group that can use this content from the drop-down menu.

Further to making all the settings, click on the Save button. Also, if you wish to explore more advanced features of content restriction, check out the ‘Additional Resources’ listed below.

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In Conclusion

A user can restrict the content of any type on their WordPress website with this amazing extension. This includes menus, pages, posts, blogs,  and categories. Furthermore, using the amazing ProfileGrid’s content restriction extension, you can easily limit the users to access your website content.

To enjoy the benefits of the extension, follow the above-mentioned steps and in just a few clicks, you will be able to prevent the access of the content of your WordPress website. 

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