To access Payments settings:

  • Click “ProfileGrid” on left side dashboard admin menu
  • Click on “Global Settings” option
  • Control will be directed to new page containing various global settings available for ProfileGrid
  • Click on “Payments” link

Payments allow for setup of the payment gateway and related settings:
Payment Processor: Allows for the selection of desired payment system. As of now, PayPal is available option, but further payment processors/gateways will be added in upcoming versions.
Test Mode: It allows admin to test the settings related to payment system without actually having to incur the transaction costs.
PayPal Email: Your PayPal account email, to which you will accept the payments.
Currency: Default Currency for accepting payments. Usually, this will be default currency in your PayPal account.
PayPal Page Style: If you have created checkout pages in your PayPal account and want to show a specific page, you can enter it’s name here.
Currency Symbol Position: Choose the location of the currency sign as prefix or suffix to the amount.

ProfileGrid extensions are sold individually as well as part of Premium and Premium+ bundle plans.

Why our users purchase bundle plans?

Users get access to all extensions in a single, heavily discounted price! In addition, ProfileGrid is in active development and we are developing new and exciting extensions every day.