How To Create and Share Photo Albums In WordPress

Create And Share Photo Albums In WordPress With ProfileGrid

A true membership site allows users to communicate with each other. It acts as a common platform for members to connect and share photos, music or blog posts. The WP ProfileGrid plugin allows users to build dynamic membership sites complete with multiple groups, and group wall. It helps users to create and share photo albums in WordPress from within the user profiles. This can make your site unique and its users more attached to their profiles.

ProfileGrid offers the Group Photos Extension. It allows users to create and share photo albums in WordPress. So, let’s delve into this topic further and learn how to make your membership site more vibrant.

Activating The Group Photos Extension

ProfileGrid comes with a host of useful features like extensions and shortcodes. The Group Photos extension is part of its premium pack.

There is an entire page dedicated to extensions in the PG Dashboard. From this page, we have to activate the Group Photos Extension to create and share photo albums in WordPress.

Right after activation, the extension appears in ProfileGrid ‘Global Setting’. On clicking it, users will get a toggle to enable/disable Group Photos. Given below is an image of the Group Photos Settings page.

This feature then gets added as ‘Group Photos’ to each group where group members can share photos.


Group members can categorize their photos into albums. They can determine the privacy of these albums. They can decide whether to make them visible to all registered users or to group members only.

create and share photo albums in WordPress new album

There’s another unique feature, any group member can upload photos into albums created by other group members.

Also, any user from other groups as well can view the ‘Group Photos’ of another group. However, they can only comment on Public Album photos.

A Group Leader can delete any photo album, photo or comment from his/her own Group. An album owner can delete/add or comment on any photo from his/her own album. He/she can also delete any comment from his/her photos. In this way your site becomes organic.

A Community Feel

ProfileGrid not only allows users to create and share photo albums in WordPress user groups. It tries to create an entire community on your site. There, users can create paid or unpaid groups. They can also maintain a business or personal directory. Moreover, the Group Wall and Group Photo extensions give the users a community feel. There they can have a common platform to communicate. Also, ProfileGrid enables added user engagement. It allows users to create frontend groups.

When members of the same group communicate with each other, comment on each others’ photos they feel connected. You got power to bring the entire world inside your site.

New ideas grow with new communities. When you build a global community, you add more value to your online platform. One can utilize this plugin to register students of an institution or employees in an organization. When members of an organization share a common platform it becomes easy to manage them. For example, any news or announcement can be made on the Group Wall. Photos from a school camp tour can be uploaded on ‘Group Photos’. It then becomes accessible for all the members.

A Plugin Made For User Convenience

ProfileGrid is a plugin which truly defines user convenience. Users do not need third-party plugins in PG. We could create and share photo albums in WordPress without even having to code. Moreover, the fact that users do not need to be pro coders, make this plugin even more popular. Now, the power to create efficient membership sites is in the hands of the common WordPress user. They can utilize these sites for professional or private purposes without having to take help from pro developers.


  1. Michael Ortlieb

    Is there a way for users to add photo albums to their own profiles and not on a group wall?

    1. ProfileGrid

      Unfortunately, as of now, ProfileGrid do not have the feature to add a photo album to profile. However, we have made note of this requirement and will review it for possible inclusion in the future release.

      1. Roberto Bigini

        Do you have news about this features. I think this is very important!

        1. ProfileGrid

          Its still on our roadmap. We will be taking this on priority in coming months.

      2. Roberto

        have you some update about the user photo gallery?
        this is an awasone feature!!

  2. Lisa

    I’d like to add that to the wish list. We have a group of artists that would love to have their own album to showcase individual work.

    1. vincent

      Hello Lisa,

      Thank you for writing to us. Profile photos is a feature that is on our roadmap and we will introduce it in our plugin soon.

      1. sarah Daglish

        any news on when?

        1. ProfileGrid

          We do not have any fixed timeline for it yet. Keep checking our site and release notes for we will make public announcement when release is live.

  3. Shriver John

    On the banner for ProfileGrid, you show an image that is presumably the Profile Page for “Dan Kavanagh. The menu items are “About”, “Groups”, “Blogs”, “Friends”, “Photos”, “Notifications”, and “Messaging”. What is the Photos option in this menu? How is it created?

    1. ProfileGrid

      Photos tab is a custom tab in the user profile. Our extension “Custom Profile Tabs” allows to create and add custom tabs to user profiles with data fetched from other plugins. For more details on this, you may visit the links: and 

  4. Shriver John

    Is there a way to automatically notify the members of a group with an email when someone contributes to the wall for that group or creates a new photo album on the group page?

    1. ProfileGrid

      We plan to add this feature in near future, but as of now, its not available.

  5. John Frierson

    Is there a way to add a url/link for the Groups Photos in the Menu? Instead of having to go into the Group page and then click on the Photo Tab to see the albums. Would like to have a dedicated page that could put in Menu so that members can just click on that link (“Photos”) in the menu to see albums – and if just one album created, to see all the photos in that album without having to make anymore clicks. I have a few “technologically challenged” members and trying to make it as easy to find the photos as possible. I had my own “Gallery” page, but the way to add photos was cumbersome.

    1. ProfileGrid

      Unfortunately, as of now ProfileGrid does not support any shortcode to display group photos in menu or page. But we will keep record of your requirement and will try to include in in our road map for future implementation.

  6. evans

    hi first of all ilove this plugin very much but one thing holding it back is sending images. how can i add attachments in the messaging system

    1. ProfileGrid

      Thanks for your kind words regarding our plugin. While we do not have the feature for attachments available as of now, the plan is to have it included in one of our future releases.

  7. Koffi Bessan

    Hi there.
    I just purchased Group photos extension and try to check it out but my issues:
    1- it does not give me an option to create an album.
    2- and I don’t have Photos tab in the Menu.
    Anyone can help please.

    1. ProfileGrid

      Once you have activated the extension “Group Photos” on the site, enable the option from ProfileGrid settings to display the corresponding tab:

      1) Login to WordPress dashboard, and go to “ProfileGrid >> Global Settings >> Group Photos” menu.

      2) Enable the option “Enable Group Photos” and save it.

      Once done, you should be able to see the Group Photos tab on profile page, and in that tab you may also create new album.
      For more details on this you may visit the link :

  8. Koffi Bessan

    I tried to Activate the Plugin but it was giving me error code

    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare activate_profilegrid_group_photos() (previously declared in /var/www/wp-content/plugins/profilegrid-group-photos/profilegrid-group-photos.php:30) in /var/www/wp-content/plugins/profilegrid-user-profiles-groups-and-communities-profilegrid-group-photos/profilegrid-group-photos.php on line 30

    1. ProfileGrid

      It seems like that extension is already activated on site. Could you please check if you have installed same extension twice on site perhaps? Do delete one and then try to activate the other one. If you still face any issue, please share your site’s dashboard access by creating a new admin user with our support email address in order to allow us to investigate the problem in detail. Once we are done with our analysis, you may remove that user account from your site.

  9. Janeth

    I bought and installed the group photo album plugin — everything works fine EXCEPT it does not allow anyone to comment on a photo — whether the album is private or public — we can NOT get it to accept comments at all …… please help

    1. ProfileGrid

      As per our response on the ticket, we will be releasing fix for this soon.

  10. Deniz yel

    Hello how can i display the profile pictures of several members on a site? I want that when they register and upload a profil pic to show the profile pic on the main site. I only see the option to show the profile cards.

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team


      You may achieve this by using the ProfileGrid Hero Banner. For more details, please visit

      Thank you,

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