How to Build Paid Membership Site Using PayPal

Build Paid Membership Site Using PayPal With ProfileGrid

Do you want to build paid membership site using PayPal? The benefits of a paid membership site are many. You can offer premium content or turn your site into a virtual store and start earning! The WordPress ProfileGrid plugin helps you create professional membership websites where you can integrate PayPal payment method. So let’s move forward and build paid membership site using PayPal with ProfileGrid.

Activating the Payment Settings

In order to create a tailor-made professional membership website, ProfileGrid offers you a set of essential tools. The extensive list of Shortcodes and Extensions are two most significant tools that make any job on ProfleGrid a cakewalk. In order to help you build paid membership site using PayPal, ProfileGrid offers Payment Setting. We can activate it from the Global Settings page under the ProfileGrid menu.


Build Paid Membership Site Using PayPal global settings

Click on the menu and land on the Payments page, where you can then enable the toggle to activate PayPal Payment Processor.

Build Paid Membership Site Using PayPal payment processor

You can see from the above image that I have activated the Test Mode toggle, this will help you accept virtual money for testing option. When you accept real transaction from your site, you need to disable the Test Mode. Next thing is the Email Address, where you want to redirect the payment. Here, I need to tell you that the very first step to accepting payment via PayPal is to create an account there. The mail ID with which you create your PayPal account, enter that ID in the PayPal Email space. Now click on the ‘Save’ button to finish your job.

Creating a Paid Group

However, in order to build paid membership site using PayPal, you first need to create a paid group. Click on the ‘ProfileGrid’ option under ‘ProfileGrid’. Next, click on the ‘Add New’ option on the top left corner. You will get a ‘New Group’ page for determining the content and type of the group.

Build Paid Membership Site Using PayPal group manager

Again, if you want to make an existing group into a paid one, then just click on the ‘Setting’ option on the bottom left corner of the group. You will land on the ‘Edit Group’ page, from there activate the toggle for the paid group option.

Build Paid Membership Site Using PayPal edit group page

Given below is the frontend view of a paid group called ‘Sports’.

Build Paid Membership Site Using PayPal paid groups

Now, when a person will try to join this group they will get a registration page with the PayPal payment method.

Build Paid Membership Site Using PayPal registration

The above image shows the registration page of the paid group where we see the payment method shows PayPal. Once the user submits this form, he/she will be automatically redirected to the PayPal Payment page. Where, after entering their card number and other details, the money will be directly transferred to the email ID, with which the site admin has created the PayPal account.

Build Paid Membership Site Using PayPal frontend

Build Paid Membership Site Using PayPal and Perform Business

ProfileGrid not only allows users to create paid groups for membership websites, it also allows you to integrate WooCommerce. Moreover, ProfileGrid provides the WooCommerce Integration Extension by which you can transform your site into an online store.

A Boon for Professionals

You saw how easily we could build paid membership site using PayPal with ProfileGrid. This plugin provides users with several essential tools to perform business through their membership websites. ProfileGrid provides WooCommerce as well as Stripe Payment extensions to convert sites into functional stores with just a few clicks. This has resulted in the rising popularity of this plugin.


  1. Amanda

    This appears to work to get the payment processed, but when the person is returned back to the site, they do not have access to the group they just paid for. What is missing from the second part of this process?

    1. ProfileGrid

      It seems like group has not been assigned to the user. Could you please confirm if user’s payment was completed. For paid groups, those will be assigned to members only post confirmation of payment (IPN) from payment server. Sometimes, the system may get confirmation right away, but in other cases, it takes more time depending on server and network speed. Could you please check user account again on site.

  2. JH

    How about yearly membership renewals or you get booted from the group, etc?

    1. ProfileGrid

      Duration of membership or recurring payment for a group in ProfileGrid can be achieve with integration with plugin RegistrationMagic. For more details on the integration, visit this link:

      Using automation feature of RegistrationMagic, user account can be deactivated or deleted once membership has expired:

  3. Arvind

    In place of PayPal, is it possible to integrate Stripe / Woocom payment system / Razorpay?

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

      Plugin allows to integrate the stripe for payment. Check the link for more details:

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