How to add a user reviews system on your WordPress website?

Profile Review is a psychological phenomenon that works as social proof for website users/members to know about the member, products, and services. User reviews help to gain people’s trust and encourage them to interact.

This article covers all the features of the ProfileGrid Member Profile Reviews extension. And also covers the process of adding a user review system that will help your users to add reviews and ratings on a profile page.

ProfileGrid Member Profile Reviews Extension

ProfileGrid Member Profile Reviews extension is the best solution to add a user review system on any website.  It empowers your website members to rate and review products, groups, or even the profiles of other members of different groups.

It will not only help you enhance the features of your profile, group, or product but will also give you more chances to convince a new user to be a member of a group or a friend of a profile.

This is how your profile will look like after adding the extension.

Features of ProfileGrid Member Profile User Reviews Extension

With the help of the ProfileGrid Member Profile Reviews extension, 

1. You can add a Review tab on any profile page.

2. In addition, the extension allows you to give a 1 to 5-star rating along with a specific title.

3. It also allows you to filter reviews with respect to 1 to 5 user ratings, ascending or descending first.

4. It allows restricting the access of profile reviewing of specific group(s) members.

5. Moreover, you can automatically publish the member reviews that are pending by the admin using this extension.

6. The extension also offers full control of managing user reviews from the front end and back end. In addition, the plugin allows the admin to edit any member review from the WP dashboard.

7. You can also remove other’s reviews from your profile page.

8. It also comes with a blocking/unblocking feature that allows blocking specific users from leaving reviews on profile.

9. You can send a notification email to the user when someone leaves a member review on their profile. 

To add a user reviews section on your WordPress membership or any other website, you need to first install the extension. 

How does the ProfileGrid Member Profile Reviews Extension Work?

To get started with the Members Profile Reviews extension, you have to install it and set the parameters.

1. Firstly, go to the all extensions page of ProfileGrid Plugin.

2. Scroll down to find the “ProfileGrid Member Profile Reviews” extension.

3. Now complete the purchase procedure to download and activate the extension.

4. Once the extension is activated, go to the ProfileGrid option on the left menu of your dashboard. 

5. Now, click on the extension settings. After that, click on the “Option” button of the Profile Grid Member Profile Reviews extension.

User Reviews

6.  At last, this will redirect you to the Member Profile Reviews Extension settings page.

How to Set Up Your ProfileGrid Member Profile Reviews Extension?

Once the Member Profile Reviews Extension settings page is open, you will find multiple settings over there. 

Step1: Turn on the “Enable User Reviews” toggle to turn on ProfileGrid User Reviews extension settings where members can review other members and rate their profiles.

Step2: This will give access to multiple settings. The first option is the “Display User Reviews Tab”. Enable this tab to show a new tab in user profiles pages containing reviews for the profile owner.


This will display the user reviews tab on the profile.

Step3: After that, there is the “Allow members to review?” option. If you turn the toggle on, it enables the users to post reviews on other members’ user profiles.

Once you save this setting, access the profile of any other user. You will find the “Add Review” tab under the “Review section”.

From here, you can also add the title & rating along with your review for any member’s profile.

User Reviews

Step4: Using the extension, you can also restrict reviewing privileges to members of selected group(s) by switching on the “Limit privilege to selected groups” toggle. You can also select multiple groups at a time. For instance, Press Ctrl while clicking to assign multiple ProfileGrid Groups. 

For instance, when you select the “Default user group” from the drop-down menu, the members of the group will be restricted to post a review on your profile.

Step5: After that, switch on the “Auto-publish reviews?” toggle. This option will help to publish reviews right away on submission instead of waiting for admin approval.

Step6: Moreover, if you want the reviewers to delete their own reviews on other member profiles. You can switch on the “Reviewers can remove?” toggle.

Step7: Similarly, switch on the “Members can remove?” toggle button. This will allow profile owners to delete reviews on their profiles by other members.

Step8: You can also allow profile owners to block specific members from posting reviews on their profiles. For this, switch on the “Allow members to block reviewers?” toggle button.  

Step9: At last, you can also send an email notification to members when a review is posted on their profiles. This you can perform by turning on the email notifications toggle button. 

User Reviews

Step10: Once you are done with all the settings, click on the Save button and you are all done.

Monitor Your ProfileGrid Member Profile Reviews Extension Performance

Once you’ve added your extension, check how the review tab, reviews, and ratings will look like on your profile.

Whenever you visit the profile page of any member, you can easily add your reviews and ratings using the add review dialogue box. 

User Reviews

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That’s it!

Above all, a user can easily add their experiences in the review section of a website. In addition, it works as social proof and helps to gain the trust of new customers. Simply follow the above-mentioned steps and enable the user reviews system on your WordPress website.

Also, to make your website feature-rich, try your hands on other extensions of ProfileGrid. To explore more extensions, click here.


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