How to add Instagram to WordPress user profiles?

If you are wondering how to add Instagram to WordPress user profiles, ProfileGrid Instagram Integration is your solution.

Integrating Instagram allows you to add more value to your website. Especially if you have a community-based or social networking website.

This extension allows you to add Instagram to WordPress page. Further, the extension enables you to show Instagram feed on the user profiles.

ProfileGrid Instagram Photos Integration is one of the robust extensions that are easy to set up and use.

Overview of Instagram Photos Integration


Try ProfileGrid Instagram Integration

The Instagram Photos Integration is a useful feature. It helps you add Instagram tab or WP Instagram widget on every user profile page. And show Instagram feed on website pages.

Your users can sign in to their accounts and make their Instagram photos available on their profile in a grid manner.

The installation and setup process requires zero coding and can be done by beginners as well.

Features of Instagram Photos Integration

Here are some valuable features of Instagram Photos Integration that can help you engage your users:

  • Your users can easily connect their accounts to Instagram. If they want to, then they can also disconnect at a later point.
  • The grid offers you a view of only 18 previous pictures of the Instagram profile. As new pictures come up, previous ones are automatically removed from the grid.
  • Somewhat similar to Instagram, pictures are visible in a 3×3 grid format on the profile of the user.
  • If you click on a picture, a pop-up opens up with the right and left control options.
  • The 3×3 grid also contains the relevant right and left control options.
  • You can add a “Visit Instagram Profile” button below your grid and all the images. This helps in accessing the Instagram profile with a click.

Stepwise Guide on how to add Instagram to WordPress user profiles

To download and install the extension, visit this link or click the button below. Once downloaded, install the extension on your WordPress dashboard.

If you already have ProfileGrid Premium or Premium+, you do not need to download and install the extension separately. The above-mentioned packages already include the extension.

Download ProfileGrid Instagram Integration

Once the installation process is complete, follow the steps below:

Step1: Go to your ProfileGrid extensions page on the left menu bar of your Dashboard.

how to add instagram to wordpress

Step2: Scroll down, find Instagram Integration, and click on ‘Options.’

how to add instagram to wordpress

Step3: Here, use the toggle button to enable Instagram Integration.

how to add instagram to wordpress

Step4: Now that you have enabled Instagram Integration, add your client ID and move to the next field.

Step5: Finally, add your Client Secret to include Instagram on ProfileGrid profiles.

Step6: After adding the details, you can finally Save your Instagram Integration settings.

Step7: You can go to the Global Settings Page as well to set up Instagram Integration.

how to add instagram to wordpress

Frontend example of Instagram Integration

Here is an Instagram feed on website example. After all the settings of the Instagram Integration are completed, an option to add Instagram in WordPress (Connect to Instagram) would appear on user profiles. It will allow you to get Instagram feed on websites.

When the user connects to Instagram through their Instagram ID and Password, they would get an additional tab for Instagram on their ProfileGrid home page. Once you add Instagram feed to websites, users can preview Instagram feeds.

It is also possible for the user to visit their Instagram Profile from their ProfileGrid Profile when they need to explore more WordPress Instagram posts.

add instagram tab

This extension provides a 3×3 grid view, which makes traversing the WordPress Instagram feed simpler.

Ending Note

The Instagram integration allows you to add to the features of your WordPress website as well as enables your users to socialize. It allows you to embed Instagram feed on websites and user profiles. It also allows your users to preview Instagram feed.

In addition to that ProfileGrid gives you an easy-to-use option to add Instagram to WordPress user profile. Your users can connect their Instagram with just a click.

Hopefully, this guide on how to add Instagram to WordPress has helped you set up Instagram on your website. If you still face issues, comment below and we would reach out to you.



  1. Damian

    Where do I find the client ID and client secret so I can enable instagram for my members?

    1. ProfileGrid

      You may get this from API settings on Instagram.

      1. Damian

        Will this API be for my own personal Instagram?
        I don’t want my own Instagram showing on all my members profiles.

        1. ProfileGrid

          This will not display your Instagram ID on user profiles.

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