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Feature-rich, Flexible & Powerful

Our core WordPress Membership plugin leaves no stone unturned, providing you with the most comprehensive free solution for building communities and managing memberships on WordPress. We have made sure not to compromise on any aspect, ensuring that you have access to the most capable WordPress Community Plugin available. With our plugin, you can unleash the full potential of your website and create a thriving online community without any limitations.
profile section
Sections allow you to conveniently segment your profile information into meaningful blocks.
Divide your profile information into proper sections so your profile looks well organized to other users. Rather than having the information spread all over your profile.
Groups are part of ProfileGrid core, instead of an afterthought like many other plugins. All central features can be configured group-wise.
Create unique blog posts that appear only on your user profile.
User blogs allow users to create blog posts on the site that appear under the 'Blog' tab of their user profiles. Handy tool when you need to display blog posts only on your own profile.
Take your interaction with other users to the next level. Make new friends!
Befriend other users and create a wide network of user profiles closely related to your own. Friends system is part of our core WordPress membership plugin experience.
Send and receive private messages with other users.
No need to contact other users publicly if you don't want to. With ProfileGrid's private messaging system, you can communicate with other users discreetly.
A centralized editable repository of notification emails compliments powerful on-site notification system to keep users informed and engaged.

A Friendly Heart!

Whether you need simple or complex WordPress user profiles on your site or a versatile WordPress membership plugin, ProfileGrid will serve you well. With a modular structure at its heart, you can switch on or off different user profile sections without affecting ProfileGrid's central functionality. In short, ProfileGrid can be moulded to fit into your site, adding only the stuff you need for your WordPress user profiles, without the extra bloat.

Social Groups

Groups, groups, groups!

ProfileGrid introduces what was sorely missing among WordPress user profiles plugins. User Groups can be used for creating different types of WordPress user profiles, for building separate directories, for different sign up processes and in so many other ways! Groups also feature in privacy settings making selective content visibility a breeze. Groups can have their own group leaders, badges and properties. You will be amazed at the multitude of possibilities offered by the groups feature of our WordPress Community Plugin.

Groups, groups, groups!

ProfileGrid introduces what was sorely missing among WordPress user profiles plugins. User Groups can be used for creating different types of WordPress user profiles, for building separate directories, for different sign up processes and in so many other ways! Groups also feature in privacy settings making selective content visibility a breeze. Groups can have their own group leaders, badges and properties. You will be surprised how many things you can do with groups.

Social Groups

Paid Membership Sign Ups

No WordPress membership plugin is complete without a native payment system. Want to charge users for WordPress memberships? Or make content available for a fee? Or perhaps introduce multi-tier pricing for membership sign ups? All this and more is possible with ProfileGrid's in built payment system when combined with power of restriction and group settings.

Paid sign up

Beautiful Front End

Attractive yet structurally strong CSS/ HTML form the core of ProfileGrid's design philosophy. User Profiles and Group views of our WordPress membership plugin are beautiful whichever way you look at it! Neutral visual elements that borrow from your theme will look at part of any site.
  • Single Group
  • Search Users

Awesome Widgets!

We understand that beautiful design does not ends with visual flair. Our host of speciality widgets help your theme to come alive with dynamic activity, giving users a peek into your community network. Each widget is highly customizable to provide that polished bespoke look to your website.

Intelligent Responsiveness

Apart from responding to screen size, ProfileGrid's layout also adjusts based on the content area size of your WordPress theme. This allows for balanced layouts and optimum use of available space.

Premium Extensions

The diverse range of ever-expanding official extensions repertoire truly makes ProfileGrid stand apart from other WordPress membership plugins.
Group Wall Extension
Group Wall

A brand new ProfileGrid extension that adds social activity to your User Groups. Now users can create new posts, comment on other users’ posts and browse Group timeline.

ProfileGrid User Profile Status Extension
User Profile Status

Now users can upload statuses to their user profiles. Users can view statuses on their own profiles and other users' profiles.

Group Photos Extension
Group Photos

Allow your users to create and share Photo Albums within their Groups. There's also an option for public photos. Users can enlarge and comment on different photos.

Menu Restrictions Extension
Menu Restrictions

Use in-built ProfileGrid hierarchy to hide or show menu items on your site! You can mark specific menu items to be visible or hidden only to certain group(s).

Geolocation Extension

Generate maps showing locations of all users or specific groups using simple shortcodes. Get location data from registration form.

 WooCommerce Wishlist Integration Extension
WooCommerce Wishlist Integration

Add WooCommerce products to your Wishlist to purchase them easily later. Your WooCommerce Wishlist will be visible to you from your ProfileGrid User Profile from where you can manage it completely.

Social Login Extension
Social Login

Allow your users to sign up and login using their favourite social network accounts. Social accounts can be managed from Profile settings.

MailChimp Integration Extension
MailChimp Integration

Assign ProfileGrid Users to MailChimp lists with custom field mapping and options for Users to manage subscriptions.


Running a WooCommerce Store?

We got you covered!
Presenting the most comprehensive set of community focussed extension ever, for websites powered by WooCommerce.
  • Free WooCommerce Integration
    Free WooCommerce Integration
  • WooCommerce Extensions Integration
    WooCommerce Extensions Integration
  • WooCommerce Wishlist Integration Extenstion
    WooCommerce Wishlist Integration
  • Woocommerce Product Integration Extension
    ProfileGrid Woocommerce Product Integration
  • Woocommerce Subscription Integration
    ProfileGrid Woocommerce Subscription Integration

Don’t take our word for it!

Frequently awesome feedback from our users makes everything worth about our WordPress membership plugin.
  • WPLift
    Colin Newcomer
    I feel a little overwhelmed. I’m 1,200 words in and I’ve barely touched on a lot of the functionality. Registration Magic is just so packed with features, most of which will have a real effect on your registration forms.
    Staff Review
    ProfileGrid is a unique community building plugin that is cuddled with some of the most extraordinary features.
  • WPExplorer
    Thanks to an extensive list of fantastic features, ProfileGrid changes how you think of WordPress community sites. The plugin completely destroys the old way of creating social sites. To make up for it, you get a modern framework to forge community websites that rock your world.
Little Gem

I run 3 websites and I needed a good profiling plug-in that would provide with GEOLOCATION in particular and this is how it all started in Jan 2018. The updates are regular, the team is very fast to reply to my requests. They are motivated and dedicated. If the team of Profile Grid reads me here – guys, thank you very much and I am very much looking forward to future improvements and developments. Let’s have this adventure together! I have taken the full PKG from the offer which is the deal to take knowing that separate items will cost more if taken one by one. Yearly license is more than reasonable knowing the quality work delivered!

A MUST for any class reunion

ProfileGrid works seamlessly and has allowed me to set up a class website that is mostly private. It was easy to set up user registration and has been incredibly helpful in allowing me to organize my class reunion. I seriously don’t know what I would do without it. I’m looking forward to playing around with the numerous extensions features next.

Great and extremely useful plugin

I was using other plugins for membership management but I was having great difficulties especially in making members working correctly with bbPress’ posts and replies. ProfileGrid solved all those problems and I was able to uninstall a bunch of other plugins since it provides so many functionalities, all integrated in just one plugin.

I bow to you sirs and/ or Ma’ams

This plugin is gorgeous. I had one issue which I worked around, but talking about EXACTLY what I needed and plus some. Major respect to the developers. After dealing with buddypress where I couldn’t get a simple field to work, this plugin is heaven.

Super plugin and super support

In the process of setting up a private bbPress site for our NGO and our partner organisations, we found ProfileGrid. It is a really great tool with loads of super facilities and has enabled us to easily build a feature-rich site. Support has been fast, friendly and efficient. Full marks to Metagauss

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