How To Allow Users To Upload Profile Status? [Complete Guide]

A profile status provides information about a user’s profile and shares insights about the user.

User profile status is a feature that you can add to a community-based website. This feature will enable your users to share insights with their friends and family members on a frequent basis.

To add this feature to your website, you will require the ProfileGrid User Profile Statuses extension.

The extension allows you to add a profile status tab on your users’ custom profile page to upload statuses similar to Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and YouTube status.

This extension can help you extend the capabilities of your WordPress website. Moreover, it gives users an easy option to upload status on their profile.


Overview of User Profile Status Extension

Add status

The User Profile Status extension is a feature that helps you include a status option on user profiles. This means that once you install this extension, your users will get an ‘Add Status’ tab on their profile.

The buttons can be renamed as ‘Add Profile Status’ or any other text as per your requirements. You can also attach the ‘Add Photo’ option to this tab to allow users to post and share statuses that contain media files, such as images.

Once a user uploads a status or image through this option, it would be visible on their profile to other users as well.

Features of User Profile Status Extension

User Profile Status extension has some outstanding features. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Allow users to view and share profile statuses from their respective profiles.
  • Set a duration for the statuses, which would be calculated with respect to the time when it is being uploaded.
  • Add the appearance time of status to specify for how much time status would appear on the profile.
  • Set the appearance time to Zero to activate auto-changing of profile statuses.
  • Users can upload more than one status at any time.
  • Also, the users have the option to upload images with their status including a caption.
  • Users can also change the color of the background before uploading their text-based statuses.
  • The number of views related to specific status is visible on the profile.
  • From these views, users can check which other users have viewed their profiles.

Steps to Install User Profile Status Extension and how to add status

Download and install the extension from ProfileGrid All Extension Page or simply click the link below to download the extension. If you already have ProfileGrid Premium or Premium+, you do not need to install the extension again.

Try User Profile Status Extension

Once the download process is completed, install the extension on your WordPress Dashboard and follow the below-given steps to utilize it.

Step1: Go to the ProfileGrid menu on your left menu bar and click on ‘Extensions.’

Profile Status

Step2: Scroll down and find User Profile Status. Click on ‘Options’ and open the Profile Status Setting.

Profile Status

Step3: From here, you can change the settings and adjust the features of the extension according to your requirements.

Profile Status

Change Settings

Step1: The first step is to hit the toggle to Enable Profile Status. This would help you enable this feature on every user profile.

Profile Status

Step2: Now, you need to select the duration for profile status. This defines the time for which the profile status would appear. It is calculated from the time the status is uploaded.

user profile status

Step3: After this, select the duration till when the status would be active or visible. You can set it in seconds, hours, days, or minutes. Generally, statuses are visible for 24 hours and that’s what we have set in the given example image.

user profile status

Step4: Finally, you need to select the seconds for which your status would appear before the next status is shown. This means that if you enter 20, then your status would appear for 20 seconds, and then the next status would come up.

user status

Step5: If you set this value to 0, then you can disable the auto-changing of your profile statuses.

Step6: In the end, save the settings. This would display a Profile Status option on the profiles of your users.

add status

You can change the settings and preferences of this extension anytime you want. Simply follow the above steps to change the settings again.

How users can add status to their profile?

Step7: To add a status, users need to open their profile page.

user profile

Step8: Now users need to hover their cursor over their profile picture. There they will get an option to add status.

add status

Step9: Once they click on the ‘Add Status’, they will get various options to create a status.

Add status

Step10: Users can choose a media file from their system to add images to their status. Further, they can write a caption for their image in the text box.

user profile status

Step11: Once they are done adding the photo and the caption, they can click on update to publish the status.

Step12: Similarly, to add Text status, users can click on Add Text.

add text

Step13: Here users can choose a background color and add text. Once done, users can click on ‘Update’ to publish the status.

add text

Step14: Once the staus are published, users will get an option below their profile picture to View Status.

view status

Step15: In addition to that, users can delete their status from here.

delete status

How to view the profile status of another user?

Step1: To view the profile status of another user, you can open the user profile of another user.

user profile

Step2: On their profile picture, a blue circle will appear which means the user has uploaded a status.

Step3: When you hover your cursor over the profile picture, you will get an option to view status.


Frontend examples of user profile statuses

Example 1: Here is an example of 2 text statuses with various color backgrounds.

text status

text status

Example 2: Here is an example of status with media.

media status

To Conclude

If you have a community of users who are active on your platform, then it seems logical to offer them functionalities that can help them connect easily.

And user profile status is a must-have functionality for every community-based website. The User Profile Status extension for ProfileGrid provides a simpler method to upload and share statuses with other users.

You can check out other dynamic features that you can add to your community website here. If you face issues while installation or changing settings of this extension, comment below. We would reach out to you with a solution.


  1. Peter Lehmann

    Hello, it would be great here if you could see the status more prominently. Maybe also in the group: That you have an overview of the respective status of all group members.

    Otherwise you don’t notice the status

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team


      We have noted and forwarded it to our development team to review and add the feature “to see the user status at the group” in one of our future releases.

      Thank you

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