Free WordPress membership plugin with member area, content restriction and paid subscriptions

Looking for a free WordPress membership plugin to create a membership website?

Need to transform your WordPress website into a fully functional membership site? 

A wise decision, we must say!

Also, want to economize on your WordPress membership plugin?

Even wiser! 

For this, first, you need to install ProfileGrid Memberships, as it is the best free WordPress membership plugin. 

And before we move on to the part where we specify a million ways ProfileGrid can help you build an astounding membership website, let’s hit some basics of a membership website. 


What is a membership website?

A membership website is a website with restricted or limited access to content. And to access the restricted content, one needs to have a membership.

Membership websites can be free or paid, and even both. The site can also have various levels of memberships with unique access rights for its users. 

How much does a membership website cost?

The cost of a membership site varies depending upon the features and functionalities that you require in your membership website.

You can create a membership website absolutely free with the help of free WordPress membership themes and free WordPress membership plugins available.

Or, you can choose to incorporate more advanced features and designs with premium membership themes and plugins.

What is the best membership plugin for WordPress?

membership site

There are various popular membership plugins available for WordPress, among which ProfileGrid is the best!

Moreover, if you are looking for free WordPress membership plugins, ProfileGrid offers over 90+ features and 13 free extensions for membership websites.

How do I set up a membership site on WordPress?

Member Area

To set up a membership site on WordPress here’s all you need:

  • An Easy Guide to Build Membership Website 

How do I use WordPress membership plugins?

To start using WordPress membership plugins, you need to download, install and activate the plugin on your WordPress website backend.

There are complete user guides available as well.

For ProfileGrid, check out this Starter Guide.

What plugin would you use to build a membership site on WordPress?

ProfileGrid is one of the leading, feature-rich, flexible, and user-friendly membership plugins for WordPress.

Also, the plugin comes in three versions, free, premium, and premium+.

ProfileGrid Pricing


The core (free) version of this feature-packed WordPress plugin comes with functionalities such as member area, content restriction, WooCommerce Integration, advanced forms, and much more.

ProfileGrid; the best free WordPress membership plugin

free WordPress membership plugin

Try ProfileGrid for Free!

Now that we are over the basics, let’s get to know ProfileGrid and the features of this free WordPress plugin better!

If you talk about free plugins for membership websites, ProfileGrid is your solution.

This membership plugin will arm your WordPress membership site with all the necessary features and functionalities.

In addition to that, the plugin comes with several useful extensions and 90+ features that will scale-up your membership website. These include:

  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Content Restriction
  • Member area
  • bbPress Integration
  • User Display Name
  • User Profile Custom Slugs
  • Advanced Forms
  • Group Events
  • Login Logout Menu
  • Demo Content
  • Hero Banner
  • Front-end Elements Visibility
  • ProfileGrid User Activities
  • ProfileGrid Recent Signup

4 unique features of ProfileGrid that solve all problems of a membership website

free WordPress membership plugin

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The problem with most of the free WordPress membership plugins is that they fail to solve the basic problem faced by a membership website.

In addition to that, the complexity of most of the free membership plugins adds to the plight of a website admin.

However, unlike most of the free membership plugins, ProfileGrid identifies these problems and provides a solution in its very core version.

Let’s explore some of the best features and extensions for ProfileGrid that’ll escalate the functionalities of your membership website and resolve the basic problems:

Content Restriction

free WordPress membership plugin

Content restriction is the very first functionality that you’ll require to create a membership website.

With the help of this extension provided by ProfileGrid, you can set restrictions on various levels of content on your website.

Moreover, the widespread obstacle that membership websites face is that all the posts or the pages published through WordPress are always public.

However, ProfileGrid has a solution to this!

With the Content Restriction extension of ProfileGrid, you can now control the access on any content or page.

Read more about this amazing feature of ProfileGrid here.

Member area

free WordPress membership plugin

A member area is the second most important part of a membership website.

With ProfileGrid, you can enable your users to have their own accounts on your membership website. Further, they can create a user profile with a password, and join groups.

In addition to that, they can send messages, post on group walls, and much more.

Not only that,

but also the website admin can create WooCommerce subscriptions, simple payment options, registration forms, pricing pages, and much more.

Know how you can create your member area and add more value to your membership website with this simple guide.

WooCommerce Integration

free WordPress membership plugin

ProfileGrid comes with various integrations, among which WooCommerce integration is one.

The integration allows you to incorporate some of the best features of WooCommerce.

For example, a shopping cart, products page, and more.

Further, with this Integration, you can provide your users with the best shopping experience on your WordPress membership website.

To know more about the features, you can add with this Integration, check out the must-read blogs here.

bbPress Integration

free WordPress membership plugin

Another crucial integration that ProfileGrid offers as a free WordPress membership plugin is bbPress Integration.

This Integration combines the capabilities of your WordPress membership website and turns it into a proficient membership platform.

In addition to that, with this Integration, you can add various dynamic features to your member’s profile.

Also, it allows you to enable the forums tab on each profile, allows your members to create new topics, allows the members to reply to these topics, and much more.

Want to know more about this exciting feature? Check out these must-read blogs.

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5+ Ways to Add Unique Features to Your Membership Community in 2021

Take Your bbPress To The Next Level With ProfileGrid!

In a nutshell

ProfileGrid is the ultimate solution that you’ll need to create any membership website.

The plugin is not only free but also comes with an array of features for membership websites.

Further, it improves user interaction and user experience as well as is hassle-free to install and use.

What’s more?

Here are a few more highlights of ProfileGrid and how it is the ultimate solution:

  • You can create unique members-only content
  • Can create member-only events
  • Further, create any type of advanced forms
  • Allow restricted access to the members’ area
  • You can analyze group interaction
  • Also, boost interaction with a forum
  • Start a group wall for sharing media

And the best part…

it comes with an easy starter guide that makes it effortless for the admin to use.

Comment below if this blog has given answers to all your queries related to a free WordPress Membership plugin.

Or if your brain is still curious, feel free to comment as well. Even we enjoy good conversations!

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  1. Tal Freibergs

    Is the subscription feature dependent upon Woocommerce or can it integrate directly with PayPal?

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

      The subscription feature works only with the WooCommerce subscription plugin.

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