How to Make Profile Private in WordPress groups?

This article illustrates the process of enabling profile privacy in a WordPress group through a setting. With this feature, administrators have the ability to restrict access to user profiles, ensuring that only the respective profile owners can view their individual profile pages.

Two Settings of ProfileGrid Private Profile

You can hide or display user profiles on WordPress. The two settings that you can set with this setting are:

  • Hide Group Members from Other Users: All the group member profiles in the group will be hidden from the other users. Only respective users will be able to see their own profiles.
  • Show Group Members Without Profile Links: All the group member profiles will be displayed in the group but other users won’t be able to click and explore the profiles.

How to make profile private using ProfileGrid Private Profile Setting?

To make a user profile in WordPress private, first, you need to download and install the ProfileGrid Membership plugin

Once the plugin is downloaded and installed follow the steps give below:

Step 1: Go to ProfileGrid left Menu on your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2: Next click on ‘Global Settings’ and go to the Global Setting page.

Step 3: Scroll down and click ‘Private Profile.’

Step 4: In the WordPress Private Profile setting, enable the toggle to make all WordPress frontend user profiles private. 

Step 5: Once you enable the toggle you’ll get a text box to enter the message that you want to display if any user tries to explore other profiles. 

Step 6: The ‘Display Profile Cards on Group Pages’ toggle allows you to display group member profile cards but the links from the profiles will be removed. 

Step 7: Enable the ‘Display Profile Cards on Group Pages’ toggle to display the cards.

Step 8: Once you configure all the settings, make sure to save them.

Frontend Group profiles with two type of privacy settings

This is how your frontend groups look when you enable WordPress Private Profile Mode on ProfileGrid Private Profile Setting:

Make profile Private

Further, this is how your frontend groups will look if you enable ‘Display Profile Cards on Group Pages toggle:

make profile private

You can use both the settings and change the display message according to your needs.

Closing Note

This guide on how to make a profile private will help you to set limits on access to profile information. In addition to that, you can display user profiles in WordPress groups without giving access to the profile link. 

You can also explore other features and settings of this user profile plugin here. ProfileGrid Memberships is not only the best WordPress user profile plugin but also is a complete solution for your community-based or membership website.

If you have any other queries on how to make profile private, please feel free to comment below, and our team will reach out to you.

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