How to Add WordPress Social Login to Your Website

Add WordPress Social Login to Your Website with ProfileGrid

If you want to upgrade your site’s membership login process then adding WordPress social login options is the best solution. Nowadays, users prefer to log in through their favorite social network accounts. This helps you to fetch user data easily from their social profiles into your own site.

WordPress social login makes the process of setting up a user profile on your site a quick task. Hence, users prefer logging in through their social accounts thus avoiding lengthy registration processes.

So, let’s find out how you can allow social login for WordPress users on your own site, with ProfileGrid Plugin.

Activating Social Login Extension

ProfileGrid allows users to create efficient membership sites with its long list of shortcodes and extensions. The Social Login extension comes with the premium version of the plugin. While there are a few free ones like bbPress and WooCommerce Integration. Custom Slugs and Display Name extensions.

With the Stripe extension of ProfileGrid you can easily accept payments on membership site using Stripe.

Next, go ahead and activate the Social Login extension from the Extensions page under the ProfileGrid menu. Once activated, the extension becomes part of the Global Settings menu of this WordPress social plugin. This allows users to activate the WordPress social login feature on all groups.

WordPress Users to Login with Social Accounts global settings

Now, if you click on the Extension in the settings menu, it will open up its own settings page.

WordPress Users to Login with Social Accounts extension

From here, you can enable the toggle to allow your WordPress member login with their social accounts. You will find options to select the group where you want to apply this function. Here, you will also find all the social platform names to choose from as your user login medium.

You can see from the above image that I selected Facebook login logout profile as my user sign-up medium. Now there are a few things that you need to do before you allow WordPress login through social accounts for your users.

Retrieving App ID and App Secret

As soon as you select any of the platforms, you need to provide a certain ‘App ID’ and ‘App Secret’. You can retrieve them by creating a ‘Developers Account’ with the social network sites. Here, you can see below, the retrieval process of the Facebook App ID and App Secret.

WordPress Users to Login with Social Accounts new facebook app

Just select ‘Create a New App’. Automatically your new ‘App ID’ and ‘App Secret’ will appear on the screen. Now, enter these numbers in their respective spaces and click on the ‘Save’ button. Then proceed to witness success on the frontend.

Tips: ProfileGrid makes it really simple to display WordPress login form using shortcode. The predefined shortcodes that come with this WordPress social plugin do most of the jobs for users. Just paste these shortcodes in a new WordPress page and publish it on the frontend.

WordPress Users to Login with Social Accounts facebook login

The above picture shows the frontend view of a login page with a Facebook login tab.

Features of the Social Login Extension

This social login extension of ProfileGrid will allow social login for WordPress from the following options:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

It imports all necessary information, profile images etc. automatically from the chosen social network upon user registration. Site developers can use the ‘Autofill‘ setting to control how much data to import. The extension, adds a ‘ProfileGrid Social Login‘ widget. One can place it at any location of their choice on the site.

WordPress Users to Login with Social Accounts login form

The admin can filter the list of users, based on the social networks they registered from. One can find this option on the backend.

One can integrate multiple social login accounts simultaneously for the users to choose from.

WordPress Users to Login with Social Accounts frontend

For example, if you are adding working professionals on your site, then a LinkedIn login option can import their qualification, work experiences and feedbacks from prior employees on his/her profile.

Due to the convenience and time-saving aspect of social login, users prefer this login option more than default login processes.

Janrain released a study by Blue Research which says 66% users prefer social login options since it reduces manual work. Among them, 54% leave the site and never return.

The entire process filling up a form carefully shortens down to a mere single click registration process due to WordPress social login. Thus registering users become fast, added to that, you become assured that the user is an authentic one. Since you have their social accounts to check if they are verified users.

Profile Building and Data Listing

When you allow this social plugin for WordPress to import user data from their social accounts you get one step closer to creating their user profiles. ProfileGrid makes it a total cakewalk to create a user profile in WordPress.

There are inbuilt shortcodes that come with this WordPress social plugin that does half of the job for users. There is an entire page dedicated to shortcodes. From there, copy the [PM_Profile] shortcode and paste it in a new WordPress page.


ProfileGrid even provides default pages and the profile page is among them. So just go to the default page, paste the shortcode and publish it on the frontend. All the users who choose WordPress login through their social profiles will find their data in your site’s user profile.


This data also gets imported on the site backend for the admin to manage.

Tips: With ProfileGrid, you can also list your WordPress users and their metadata on the frontend. This way you can display your site users to the visitors as well as your members.

Boon for Amateurs

You saw yourself how easily we could apply WordPress Social Login to a membership site. ProfileGrid offers a host of features that pretty much does all the work a membership site is supposed to do. You can let your users buy and sell products from their user profiles. The admin can invite paid users to offer premium content and earn revenue. Thus with this WordPress social plugin, the possibilities increase for your site to create an impactful online business. Also, this plugin is perfect for amateurs and pro developers since its extensions and shortcodes make site building very easy. One can also integrate other plugins with ProfileGrid to boost their site.

So wait no more create a smart membership site today!

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