How To Accept Payments On Membership Site Using Stripe

Accept Payments on Membership Site With ProfileGrid

Being able to accept payments on membership site opens up a host of opportunities. With it, you can turn your WordPress membership site into an online store or manage paid subscriptions to offer premium content. ProfileGrid is one such membership plugin that can easily integrate the Stripe payment gateway for accepting payments on membership site.

It is one efficient plugin that can create professional membership websites in no time. ProfileGrid also allows you to enable payment method on your site to help you perform business through it. In this article, let’s explore how to integrate Stripe on a WordPress site with ProfileGrid to accept payments.

Activating Stripe

In order to accept payments on your membership site through Stripe, ProfileGrid provides the Stripe Payment System in its list of extensions.

Accept Payments On Membership Site extension

Just activate it and enjoy the facility of performing transactions from your site. Right after activation, you will get options to choose the currency and email address to which you want the money to get transferred. For demo, the extension offers a test mode in which virtual money will be associated until you get fully acquainted with its features.

However, in order to start real transaction with Stripe, you need to acquire the API keys. If you do not incorporate your key while making an API request then Stripe shows an error. The API keys are of two types: Publishable and Secret. These keys are provided in the Stripe Dashboard once you log in and create an account with Stripe. Therefore, after entering your API keys in the ‘Payment’ page of ‘Global Setting’ you can start accepting payments from your site.

Accept Payments On Membership Site global settings

Utilizing The Payment Method

ProfileGrid allows users to create paid groups for subscription-based membership on a website. By activating Stripe Payment System you get the liberty to accept payments on your membership site via Stripe.

If you have WooCommerce as well on your site, then you can make the most of this system, by activating the ProfileGrid WooCommerce extension.

Creating A Paid Group

Creating groups on ProfileGrid is just a matter of a few clicks. Click on the ‘ProfileGrid’ option under ‘ProfileGrid’.

Accept Payments On Membership Site paid group

Click on the ‘Add New’ option on the top left corner. You will get a ‘New Group’ page for determining the content and type of the group.

Again, if you want to make an existing group into a paid one, then just click on the ‘Setting’ option on the bottom left corner of the group. You will land on the ‘Edit Group’ page, from there activate the toggle for the paid group option.

Accept Payments On Membership Site edit page

The Frontend View

Accept Payments On Membership Site frontend view

I made the ‘Sports’ group a paid one, that’s why it shows the joining amount just below the ‘Join Group’ tab. Now if a person tries joining this paid group they will get a registration form with the payment details.

Accept Payments On Membership Site registration

From the above picture, we can see the registration form for the paid group. It is complete with all the modules that are required to accept payments on membership site.

An All In One Plugin

So you see how easily with the help of one single plugin we made the necessary changes to accept payments on membership sites. ProfileGrid creates such convenience with its host of extensions. So that a user no matter, whether he is an amateur or a coding pro, gets to create a professional membership site quite effortlessly.


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