How to Allow User to Submit Post and Upload Media to Their Group Walls

Allow User to Submit Post and Upload Media with ProfileGrid

Make your membership site more interactive and allow user to submit post and upload media on a Group Wall so that users of each group get to communicate with each other.

A membership site offers the advantage to create a common platform for users where they can interact with each other. New ideas flow helping your site to grow when your members communicate. If you allow user to submit post and upload media from their profiles, your site gets a dynamic feel. They will share their interests, develop new topics, post blogs that eventually will invite more people to your site.

This way, you can create a professional community site taking in registered users. Or, you can even build your personal space to interact with like-minded people from all over the world. There, you can allow user to submit post and upload media for the sake of knowledge sharing.

Various online businesses allow user to submit post and upload media to maintain their credibility. When users get the liberty to post reviews on your site, your business gets a loyalty boost.

Having said so, let’s start the process to allow user to submit post and upload media with ProfileGrid. This WordPress user groups plugin is the one to swear by if you want to create an efficient user oriented site.

From customized registration pages to stunning user profiles, you can create your membership site from scratch with ProfileGrid.

No need to design, or code, to build a profile page! Just paste the plugin’s predefined shortcodes in a new WordPress page and create a profile page on your site.

Allow User to Submit Post and Upload Media to Their Group Walls

In order to allow user to submit post and upload media to their group walls, we will take the help of ProfileGrid shortcodes. Right after installing the ProfileGrid plugin, you will find the ProfileGrid menu appearing on your WordPress dashboard.

Allow User to Submit Post and Upload Media navigation

From there, click on the Shortcode link. You will land on a page solely dedicated to ProfileGrid shortcodes. There are different predefined shortcodes serving different functions here, making your job as easy as it can be.

Allow User to Submit Post and Upload Media activate group wall extension

In the above image, see the Group Wall shortcode tab. We need to activate it first, since the Group Wall shortcode comes as an extension of this plugin. Only after activating this extension, will the shortcode appear on the Shortcodes page. This plugin allows you to add registered users in WordPress user groups and with the extension, each group can have a Group Wall.

Create the Group Wall Page

Now, copy the [PM_Add_WallPost] shortcode and paste it in a new WordPress page. Then, publish the page.

Allow User to Submit Post and Upload Media group wall page

Activating the Group Wall Page

Next, we will go to the Extensions page of the plugin and visit the Group Wall Settings page.

Allow User to Submit Post and Upload Media group wall extensions

From the Group Wall Settings page, enable the Group Wall toggle. Here, you also need to select the page that you just created beside the Add Group Wall Page drop down.

Allow User to Submit Post and Upload Media group wall setttings

There are options to enable Feature Image and Use TinyMCE Editor. Configure the necessary settings and then click on the Save button.

Now, finally, you will be able to see your Group Wall on the frontend of your site.

Allow User to Submit Post and Upload Media group wall

You can see the group wall is complete with Image Upload options. There are numerous options to format text add links etc.

Allow User to Submit Post and Upload Media group wall dispaly

Features of the Group Wall

Any member from the same group can share posts and add comments on the Group Wall. When a comment is added to a post, the author will receive notification. Also, the author can delete any comment on his/her post. Authors can remove an entire post along with its comments. However, a Group Leader can remove any post by another member of the group. Members of the same group get a notification on a newly added post and they can delete any of their comments on another members’ post. In short, the Group Wall becomes the center for social activity for a user group on your site.

Allow User to Submit Post and Upload Media frontend

Boosting Your Business With a Membership Plugin

At the beginning of our article, we were saying that you could bring together like-minded people with your membership site. Now, in order to gather revenue with this process, you an charge a base amount of membership, to start with.

Next, suppose you create separate groups in your site for photographers, musicians, bloggers etc. When you allow user to submit post and upload media you can make these users sell their content. And in order to sell, they have to share a sum of their price with you.

Track your membership site analytics. This will let you ensure that your members are satisfied and are not unsubscribing regularly. Engage Google Analytics on your site it has some clever tricks to analyze site searches, keep a track of user conversions etc.

The ProfileGrid plugin also allow users to subscribe MailChimp list in your membership site. This way you can share your updates, daily blogs etc to your users.

When you maintain a pack of subscribers on your site they only will act as your marketing tool. They can spread the word through social media and attract more users. However, your site has to have that magnetism to pull new users.

Moreover, when you take help of ProfileGrid to build your site it is bound to be interesting. Since this plugin opens up wide possibilities for your site. From bbPress, WooCommerce extensions to Stripe payment methods – the sky is the limit with ProfileGrid!

Dream Big with ProfileGrid

You don’t even need to code or design pages it comes with its own default pages where you have to just paste the shortcodes. It allows even amateur site developers to create their dream membership sites. Added to that, it is pretty much a lightweight plugin considering its string of heavy duty features. Lastly, it is fully compatible with almost all themes and other third party plugins giving you full liberty to format your site.

In order to know more about the features of ProfileGrid and stay updated about its latest updates do visit our Facebook page.


  1. Martin Comeau

    Hi ! Great, really great plugin ! I dit buy the bundle of extensions… but a question… What if I did want to allow sending pdf or .doc text ?

    1. ProfileGrid | Prabs

      Thanks for your feedback and it’s great to know that you like our plugin. As for your question related to sending PDF or DOC files, could you please further elaborate the requirement for our better understanding. Do you wish to upload the files directly to the post perhaps?

  2. Maco acero

    It is possible to create blog categories and show and search by those categories?

    1. vincent

      Hello Maco acero,

      ProfileGrid only provides tags, and not categories, for User Blogs.

  3. Lusi

    Can i upload video in wall group?

    1. ProfileGrid

      The feature to allow upload of videos on group wall is on our road-map for future releases, but not available as on now.

    2. Lusi

      I am very excited by this plugin. I hope soon can quickly upload a video.

      1. ProfileGrid

        Thanks for using our plugin. Could you please let us know what video about ProfileGrid you would like to have?

  4. Kevin

    I see an option to upload an image to a Group Wall, however, is it possible to upload a PDF or other file type?

    1. ProfileGrid

      Currently ProfileGrid provides provision to add only images. PDF or other file types in Group wall post are not supported.

  5. Zein

    Upload photo in group wall profile grid not working. Also the post is posted twice.

    1. ProfileGrid

      Could you please raise a ticket regarding this on our support portal as we may need some access details in order to analyze this.

  6. topaz

    is it possible to make the photos smaller?

    1. ProfileGrid

      You can achieve this by applying custom CSS.

  7. Rendy Khay

    please make follow unfollow system, coz the add friend system outdated… the word wide social now with follow system…and the form login and form publish you must upgrade…ex…there is no category selection and the login form is still too simple.

    but I like using Profilgrid because almost 80% of the facilities are free …. continue to be successful and update your big dreams … thanks

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team


      Thank you for your great words. We have moved this to our user-requested features list and will review it for possible inclusion in future releases.

  8. Nicole


    I tried to publish the group wall of the group to the public, so that everybody of the group can read it, but it doesn’t work. When I published the group wall page, nothing ist showed on it. What am I do wrong?

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

      In order to check the link on your site, we will require access details. Please reach out to us through our support page on our site and we can help you in order to allow us to assist you further.

  9. giulia

    Hi. Can members of other groups see the group wall of other groups?

    1. ProfileGrid Development Team


      Only group members can see the group wall of a group.

  10. Shah Puor Aryaee

    Currently the blog post display in a not very good template or design, is there any way to change the blog page template through profilegrid

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

      We have noted this feature and we will see for possible inclusion in our future updates.

  11. Raaz Patwa

    is it possible to attach file like images in direct massage ? profilegrid is rally helful plugin pleas let me know this thing how i can enable it

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

      Currently, messaging does not allow to attach file.

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