Fields Manager

Fields Manager

Fields manager allows for creation and management of the fields and pages of the signup form. Fields manager can be accessed by clicking on “Fields” on the form card on Groups Manager page.

Custom Fields Manager offers two main options in operation bar: NEW FIELD and NEW SECTION. Also, there is a filter to chose from the available Groups to which section and its fields will be associated.

Below the operation bar, page area is designed to show available sections on left hand side (there will be “DEFAULT” section available, if you haven’t added any yet), with corresponding available fields for that section on right side. In above screenshot, we have one default section and a single “User Email” field inside it.

NEW FIELD: To create a new custom field to be used on the form. Clicking it will bring up a pop-up window frame with option to chose from one of the numerous fields:

From simple information capturing to social network related data, fields allows a huge scope for flexibility and range on the forms.

NEW SECTION: Allows for creation of new section on form. Sections appear on left side of page panel along with their associated fields:

Here is an example of form created for a group using sections and fields:

Front End Form View:

Using this form, visitors may sign up for the corresponding group.

Editing Sections and Fields: Corresponding to each section and field, the options to Edit and Delete are available: 

EDIT: Update the name and/or associated group for a section, and any of the attributes associated with the field.
DELETE: Remove the section or the field. Caution is advised since this is an irreversible action.

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