User Accounts Settings

User Accounts Settings

To access User Accounts Settings:

  • Click “ProfileGrid” on left side dashboard admin menu
  • Click on “Global Settings” option
  • Control will be directed to new page containing various global settings available for ProfileGrid
  • Click on “User Accounts” link

User Accounts settings provides control over user approval process and notifications related to it:
WP Registration Auto Approval: Turning this toggle button off will disable automatic activation of WP user accounts. Admin will have to manually activate each account by browsing through the submissions. Comes handy, if you want to manually approve each submission for registration.

Send user Activation link in email: Turn this option on to notify the user with manual activation link via an email.

ProfileGrid extensions are sold individually as well as part of Premium and Premium+ bundle plans.

Why our users purchase bundle plans?

Users get access to all extensions in a single, heavily discounted price! In addition, ProfileGrid is in active development and we are developing new and exciting extensions every day.