How to Send WordPress New User Registration Notification to Admin

Notify Admin for WordPress New User Registration with ProfileGrid

Maintaining a full-fledged membership website is a matter of many responsibilities. You might not always have time to check which user is joining or leaving your site. It is important to notify admin for WordPress new user registration every time a user joins.

However, ProfileGrid allows you to create professional membership sites with built-in facility to notify admin for wordPress new user registration. So let’s learn how to implement this feature to make the admin’s life a little easier.

Activating Email Notification

The WordPress ProfileGrid plugin offers you a host of tools to create a dynamic membership website. The Global Settings is one such tool that consists of various features to help you perform your task quickly. It lies under the ProfileGrid menu and the Email Notification setting lies inside Global Settings.

WordPress New User Registration global settings

After clicking on the Email Notification, link you will land on a page similar to the one in the screenshot below.

WordPress New User Registration Email Notification

You can see from the image that I have activated the toggle to notify admin for WordPress new user registration.

There is also an option to Define Recipients Manually. This is in case you want to send the WordPress new user registration email to someone else other than the site admin. Again, there is a space to enter the From Email Name. Here you need to enter the name which will appear inside the WordPress new user registration email header as sender’s identifier. The next space is From Email Address. Here users have to enter the email ID from where the notification message will be sent. It is a good idea to use an email address different from the admin’s email ID to avoid spam filters. Next, there is the Enable SMTP toggle.

Why Activate the SMTP Toggle

WordPress New User Registration SMTP toggle

If you wish to use SMTP relay service for emails, you need to enable this option. Many email providers like Google, Yahoo etc. provide such service. However, you might need to contact an SMTP provider for configuration details. You can see from the above image that I have used Google as my SMTP provider. The following options are available for SMTP configuration:

  • SMTP host
  • Encryption type
  • SMTP Port
  • Authentication
  • Username and Password, if authentication is required.
  • From Email Name
  • From Email Address
  • Test Outgoing Connection

Once you are done entering all the configuration details, click the ‘Save’ button. Then wait for a user to register so that you get an email notification.

By engaging SMTP relay for email notification to admin, you don’t need to run your own mail server on site. Your site will create the mail then your server will send it to an SMTP provider. It will then prepare and send the mail to the admin or any other recipient. Besides, a majority of the popular SMTP providers like Google, Yahoo or Outlook put a limit on the number of emails that one can send to different recipients per day. By doing this, they restrict spams.

Simple Time Saving and Productive

You saw how easily and smoothly we could activate the required settings to notify admin for WordPress new user registration. Moreover, ProfileGrid offers such features to make the plugin easy for amateurs. Besides, you should have noticed that we didn’t even have to associate any coding to do our job. This is what ProfileGrid does; it puts power in the hands of the average WordPress user to create professional membership websites. So reach out to more users, transform your site into an online store with the magic spell of ProfileGrid.


  1. Yohan Giannerini

    Good morning,

    I would like to add that the problem of the admin receiving emails when registering for the group comes with another concern. Members also do not receive any messages on the front end when registering for a group, although this can be created in the back office from the group creation.

    That said, the issue of the administrator not receiving emails remains of particular concern. Thank you very much in advance for your support in resolving these issues.


    1. ProfileGrid

      Please raise a ticket at our support portal here in order to allow us to assist you.

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