Free bbPress User Profiles With Forum Topics, Replies & Subscriptions

Unlocking bbPress User Profiles

ProfileGrid’s bbPress User Profiles extension is absolutely free way to create a bbPress User Profile, Membership or a Community.

The ProfileGrid team now offers you the opportunity to connect your favorite community forum plugin, bbPress, with your most beloved profile management system, ProfileGrid. Combining the capabilities of both these powerful systems will transform your WordPress website into a full-fledged social community or membership platform.

Our Free bbPress Integration extension is what you’ll need to integrate them both together. Since it is required that ProfileGrid and bbPress are active before installing the extension, this guide will assume that you already have both of them activated on your website. If not, please go ahead and activate them right away.

Integrating bbPress with ProfileGrid

Now that you have both ProfileGrid and bbPress active, let’s move forward and integrate them together. Just follow these simple steps…

  1. Download our Free bbPress Integration extension

  1. Install and activate the extension on your WordPress website (Check out the Manual WordPress Plugin Installation Guide)

Free bbpress User Profiles Integration Install

  1. Access the ‘Global Settings’ from the the ‘ProfileGrid’ Dashboard menu and click on ‘bbPress Integration

  2. On the ‘bbPress Integration’ setting screen, enable the setting and click on the ‘Save’ button

bbPress User Profiles Options

Enabling bbPress Integration from the Global Settings will add three new options to each ProfileGrid Group. You can check out these options by clicking on the ‘Settings’ link on any ProfileGrid Group. These three new options are…

  1. Enable Forums Tab: Adds a ‘Forums’ tab to each ProfileGrid Profile that is a member of that Group.
  2. Member Can Create New Topics: Any member of the Group can create new bbPress Forum Topics.
  3. Member Can Create New Replies: Any member of the Group can create new Replies for bbPress Topics.

bbpress User Profiles Forums Tab

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In addition to all this, the bbPress User Profiles Integration makes the Picture and Name in a bbPress user profile link to its ProfileGrid Profile. Essentially making the ProfileGrid Profile of a user as his/her online persona for all bbPress activity.


  1. Evaldas Vaitonis

    Thanks a lot, that’s really awesome and all other profile plugins I’ve tried offer paid BBpress integration. I am wordpress beginner and I don’t want to spend money on plugins at this moment, also I don’t know much about coding, so I have to rely on free plugins and ProfileGrid didn’t disappoint me, it looks and feel great. Actually before this BBpress integration I redirected both wordpress and BBpress profiles to ProfileGrid, not only because it looks good, but I want to have same profile for all of my website, just to have this feeling that my website is a whole thing and hide that it’s made of different patches and plugins. It worked well, but I had to lose subscription and few other BBpress functions. This extension will let me have both BBpress profile functions and ProfileGrid looks. I wish you well

  2. Matthew Brown

    Hi, I followed your instructions for setting up the integration with profilegrid and bbpress but I’m having a problem. Everything appears to be working except the profile links in the forums which are not being directed to the profilegrid profile pages. The new profile photos from profilegrid are being displayed however. Im using wordpress v4.9.4, bbPress v2.5.14, profilegrid v2.8.1, and profilegrid bbPress v1.1

    1. Matthew Brown

      Turns out that buddy press was causing the conflict. I deactivated that and it’s working now.

  3. Panos Aps

    Are you guys thinking about a BuddyPress integration extension? Thanks

    1. ProfileGrid Development Team

      Full fledged BuddyPress extension is not yet in the plan (maybe bit later this year), but note that you can easily integrate BuddyPress with short codes through our Custom User profile extension. Note that any plugin that uses custom post and/or short codes can integrate with ProfileGrid with Custom User Profiles Tab extension.

  4. Panos Aps

    Sorry, I meant to write Membership integration. Like having a paid membership that when it expires it puts you back into the not-paid group (or something like that) Thanks.

  5. Qois

    I hope that in the future this plugin can be linked to the Advanced Classifieds and Directory Pro plugin
    thank you

    1. vincent

      Hello Qois,

      Thank you for writing to us. We will definitely check out the possibility of an integration with Advanced Classifieds and Directory Pro.

  6. Tina

    Is there a way to assign a forum to a group? I would like to create paid groups with a private forum assigned to that group. Not sure how to do this

    1. ProfileGrid

      ProfileGrid bbPress integration displays the users’ bbPress data in my profile page. It does not allow to assign a forum to the group.

  7. Kiara

    For some reason the tabs for forum, topics, replies, favorites, and subscriptions don’t show up for me.

    1. ProfileGrid

      Enabling bbPress Integration from the Global Settings will add three new options to each ProfileGrid Group, Please make sure that you have enabled the option in group options.

      1. Sean Wood

        I’m having the same issue, I have a pretty fresh install of a new site. I’ve installed the bbpress, I’ve activated it and I’ve gone into the group settings to enable the forums on the tabs for the group. I’ve tried it with a new group as well as existing ones. BBpress is installed and I have the forum tabs etc in the admin side.

        Also the user profile section for profilegrid does have the forums tabs but they’re not showing up for the actual groups. Could you confirm that its all working with currently updated wordpress and bbpress?

        1. ProfileGrid

          This integration does not add any tab on group page. It adds the tab on user profile. If a user is member of multiple groups, then the priority will be of the first group’s bbPress settings joined by the user. So, if the forum tab setting is enabled for the first group the user joined, then the forum tab will display on the user’s profile.

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