How to Notify Admin when User Delete WordPress Account

Notify Admin by Email when User Delete WordPress Account in a Membership Website with ProfileGrid

When you maintain a membership website you need to keep a track when users join in or delete their account. The convenient procedure is to have the facility to notify admin by email whenever user delete WordPress account. ProfileGrid provides you that facility, helping admins manage their site more systematically.

Here, we will learn how to notify admin by email when user delete WordPress account with the help of ProfileGrid.

Activating Email Notification

The WordPress ProfileGrid plugin offers a host of features to maintain a fully functioning professional membership account. You will find some predefined shortcodes, an array of essential extensions that reduces most of your work. The Global Settings is one such feature of ProfileGrid that holds the tools to perform most of the jobs. It is evident from its name that Global Settings helps you make changes on your user accounts or groups globally. Thus you do not have to work on individual groups or user profiles.

The Email Notification setting lies inside Global Settings.

User Delete WordPress Account global settings

When you click it, you’ll land on a page similar to the one in the screenshot below.

User Delete WordPress Account notification

You can see from the above image that there is a toggle to activate Account Deletion Notification. Besides, there is a space to create the content of the mail. One can insert any account marker to describe a user. Here I have used ‘display name’ to denote user identity. One can use other fields like mail ID or username to notify admin by email when user delete WordPress account. Next, is the space to insert the From Email Name. It is the name that will appear in the header of the mail as ‘sender’s name’. Lastly, there is the From Email Address space. Here, you need to put the mail id from where the notification mail will be sent. It is a good idea to use an email address different from the admin’s email id to avoid spam filters. Next, you will find the Enable SMTP toggle.

Why Activate the SMTP Toggle

If you wish to use SMTP relay service to notify admin by email when user delete WordPress account, enable this option.

User Delete WordPress Account SMTP toggle

Many email providers like Google, Yahoo etc. provide such service. You might need to contact an SMTP provider for configuration details. You can see from the above image that I have used Google as my SMTP provider. The following options are available for SMTP configuration:

  • SMTP host
  • Encryption type
  • SMTP Port
  • Authentication
  • Username and Password, if authentication is required.
  • From Email Name
  • From Email Address
  • Test Outgoing Connection

Once you are done entering all the configuration details click the ‘Save’ button. Now on any account deletion on your site, you will receive an email notification.

By engaging SMTP relay for email notification to admin, you don’t need to run your own mail server on site. Your site will create the mail then your server will send it to an SMTP provider. It will then prepare and send the mail to the admin or any other recipient. Majority of the popular SMTP providers like Google, Yahoo or Outlook have a limit on the number of emails that one can send to different recipients per day. By doing this, they restrict spam.

Time-Saving and User-Friendly

You saw it was a matter of a few clicks to notify admin by email when user delete WordPress account. This is what ProfileGrid is all about. It is so convenient to use that even an amateur who doesn’t know professional coding can create a membership site. It does not require other third party plugins to perform any task. Moreover, it is totally compatible with other plugins in case you want to integrate them into your site. There’s no stopping with ProfileGrid! So create online membership sites, registere members and increase your online reach.


  1. Simone Beez

    Hey ProfileGrid team,

    would it be possible to connnect MailPoet for these notifications?
    And what if I have paid users?
    Will the recurring payment via stripe automatically end, when user deletes his group account?
    I am not quite sure about how to handle unsubscribes for my paid membership groups.
    Thanks in advance

    1. ProfileGrid

      ProfileGrid does not support both features (Mailpoet notification and recurring payment) as of now.

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