Free WooCommerce User Profiles With Purchases, Reviews & Social Activity

Unlock Free WooCommerce User Profiles

WooCommerce User Profile, Membership and Community can be enabled with ProfileGrid WooCommerce Integration, which is absolutely free.

The integration allows you to combine the power of ProfileGrid’s User Profiles with WooCommerce cart to provide your site users the ultimate shopping experience. With the help of WooCommerce User Profiles extension, ProfileGrid takes on a whole new set of powers. It enable users to display their WooCommerce cart information on to their Profile pages.

Download Free WooCommerce User Profiles Extension

Free WooCommerce User Profiles With Purchases, Reviews & Social Activity Download from

WooCommerce ProfileGrid Integration

To make that happen, first of all you should have both ProfileGrid and WooCommerce installed on your site. Next, you need to add ProfileGrid’s WooCommerce Integration to it. Once these are installed, go to the Global Settings for ProfileGrid inside the WordPress Dashboard. Look for the new setting named ‘WooCommerce’.

woocommerce user profiles settings

And enable WooCommerce integration on the next screen that you see.

woocommerce user profiles integration options

Save the change and ProfileGrid WooCommerce Integration should now be live to boost WooCommerce user profiles on your site!

Enabling the integration will add new options to ProfileGrid which you can find on the Edit Group screen. You can edit any Group’s details from the All Groups screen. You need to click on the Settings link that is at the bottom of the Group card. The newly added options are…

woocommerce user profiles settings

WooCommerce User Profiles Beautiful Front-end

Here’s how enabling each of these options boost the WooCommerce User profiles

  1. Display WooCommerce Purchases Tab: Adds the ‘Purchases’ tab to ProfileGrid’s User Profile Page showcasing the products purchased by the user via WooCommerce. You can also set the maximum number of products that will display on the tab from the ‘Max Number of Products Displayed’ option.

woocommerce user profiles front-end

  1. Show WooCommerce Product Reviews Tab: Adds the ‘Product Reviews’ tab to ProfileGrid’s User Profile Page showcasing reviews of WooCommerce products that the user has posted.

woocommerce user profiles product reviews

  1. Show WooCommerce Orders in User Account: Adds Order History and Status under the ‘Settings’ tab on ProfileGrid’s User Profile Page. This is only accessible to the logged in user.

woocommerce user profiles front-end settings

  1. Show Shipping Address in User Account: Displays and allows editing of Shipping Address from under the ‘Settings’ tab on ProfileGrid’s WooCommerce profile page. This is only accessible to logged in users though.

woocommerce user profiles shipping address

  1. Show Billing Address in User Account: Similar to Shipping Address, this option displays and allows editing of Billing Address from under the ‘Settings’ tab on ProfileGrid’s User Profile Page. This is also only accessible to logged in users.
  2. Display Purchases Count and Total Spent: Displays the total number of products purchased and the total amount of money spent on them by the user on their ProfileGrid WooCommerce profile page . This is visible just underneath the user’s Group name on the profile. The visibility of this information can be altered too using the ‘Visibility’ option, which becomes available once this option is enabled.

Private, or Public?

While all the store data on user profiles looks neat, not every admin wants this to be visible to public, or even to other users on the site. This is especially true if you wish to serve ProfileGrid user profiles as souped up user account area for your buyers. Private user accounts are quintessential part of any e-commerce site and its layout quality goes a long way in reinforcing buyer perception about your business. Now the good news – ProfileGrid allows you to completely turn user profiles into private spaces for your buyers, with you in complete charge of the features available to them.

To do this, got to ProfileGrid —> Global Settings in you admin area. Search for Private Profile tab.

Switching public user profiles to private user area in WordPress

Click it to open a new page:

WordPress settings for private user profiles

Toggling on Enable Private profile Mode will present you with more options. These options further allow you to fine tune profile privacy behavior. Hit Save. Voila! You have just made a switch to private profiles for your buyers.

Wait, there’s more!

ProfileGrid has so many extensions and core features that you can engage your customers in multiple ways depending on your market demographic. Here are few ideas about combining WooCommerce with some other ProfileGrid extensions.

ProfileGrid Content Restriction Shortcodes

Display product promotions to specific groups:

You can display product promotions or information to specific group members. You can build conditional product description snippets for one or multiple groups.

Conditional content restrictions in WordPress

Display product promotions based on customer spent:

You can display promotions or information only for customers who have spent minimum specific amount on your store. Here are few examples assuming default store currency is Dollars($).

Conditional advance content restrictions in WordPress

Hide product promotions or information to specific groups:

You can also hide content from specific groups, while keeping it visible to others. Like this:

Hide content in WordPress

Mixing and matching ProfileGrid dynamic shortcodes can open endless possibilities

Here’s another example:

Mixed content restrictions in WordPress

Comprehensive list of ProfileGrid shortcodes currently available  View Shortcodes List

ProfileGrid Custom Profile Tabs

Use custom profile tabs extension to display offers to users right within their profiles. Combine with ProfileGrid content shortcodes for granular content control.

Conten restriction inside WordPress user profile

Restricted content visible inside WordPress user profile

Since Custom Profile Tabs support custom post types, you can technically publish store items right inside user profiles, or even promote specific products!

Adding WooCommerce products inside WordPress user profile

WooCommerce products inside WordPress user profile

ProfileGrid Menu Restrictions

Menu restrictions open new opportunities for displaying menus to only certain group members. You can assign product categories to menus, and then restrict menus based on different parameters.

WordPress menu restriction settings

WooCommerce Cart Integrated into User Profiles

Here is quick overview of WooCommerce cart integrated right into user profiles.

User Profile WooCommerce Cart

But there’s even more!

I hope this quick overview of the ProfileGrid WooCommerce Integration gave you what you needed to get going with this powerful integration to enhance WooCommerce user profiles. Of course, there’s a lot more to WooCommerce as you ramp up your online store, and ProfileGrid is ready to scale with it! ProfileGrid offers advance extension to integrate with WooCommerce extensions. Check it out here. We also have WooCommerce Wishlist integration with another extension. If you are still on the edge, weighing different user profiles options for your e-commerce store, rest assured ProfileGrid is built from ground up as long term community buying and social proofing experience for WooCommerce. As WooCommerce grows, we will keep on updating extensions to cover all the features.

Try Free Extension

Start by downloading our free WooCommerce user profiles extension  Download From

ProfileGrid offers many extensions similar to this one. For more details on all ProfileGrid Extensions, please visit our Extensions Page.


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  2. beck janes

    Is there an option to display a user’s “products”? I need this functionality for a community marketplace. Thanks.

    1. ProfileGrid Development Team

      Yes, should be possible through custom user profile tabs (if short code of products exist – depending on plugin you are using)


    My Digital Value Academy review has the reply.

    1. ProfileGrid Development Team

      Thanks our for reaching out, could you please explain more.

  4. Roxana

    I can’t see the full integration with Woocommerce. The Downloads tab is missing. Is there an option? Thanks.

    1. ProfileGrid Development Team

      There could be a conflict with other plugins. Could you please disable other profile plugins and try again. If issue still exists, please reach out to our support here.

  5. Jorge Ruiz

    Good afternoon, I would like to know if it is compatible with DIVI

    1. ProfileGrid

      We have tested the plugin with most of the popular themes. There is no known conflict of the plugin with Divi. If you still face any issues we will be happy to help you if you still face any issues with Divi.

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