Email Templates

Email Templates

Email Templates is listed as third sub-menu option under “Profile Grid” on the left hand-side admin dashboard menu. The corresponding page allows for viewing, addition, deletion, or editing of templates, that can be applied for outgoing emails from ProfileGrid.

All the available templates are listed here in tabular view. Each row corresponds to one template and has checkbox button available on left side to allow for batch operations. The “VIEW” link can be clicked on to get the details of the template (subject, body, etc), and make changes to it.

Operation Bar:

NEW TEMPLATE: Directs control to “Add New Template” page that allows for creation of new templates. This same action can be performed by clicking on “Add Email Templates” on the ProfileGrid sub-option on left side admin dashboard menu bar.

DELETE: Allows for deletion of existing templates.

Add New Template/New Template:

As explained above, to add new template, either we can route via “Email Templates” page and clicking on “NEW TEMPLATE” link, or directly by clicking on “Add Email Templates” on the ProfileGrid sub-option on left side admin dashboard menu bar. Either way, user will be directed to following page:

Following fields are available on this page:

TITLE: Define a name for current template that will serve as its internal identifier. Front-end user never sees this.

SUBJECT: Subject of the email to be sent to the users.

EMAIL TEMPLATE: This is the template for email sent to the user. You can use following placeholders for from ProfileGRID repository that will be replaced by actual user’s data at time of mail initiation:

{{user_login}}= will be replaced with username.
{{user_pass}}= will be replaced with user’s password.
{user_email}} = will be replaced by user’s email

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