Assign Groups to Users Based on their WooCommerce Purchase History

WooCommerce product integration is an extension that allows you to add users to a specific group based on their WooCommerce purchase history.

This feature can be extremely useful for group-based WooCommerce websites. WooCommerce is used by over 28.19% of all online stores.

Adding unique features like this can help you enhance the functionalities of the website.


WooCommerce Product Integration

This WooCommerce extension allows WooCommerce collaboration seamlessly. It enables you to use WooCommerce data to assign group members.

For example, you can add members to the group based on how much purchase they have made or the type of product they have purchased. You can also add members to the group based on the number of products purchased.

This helps in making highly dedicated WordPress groups, which empowers personalization. It is a great way to personalize user communication and enhance customer experience on your WordPress website.

Features of WooCommerce Product Integration

The WooCommerce extension has various features related to WooCommerce user order history and group assignment that you can utilize on your website.


  • Assign users to one or more groups.
  • Assign one or more groups to a user based on the purchase amount of the user.
  • Disable or enable groups for an individual based on the products they have purchased.
  • Assign one or more groups to a user based on the number of products purchased.
  • Assign closed groups in WordPress with or without seeking admin approval.

How to Set Up WooCommerce Product Integration Extension and Assign Groups to Users Based on their WooCommerce Purchase History?

If you already have a ProfileGrid Premium or Premium+ you do not need to install the extension separately. If you don’t, you can download the extension from this link or from the button below.

Try WooCommerce Product Integration

Once the download process is completed, install the extension on your WordPress website.

Assign Group based on Purchased Amount

Step1: Once you have activated the extension, go to the ProfileGrid Extensions tab.


Step2: Then find WooCommerce Product Integration and click on Options.

WooCommerce purchase history

Step3: Toggle to Enable Group in WooCommerce Products.

WooCommerce purchase history

Step4: Select the group to which you want to assign the users.

WooCommerce purchase history

Step5: You can select multiple WordPress groups as well.

WooCommerce purchase history

Step6: Further, enable the ‘Assign Group based on Purchased Amount’ toggle to assign a group based on the Purchase amount.

WooCommerce purchase history

Step7: Next you can enter the purchase amount and select the groups to which you want to add users.


Step8: Enable ‘Assign Group based on Product Count’ toggle if you want to assign groups based on Product Count.

WooCommerce purchase history

Step9: Then enter the number of Products purchased to assign and then select the groups.

of Products purchased to assign the group

Step10: Tick the ‘Allow users to join the closed groups without administrator approval’ option if you want to allow users to join closed groups without the approval of the admin.

of Products purchased to assign the group

Step11: Save the settings. It will then add members to the groups that were selected above.

You can switch off this feature anytime you want. To do so, go to the WooCommerce Product Integration settings page and disable ‘Enable Group in WooCommerce Products’. This will remove the group settings based on WooCommerce purchase history.

Ending Note

If you want to personalize your user groups according to their WooCommerce order history, then WooCommerce Product Integration is the best extension.

You just need to follow a few simple steps given above to start using WooCommerce order history and patterns for assigning groups.

Assigning groups manually on the basis of WooCommerce customer purchase history can be time taking. Hence, the WooCommerce Product Integration extension can minimize manual labor, and customize your user experience in a hassle-free manner.

In case you face issues while installing the extension or ProfileGrid plugin, comment below. We would soon reach out to you with a solution.

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