Customize WordPress User Profile URLs using Free Custom Slug Extension

Are you looking to customize your User Profile URLs, ProfileGrid has come up with an amazing extension for you, i.e. User Profile Custom Slugs. The extension will help you define how your user profile URLs will appear to site visitors and search engines. Continuing the discussion, Let’s discuss the overview, importance, and step-by-step process of customizing your profile URLs using the extension.  

Overview of WordPress User Profile URLs Slugs

If you are creating a profile page on your WordPress website, you should know the importance of profile URLs. Profile URLs, also known as permalink or permanent links, play an important role in search engine optimization. A slight change in your profile URL leads to the failure or success of that page. Moreover, these profile URLs help you earn more traffic.  


Importance of Creating Custom User Profile URLs

Profile URLs are the fundamental elements of SEO. Customizing the patterns of profile URLs plays a very important role in optimizing your website on different search engines. Search engines always notice the URL of a page first before reading its content. However, if the URL is unique, you will get a good head start on that page. Although, the user profiles you create through the ProfileGrid plugin expand your site’s presence online in more than one way.  But when the website visitors reach a profile page directly through a URL boosts the ranking of your profile page.  

Use the ProfileGrid plugin to list your staff or employees from an organization. And when you will share content on those pages, the URLs will carry that data also. This will make the URLs even more attractive.  

Step-by-Step Procedure for Customizing your Profile URLs

As we all know that the ProfileGrid plugin comes with a big bucket of free extensions. One of the popular ones is the Custom Profile Slugs Extension. Activate the Custom Profile Slugs Extension from the Extensions page of ProfileGrid and go ahead. 

  • Once you activate the extension, it will be visible to you in the ‘Global Setting’ page under the head ‘General’ category. When you click on the User Profile Custom Slugs option, it will redirect you to a Custom Profile Slugs page. On this page, you will get three different patterns to create custom user profile URLs. These are: 
  • User ID ( /?uid=1 ) 
  • User Name ( /?uid=username ) 
  • Random Number ( /?uid=TWNDNFoxQit0M3FicG9ad3ROQzZEZz09 ) 

User Profile Custom Slug Extension


  • Notice that in the above image, we have selected the ‘Username’ option for Profile URL to create custom user profile URLs. Now, Let’s visit the user profile page on the front-end to see how the customized URL will appear. 


User Profile Custom Slug Extension

  • This is the profile of ‘Erik Betts’. Once we have selected ‘User Name’ as the profile URL option, the URL of the profile page will appear as: 

User Profile Custom Slug Extension

  • This is a profile slug of Erik Brett’s profile. You can clearly see that ‘Erik’, which is his username, is now appearing in the URL of his profile.  
  • Similarly, when you choose the user ID pattern. This will display the user’s ID on the profile slug. Refer to the below image for your clear understanding. 

User Profile Custom Slug Extension

  • The above URL is now showing Erik’s user ID instead of his name. This is the user ID with which the profile is registered on WordPress.  

Note that this profile slug customization is applied globally. Once you are done with the slug settings, all the user profiles on your WordPress website will follow the same URL pattern that you have set from ProfileGrid’s settings. Moreover, this process will also add consistency to all the profile links on your website.  


Engage your Users with Custom Profile Slugs

The ProfileGrid plugin not only helps you create customized URLs but also offers many customizing tools to create a dynamic site. One of the most useful ones, the Custom Profile Slugs extension, engages your users as well as search engines to your profile. Long story short, if you want to customize your website without writing a tough code, ProfileGrid is the most popular choice for building WordPress sites.  

Closing notes

If you are looking to customize your profile URL, install and activate the User Profile Custom Slugs Extension, follow the procedure mentioned in this blog, and get the task done. 



  1. Karlo

    Is there a way for me to add other fields in this? Example: I want my Full Name to appear instead of the Username

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

      Currently, the other fields cannot be added to the user profile page URL.

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