How to create a subscription website (Complete Guide with the Resources)

In this guide, we will demonstrate the process to create a subscription website.

Subscription websites are sites that allow their users to access a product or service for a period of time.

These websites are vastly used to generate a recurring income online. According to a report by Gartner, 80% of existing vendors use subscription models.

Subscription websites are surely a great way to make a quick buck as these websites are exceptionally flexible and can cater to a wide range of users, businesses, and niches.

Check out how you can set up your own subscription website with just one plugin and no coding!


A complete guide to building a subscription website with just one plugin!

In this guide, we’ll guide you step-by-step on how to create a subscription website from scratch. Here’s a list of digital tools you’ll require to create a subscription website:

  • Hosting and Domain Name
  • SSL
  • WordPress Account
  • A WordPress subscription theme
  • WordPress subscription plugin 

Explore these tools in detail along with their features and with an easy guide on how to utilize them.

Digital tools to create a subscription website on WordPress

Hosting and Domain Name

The first thing that you’ll need to create a subscription website is hosting and a domain name. The domain name is the name of your business. For example, is the domain name of this website. 

Now, hosting is where your site lives. There are various affordable hosting solution providers who let you rent space on the internet to host your website. Some of the recommended hosting and domain solutions are:

A guide on how to set up a hosting and domain name

Step1: Go to the hosting and domain name provider’s website. (We are taking SiteGround WordPress hosting as an example. For the other websites in our recommendation list, check out the ‘Additional Resources’ given below.)

create a subscription website

Step2: Scroll down to the bottom and click on ‘Domain Names.’

create a subscription website

Step3: Search for the name you want and select .com, .in, or any other domain. 

create a subscription website

Step4: If your domain name is available, it will show you the plans you can take. Otherwise, you can go back and search for other names.

create a subscription website

Step5: Click on ‘Get Plan’ and register your domain as ‘New Domain.’ Then click on the ‘Proceed’ button.

create a subscription website

Step6: Fill in the details and scroll down.

create a subscription website

Step7: Furthermore, the site will show you SiteGround hosting plans available with your domain name.

create a subscription website

Step8: Select the hosting of your choice and complete the payment process.

Once you are done with the payment you’ll have your domain and hosting solution all ready to use.


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WordPress Account

The second thing you’ll require is a WordPress account. WordPress is the best platform for subscription websites. is exceptionally flexible and offers an array of themes and plugins to enhance the look and functionalities of your website. 

Most of the WordPress experts recommend over as it is comparatively more flexible, plus every solution on is free. 

To set up your website on WordPress just follow the detailed guide given below.

Refer to this guide for setting up WordPress on Siteground: Click here

Additional Resource:

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How to install WordPress?

Get an SSL

For adding payment gateways on your site, an SSL is needed.

You may acquire free SSL from your hosting provider or add it for free from Cloudflare, here’s a guide for that.

WordPress Subscription Theme

A theme provides a design to your WordPress website. It gives a structure and flow to the website. Additionally, a theme provides all the basic features that one requires to build a website. In a nutshell, it enhances the look and feel of a website.  

WordPress offers a range of WordPress subscription themes. You can select from these themes based on your requirements, such as color palette, design, aesthetics, elements, and features. And if you want a list of top subscription WordPress themes precisely selected by our WordPress experts, please comment below, and we’ll get back to you with the best solutions!

A guide to installing a WordPress subscription theme

Step1: Login to your WordPress backend and open Dashboard.

Step2: Scroll down and go to Appearance > Themes in the left menu bar.

create a subscription website

Step3: Click on ‘Add Themes’ to add a new theme.

create a subscription website

Step4: To upload your subscription theme file, you can click on ‘Upload theme’ and upload the theme file. Or you can search for the theme in the ‘Search bar.’

create a subscription website

Step5: Once you upload the WordPress subscription theme, you can install and activate it. Else just install and activate any free theme you like from the collection of themes on

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WordPress subscription plugin

ProfileGrid Memberships is the ultimate membership and subscription plugin for WordPress. This robust WordPress subscription plugin offers an array of easy-to-use and high-yielding features.

This uniquely designed user-centric WordPress membership plugin is all you need to build any WordPress website with a member area, paid subscriptions, user profiles, or memberships.

Furthermore, it is packed with 90+ powerful core features.  Some of the main highlighting features of this WordPress membership plugin include:

Content Restriction: The content restriction feature of this plugin enables you to restrict content on the website. You set restrictions on your pages and posts, based on user login status, group membership, and more.

Additionally, it allows you to prohibit the unsubscribed users from exploring various levels of your website content. 

Advanced Forms: Using the advanced form integration you can create unlimited subscription forms on your website. In addition to that, you can add custom fields, payment systems, and more.

create registration form

Group Events: This extension features an event calendar using which you can add, manage, and edit group-specific events. Moreover, it creates a seamless event management experience for you and your users.

create a subscription website

Stripe Payments: Add a Stripe payment system to your website and accept payments through credit and debit cards. This feature can be extremely vital for WordPress subscription websites as Stripe is one of the majorly used payment gateways for online payments. 

create a subscription website

WooCommerce: This WordPress subscription plugin comes with 7 astounding WooCommerce extensions. These extensions power this plugin by adding a complete WooCommerce solution for subscription websites.

You can add WooCommerce ‘Purchase’ tab and seller dashboard tab to profile pages. Additionally, add a wishlist, add the custom tabs on WooCommerce products, create discounts, and more. It is a perfect solution for WooCommerce subscription websites.

Explore all the features of ProfileGrid Memberships given below in the ‘Additional Resources.’

A guide to installing WordPress Membership Plugin (ProfileGrid Memberships)

Step1: Go to the ProfileGrid website and click on ‘Plans,’ or click the button below.

Try ProfileGrid for Free!

Step2: Select the plan that suits your website requirements.

Step3: Once you have downloaded the plugin file, go to the WordPress backend and click on ‘Plugins’ below ‘Appearance’ on the left menu bar.

create a subscription website

Step4: Follow the same path as you did for installing a theme, i.e., Add New > Upload Plugin > Activate. OR Add New > Search Plugin > Install > Activate.

create a subscription website

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To create a subscription website, another WordPress plugin you might require is RegistrationMagic. This WordPress plugin allows you to create any type of form on your website with an option to customize fields. You can utilize this user registration plugin to create various forms like subscription forms, registration forms, payment forms, membership forms, pop-up forms, and more.

Additionally, the plugin comes with multiple extensions that can help you create and manage advanced forms. It comes with an option that allows you to track and analyze your form fields too. Check out all the features of the plugin here.

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EventPrime is an event calendar plugin that can help you create, manage, and analyze events on your subscription website. You can create online classes, meetings, or schedule appointments, etc. This is a great tiny tool that will help you create a subscription website with events.

It can come in handy if you have an E-learning website, dentist website, magazine website, or any other website which might need the ability to create subscriptions for the events. The plugin comes with multiple extensions such as a seamless event calendar, event dashboard, event analytics, and live seating, etc. You can explore all the features of this plugin here.

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Creating a subscription website in a nutshell

If you are following the steps all along with the blog, by now, you have already set up a subscription website on WordPress.

Furthermore, with ProfileGrid Memberships, the process of adding high-end subscription features to your website is facile. 

Here are the highlights of this blog:

  • Buy a hosting and domain solution
  • Set up an SSL certification
  • Set up a WordPress account
  • Install the WordPress subscription theme 
  • Install the WordPress subscription plugin 
  • Get the WordPress forms plugin
  • Install the WordPress events plugin
  • Explore the additional resources to add advanced features 

We have included all the basic information you could ever need to create a subscription website on WordPress. Still, feel free to comment below on all your queries related to creating a subscription-based website on WordPress, and our experts will get back to you!

Try ProfileGrid Memberships for Free!

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