ProfileGrid WordPress User Profiles Plugin [Starter Guide]

Introducing WordPress User Profiles Plugin

Welcome to the ProfileGrid Plugin Starter Guide that’ll help you get up and running with this amazing WordPress user profiles plugin. ProfileGrid is extendable to multi-author blogs, groups, communities, memberships. The purpose of this guide is to give you a quick overview of ProfileGrid Plugin’s core functionality, around which everything else in the plugin revolves.

Quick & Easy Setup

ProfileGrid creates 6 handy pages as soon as it is activated. These pages form the basis of all user activity.

Page URLPage Name & Description
/all-groupsAll Groups: This is the page that displays list of all ProfileGrid Groups in one place. A user can check out any Group from this page and also sign up to become a member of it.
/default-user-groupGroup: This is the display page for an individual Group. It displays all the information of a single Group, which is the Default Group by default. You can edit the ID in the shortcode on this page to set any other Group as the default group for this page
/my-profileMy Profile: As the name tells, this is the page that displays all your ProfieGrid Profile information. It includes Notifications, Personal Messages, Blog Posts, and Settings to name a few. The URL of this page is
/registrationRegistration: From this page, a user can register and become member of a Group. Just edit the ID in the shortcode on this page to make a Group as the default Group for user registration.
/loginLogin: This is the default ProfileGrid page that allows users to log into your site from the front-end itself.
/forgot-passwordForgot Password: This page allows a user to set a new password if he/she has forgotten the existing one

*All these pages use ProfileGrid Shortcodes to publish the front-end display.

**You may connect these pages to your Menu for quick access (Optional).

Additional Shortcodes:

You can also publish ProfileGrid’s front-end on any page of your choice with the help of our shortcodes – and we have plenty more shortcodes? You can access all shortcodes from the Shortcodes menu tab of our WordPress user profiles plugin.

This completes the basic setup. Explore all shortcodes and pages before jumping on to the next section to start optimizing ProfileGrid to your needs.

Optimizing ProfileGrid

ProfileGrid registration form is part of ProfileGrid Groups. If you don’t need the Groups system, you can use ‘Default Group’ to enable user registration. Note that ProfileGrid Groups can be used as Social Groups or Profile Types.

For users building a membership site or community site, you can configure separate registration form for each group. This will allow you to capture specific data from custom fields for each group.

Since User Group(s) is the starting point, let’s get going by creating your first group.

Create First Group

Once ProfleGrid is installed on the site, the ProfileGrid menu item will appear in the list of WordPress Dashboard menus. Click on this link to start working with ProfileGrid. The first screen you will see after clicking on the ProfileGrid menu item, is the Groups Manager screen.

On this screen, you will see that there is a small section for creating a new group and a DEFAULT GROUP. DEFAULT GROUP is what comes pre-installed with the plugin and you can use this group to test any changes you’d like.

But for now, we’ll just proceed one step at a time and create a new group first. Click on ‘New Group’ link and a modal window will prompt for ‘Group Name’ to be entered. Just type in a name for the new group in the text box and click on ‘Save’. The new group’s card will now appear next to ‘Default Group’ .

WordPress User Profiles Plugin Group Manager

It is now time to activate user registrations for your new group.

Activate Front-end Registrations

Activating group registrations from the front-end is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is create a new WordPress page, and in its content area, add this shortcode: [profilegrid_register gid=”3″]

WordPress User Profiles Plugin User Registration

In this shortcode, the ID is the same ID which displays on the group card on the ‘Groups Manager’ screen.

Let’s now customize your new group further by configuring the…

Group Settings and Fields

At the bottom of each group card are two links, namely ‘SETTINGS’ and ‘FIELDS’.

Wordpress Profile Group Setting

The ‘SETTINGS’ link takes you to the group settings screen where ProfileGrid provides you various options to configure the group’s behavior just the way you want it to.

WordPress User Profiles Plugin Settings

The ‘FIELDS’ link takes you to the ‘Profile Fields Manager’ screen. This is where you can truly make your groups unique. You will see that a field already exists there for ‘User Email’. This field gets created automatically whenever you create a new group. It can be edited or removed, according to your liking.

WordPress User Profiles Plugin Fields Manager

You can add more fields to the group by using the ‘NEW FIELD’ link below the ‘Profile Fields Manager’ heading. You can also organize the fields into various sections. New field sections can be created by clicking on the ‘NEW SECTION’ link right next to the ‘NEW FIELD’ link.

Any user now joining your new group will get these group fields added to his/her user profile automatically. Awesome, isn’t it?!

Next on our list is an overview of all of ProfileGrid’s amazing shortcodes for front-end publishing.

Front-End Publishing – Using Shortcodes

ProfileGrid gives you ten powerful shortcodes right out of the box. Below is a description of them all, along with the shortcode itself:

  1. REGISTRATION FORM AS A SINGLE PAGE [profilegrid_register gid=”x”]: Displays sign up form for a group as a single page. Sections will be separated into separate blocks. Replace x with the Group ID.
  2. REGISTRATION FORM AS MULTI-PAGE [profilegrid_register type=”paged” gid=”x”]: Displays sign up form for a group as a multi-page. Sections will be separated into pages. Replace x with the Group ID.
  3. SINGLE GROUP PAGE [profilegrid_group gid=”x”]: Displays a Group with logo and description. Groups users are displayed below the Group Card. Replace x with the Group ID.
  4. MULTI GROUP PAGE [profilegrid_groups]: Displays all the Groups with logo, description and Sign Up buttons. Visitors can choose a Group to join.
  5. PROFILE PAGE [profilegrid_profile ]: Single profile page used for displaying logged in user’s profile.
  6. LOGIN FORM [profilegrid_login]: A login form with Username/Email and Password fields. Also, it has Forgot Password link.
  7. PASSWORD RECOVERY FORM [profilegrid_forgot_password]: A page where users can enter their email to reset their lost password.
  8. PASSWORD RESET FORM [profilegrid_password_options]: The page where users arrive after clicking on password reset link sent to them after using Password Retrieval Form.
  9. ALL USERS PAGE [profilegrid_users]: Shows all users with profile image and username on a single page with search capabilities.
  10. BLOG SUBMISSION PAGE [profilegrid_submit_blog]: Allows users to post blogs if User Blogs are turned on. Blogs will be visible on respective profile pages.

Optimize Global Settings

Found under the menu item ‘Global Settings’, The Global Settings for ProfileGrid control how the plugin behaves overall. Global Settings contain general options for ProfileGrid, such as Security Settings, User Account Settings, Email Notification Settings, and many more.

This guide does not cover Global Settings in-depth, but we do encourage you to review the Global Settings on your own. The helper text on each of these setting screens will give you all the information you require to learn more about ProfileGrid’s Global Settings.

Configure Email Templates

The Email Templates screen is where you can create your own email templates. These templates can be used for the various emails ProfileGrid sends out to users on specific events. Such as email notification on User Registration, User Activation or Deactivation, Password Change, and Account Deletion.

You can find ‘Email Templates’ in the menu item.

Additional Documentation

This concludes our quick and easy Starter Guide for our WordPress user profiles plugin. For more details on ProfileGrid, we welcome you to visit our complete WordPress user profiles plugin documentation.

Also, do you know that ProfileGrid is compatible with bbPress, WooCommerce, and MailChimp? No? Then you need to head over to our Extensions repository and begin integrating ProfileGrid with your other favorite plugins right away. Note that bbPress integration and Woocommerce integration are free extensions 🙂


  1. Andy

    Amazingly awesome plugin guys! I searched and tried some odd 40 different plugins and was sad that I was unable to find the right plugin for my website. Then ProfileGrid came to the rescue and was so happy to find this amazing plugin. Thank you so much for making this out of the world plugin! Love you so much and so thankful to you! The ProfileGrid Search has some issues that I wish to report. I can’t search profiles using a particular profile field. For example, on my site, I have displayed member profiles. The profiles have custom fields like Registration ID, Name, DoB, Age, Address, Phone Number, etc. If I wish to search a profile with the Registration ID, it does not display the search results. But if I go to Advance Search and then search the Registration ID, it displays the profile I look for. Why doesn’t it show the searched registration ID/profile in normal search? Am I doing something wrong? Is there some setting I need to enable/disable? Please help. Would appreciate your help a lot. Thanks!

    1. ProfileGrid Development Team

      Hello Andy, Thank you for your kind words! Could you please create a support ticket on our helpdesk so that we can assist you better with this. You can do that easily from here – Our support staff will look into the issue asap and get back to you with a solution. Cheers!

      1. Andy

        Hello there, thanks for the reply. I have created a support ticket. Thanks again.

    2. Vic

      Hi Andy , can you share your website link please? If you perhaps can share with us what you have created with this plugin.

  2. Andrey

    Hello there! How can I access ProfileGrid user fields from my template? For example, twitter and other social media fields. Found no documentation on this. Thank you in advance.

    1. ProfileGrid Development Team

      Hi, please reach out to our support team here

      1. Mike Fröhner

        Well it would be nice if this information would be public 😀

  3. Kasha

    Keep working ,impressive job!

    1. ProfileGrid Development Team

      Thank you 🙂

  4. betara

    amazing plugin..very complete…tha best

    1. ProfileGrid Development Team

      Thank you 🙂

  5. Jochem Aalders

    Additional field ‘Nick Name’ cannot be added, which is the only flexible field to have it in the profile grid.

  6. Jochem Aalders

    More functionality ideas: order by for the profiles, atm not possible to sort this in the grid

  7. Collins Omogo

    I must admit… this is the best wordpress plugin ever… Lots of Love from Nairobi, Kenya

    1. ProfileGrid Development Team

      🙂 thank you, every member of our team is delighted to hear…

      1. Collins Omogo

        I’m trying to tweak a few settings on my website. I’ve noticed that on the “All Groups” viewing page, the plugin gives guest visitors the option to “join group” even in ideally groupd that should be ‘invite only’ such as admin groups. How do I redirect all guest join group option to the Guest registration page? I’ve tried setting the default account registration page to the one I want… but if a guest clicks on the ‘join group’ button under the ‘invite-only’ group, they still get access to the ‘Account creation form’ for that ‘invite only group. Please let me know how to go around it… or if you can have a plugin update addressing the issue.

        1. nate simpson

          no reply – i get the opposite – newly registered users can not view any groups – it displays a warning – about not being permitted to view after login – so how are new subscribers supposed to join groups?

          1. ProfileGrid Development Team

            Hello Nate, This shouldn’t be happening. We need more details about your setup to help you better. Can you please create a support ticket here with your site URL and any other relevant details? Our team will get back to you asap. Thanks!

  8. maksud

    amazing plugin.i love it.i need one thing to it possible to add category option in blog post and directly show in post page.if possible please inform me. thank you !

    1. ProfileGrid Development Team

      Thank you for your support 🙂 We will be adding blog post categories very soon.

  9. Anant vijay Soni

    Hi, I am a developer and creating a site for my client. He is purchased the plugin, I have install and setup, But I don’t know, what the issue with blog posting, User can post a blog, I have approved as an admin, but After Approval, it shows, 404 Error when open the blog/post. Please let me know, where I am doing the mistake? OR any other setting remaining. Please Check this Blog:

    1. Luis Matos

      I have the same problem! How can it be solved?

      1. ProfileGrid

        Could you please recheck this after saving the permalink settings from WordPress dashboard settings. Here are the steps for it:

        1) Login to WordPress dashboard and go to “Settings -> Permalinks” menu.
        2) Click on the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of this page.

        If the issue still occurs, please do write back to us.

  10. Sohrab

    Hi, How can I disable users from editing their own profile and set them a common cover picture. Thanks

  11. Manuel

    Amazing plugin. Theres any way to hide sidebar in pm_profile?

    1. Manuel

      Sorry, the sidebar appears when I try to edit any profie

      1. Manuel

        Nevermind … I did it 🙂 … thanks for this plugin!!!

  12. Sohrab

    Hi, How can I set a default cover picture for all users?

  13. Sewa Inno

    can we disable blog for a particular group of users ?

  14. septimo

    Hi, I want to remove the following fields from the registration form;
    First Name *
    Last Name *
    Password *

    How could I do it?

    1. ProfileGrid Development Team

      You can access registration form fields from the group settings.

      1. jeeto

        i want to remove some field from registration from but.But group setting not found access registration from field.pls help me any video or picture tutorial.

        1. ProfileGrid

          You may remove the fields from Group Fields. Please refer to the following steps:

          1) Login to WordPress dashboard, Go to Group Manager page.
          2) All Groups will be display here, go to Fields link for a group
          3) Next you will see the list of fields for that group. You can edit, delete or add fields from here.

  15. Gaurav Patil

    How could i integrate woocommerce with profilegrid?

  16. Tika

    When I click any of the groups on the All groups page it does nothing but refresh. Why is this? Please help.

    1. ProfileGrid Development Team

      It could be a conflict with some other plugin on your site. Try disabling all other plugins and see if the issue is still there. Or, please open the support ticket and we can help you fix the issue. Thank you.

  17. Manik Chhabra

    I am displaying all the users using the shortcode [PM_Search] but it is displaying 20 users on one page and then paginates to display more users. What I want is, that instead of displaying 20 at a time, I want only 6 users to be displayed on one page and then paginates for rest of the users. How I can do that ?

    1. ProfileGrid

      Currently, no. of users displayed per page cannot be changed. We will have feature to enable required number of users per page rolled out in one of our future versions.

  18. Ayodele

    Is there a way one can make one profile rate another profile (open rating and/or blind rating)?

  19. Charly

    Hi…If There is a option user can create new group???????

    1. ProfileGrid

      ProfileGrid extension ‘Frontend Group Creator’ allow registered users to create new Groups on front end. These Groups behave and work just like regular ProfileGrid groups. For more detail you can visit the link :

  20. zabih


  21. Francis Isugu

    I have been using this plugin recently, but couldn’t help with the frustration of knowing that I need to create a different set of groups that could be controlled in the backend from displaying in the all groups page, but display only on a seperate groups class page. This hasn’t been possible, and I tried looking for another plugin to help me do this. Please, if there is any way I could do it with Profile Grid, I will appreciate the help. Thanks!

    1. ProfileGrid

      Hello, We will need further details regarding this. It is not clear what exactly you mean by “separate groups class page”.

  22. Terry

    I love this plugin so far but don’t understand the purpose of the Groups pages. There’s no discussion–just an overall grid of the members. But members of what? There’s no discussion element at all unless I’m missing something.

    1. ProfileGrid

      Groups page displays list for all the groups you have created on the site. Particular group page displays the list of members in that group. If you are logged in and go to the group page, it will also display the discussion tab (posts made by group members).

      1. ismahar

        How to control registration?

        I create 2 group, 1 Teacher and 1 Student. Default login is set to teacher. How the student can login?

        1. ProfileGrid

          Login page is common for all groups. Teachers and students may log in from the same login page.

      2. Symphony

        Great plugin! However as Terry pointed out, I can’t find the discussion tab for members of a group even while logged in and on the group page. Is the group messaging for premium option only? Or is their a setting I’m missing?

        1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

          To enable the discussion tab on the group page, please make sure that you have activated the ProfileGrid Group wall extension, also make sure that you have enabled the Discussions tab under “Individual Group Page (Applies to all Groups)” from “ProfileGrid >> Global Settings >> Elements Visibility”.

  23. Holly

    Is there a possibility to make the documentation / blog searchable or have a clickable contents section? I am attempting to set up group wall pages and have spent hours scrolling through the blog posts trying to find a tutorial (no joy yet).

    There’s nothing out there that matches this plugin, but making adjustments can be really frustrating without adequate documentation.

    1. ProfileGrid

      Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, as of now, ProfileGrid does not have the feature to make searchable or clickable blog content section. However, we have made note of this requirement and will review it for possible inclusion in the future release.

  24. Kevin

    Hi- really like Profile Grid so far. Am comparing it to BuddyPress and PeepSo. Simplicity is really key and you guys have done a great job.

    My question- is it possible to allow a user on the front end to decide what fields they want to make public/private in the Search Users shortcode generated lists? Some users might want to show their name and pic and ‘about’ fields but not their contact info, or just email and not phone number. I really need the user at front end to be able to select what fields are private. Is this possible in Profile Grid, and if so, how? Many thanks-

    1. ProfileGrid

      Thanks for your amazing feedback!

      Unfortunately, as of now, users cannot control their profile fields visibility from front end. However, admin may change fields visibility on profile from dashboard, which will apply to all users of field’s group, and not just for a specific user.

      1. Sterling

        Where can I change the fields visbility? I can’t find it – is it not an option in the free version?

        1. ProfileGrid

          You may change the field visibility in the field settings by referring to the following steps :

          1) Login to the WordPress dashboard and go to the ProfileGrid menu.
          2) All Groups will be listed here, then go to the group Fields for a group.

          3) Next, you will see the list of fields for that group. You can edit, delete or add fields from here.

          4) To show fields in the profile page, enable the option “Display on Profile Page” in field settings.

  25. Hany

    Hello ,i instaled the Plugin ,but the user cannot upload a picture.

    1. ProfileGrid Development Team

      This could be a plugin conflict with other profiles plugin in your dashboard. Could you please deactivate other plugins and try again.

  26. Raya

    Hey guys!

    Just dropping by to say thanks for this AMAZING plugin ?. I’m totally happy with it and my site is coming along great! I can’t even describe how many plugins I’ve tried, even the more popular ones, but Profile Grid is really the simplest and easiest one.

    Thanks a bunch,

    1. ProfileGrid Development Team

      Hello Raya,

      Thank you so much! It means a lot to us. You site is really looking nice! Love the way you have connected ProfileGrid pages with the menu. We wish you luck with completion of the site and beyond. If you need help with anything, do not hesitate to write to us through our support form.

  27. Michael Harrington

    I am having trouble uploading the extensions purchased. Is there a tutorial available?

    1. ProfileGrid

      Please download the extensions to your local system and then install the same as any other plugins in WordPress. To download the extensions, login to your account on our site and then go to link:

      Click on the link “View Details and Downloads” and you will see the extensions link. Download the zip file from here.
      To install the extension, go to “Plugins” menu on site dashboard; click on “Add New” button and select the extension zip file. Install it.

      Let us know if still you face any issues with the process.

  28. Becky Goldsmith

    We have a members only section and are using Profile Grid to force login to those pages. Our members are having difficulty logging in at times. Even though you login correctly, it just pops right back to the Please Login notification.
    I’ve deactivated all of the other plugins and it continues to sporadically lock people out – myself (admin) included. It’s making it rather difficult to encourage our members to check the website on a regular basis due to frustration.
    Any advice?

  29. Becky

    Just wondering if you received my request for assistance?

    1. ProfileGrid Development Team

      Hi Becky, could you please reach out to our support team and we will help asap.

  30. Bjorn Wise

    Hey there,
    I may be missing something but I’m wondering if I can hide certain sections (tabs) of the profile e.g. we have no need for the blog section to display. Can it simply be hidden or do I need to edit the template?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. ProfileGrid

      You may hide the blog tab in profile by referring to the following steps:

      1) Login to WordPress dashboard.
      2) Go to “ProfileGrid >> Global Settings >> User Blogs” menu.
      3) Disable the option labelled as “Enable Blog” and save it.

  31. Greg

    Hello, I need to have a 4 part search for students to find a flight instructor. Each instructors specialty is on the application and positioned in their personal data area, which is also in their profile. Now I need a search for 1) FAA ratings, 2) Pilots Specialty, 3) airports they fly from and 4) type of planes they fly.
    The page is under “GSLFIA Pilots Instructors”
    So far I’m not having any luck on how to make this. Can you help?

    Thank you,
    Greg G.

    1. ProfileGrid

      ProfileGrid allows to filter the search results with custom field values. To display custom fields on search page, you can refer to following steps:

      1) Login to the WordPress dashboard and go to ProfileGrid menu.
      2) Here you will see the groups list. Go to the group fields for a group.
      3) List of fields for that group will be displayed. You can edit, delete or add fields from here.
      4) To show fields in search, enable the option “Display in Advance Search” in field settings.

  32. Aloysius

    Hi, Is there any way to add a field in Users Profile where admin can only edit that specific field?
    for example, I want a field named “dues” to display on the profile of users where only admins will be able to edit it.

    1. ProfileGrid

      There might be a work-around we can suggest for control over the fields by using ProfileGrid in integration with our other plugin RegistrationMagic. One way is to use a standard text field- it should be hidden using CSS from registration page and leave it as such on the profile page. However, we need to understand how your system has been currently setup to be able to offer definitive solution. Could you please create a support ticket via this link: as it will enable us better communication and allow to discuss the details.

  33. Dane

    User profile details only showing for adminstrator. Admin user profile shows the extra profilegrid fields, but other admins and users dont have those fields. any ideas?

    1. ProfileGrid

      Please make sure that admin and other users are the members of the same group. If it is already so, please report issue to our support team here, as we may require some confidential data about site:

      1. Dane

        It’s okay i sorted it. Each group needed to have fields made. Now they show fine. Next problem is that if a user belongs to more than one group, say three, it shows their Personal details three times on the their profile page.
        I deleted the default User group by mistake. Can I just make another one or has that upset things.

  34. Haichef

    Hi. i accidentally deleted the Default Group (ID=1) . Then create a new group. But it turns out there is no choice so that each user registering an account will automatically join the new group.

    I tried to uninstall and delete ProfileGrid in the database, but it turns out that ProfileGrid options are inside wp_options. so failed

    any suggestion. so that every new user who registers can automatically join the new one group? or how to reset ProfileGrid?

    thank you

    1. ProfileGrid

      Each ProfileGrid group is associated with one registration form. Once a group has been created, it will be associated with a from automatically. And if new user fills in that form, he/she will be member of that group automatically. You can set the newly created group form as default one for the site:

      1) Login to WordPress dashboard
      2) Go to “ProfileGrid >> Global Settings >> Generals” menu
      3) Select the page (with shortcode [Pm_Group ID=”x”] where x is newly created group ID) for option “Registration Page” and save it.

  35. Vatsal Bhakodia

    Hi ! How can I remove the permission from the from the user blog

    1. ProfileGrid

      Could you please elaborate which permission exactly you need removed?

  36. OnlineDiveCenter


    Where we can edit the size of the pictures (avaters) in the post comments See this test link and you see what i mean

    1. ProfileGrid

      Thanks for sharing the screenshot. It seems like the issue is specific to your local environment, where one of the existing plugins or theme on the site could be conflicting with ProfileGrid.

      We would require further details from your end to fix the issue. Kindly raise a support ticket here.

  37. Dane

    Is there a way to redirect after registration via shortcode to a differnt page than the one listed in a group? Like :

    [PM_Registration ID=”1″ url=”https://domain/page”]

    Any other way to achieve this?

    1. ProfileGrid

      You can achieve this by integration of ProfileGrid with RegistrationMagic. For more details on the integration, visit this link:

      RegistrationMagic allows to set after registration URL. You can configure this by referring to the following steps:

      1) Login to WordPress dashboard
      2) Go to “RegistrationMagic >> All Forms”
      3) Go to “Form dashboard >> Post Submission” and configure the particular page or URL in option ‘Redirection’
      4) Save it

  38. Roger

    How can an admin add a user to a specific group? Or possibly have a new registered user automatically join a group based upon role?

    1. ProfileGrid

      Each Group is associated with a role and ProfileGrid does not allow to assign a group to user based upon role. Admin can assign the group by editing the profile of user in dashboard. Please refer to the following steps for how to achieve this:

      1) Login to WordPress dashboard.
      2) Go to ‘Users’ menu and list of users will be displayed here.
      3) Go to edit user profile page from here and select the group for option ‘User Group(s)’
      4) Save it.

      Extension ‘Frontend Group Manager ‘ allows admin to assign a group to users from group page in front end. With admin priviliges go to a Group page after activating the extension and settings tab will be visible. Here users can added/removed from the group. For more details on this, please refer to the link:

  39. MW Dev

    Is there a way to have a default profile and cover photo set?

    1. ProfileGrid

      You may configure the default profile photo and cover photo by referring to the following steps:

      1) Login to WordPress dashboard, go to “ProfileGrid >> Global settings >> User Accounts ” menu.
      2) Configure the option “Default Profile Image” and “Default Cover Image” and save it.

  40. Gaurav

    How to show logout button in User Profile, Account page

    1. ProfileGrid

      Our extension “Login Logout Menu” allows for addition of contextual login menu item to website. The menu item will change based on user login state. For more details regarding this, you may visit the following link:

  41. Daniel

    Hi, thanks for this great plugin.
    I want to point a “bug”?
    In this page, under the title “Group Settings and Fields” you say about “User email field” that “It can be edited or removed, according to your liking.”
    That’s not correct, because if we do that, the form displays the message “Require Useremail field”.
    I was looking for a way to test the plugin without the need to introduce many valid email adresses. Is there any way to do that, some test mode? Thanks!

    1. ProfileGrid

      The email field is required for WordPress default registration so it is not possible to remove this field from the registration form. You may edit or remove from displaying this field in the profile page.

  42. Chesney


    This is a really good plugin for my wordpress site. Can you tell me if the paid versions come with a more advanced search? As I would customers to search by address/postcode?

    Thanks a million!

    1. ProfileGrid

      Advanced search is available in the free version as well. You may display custom fields in search page by configuring the field settings. For more details on this you may visit the link :

  43. ProfileGrid

    ProfileGrid allows users to send private text messages to other group members, but it does not allow to send attachment in the messages.

  44. Eduardo Carvalho

    I loved your plugin. In the advanced search, is it possible to add the possibility to search by the type of field I selected? For example, I created a dropdown field called gender that has two options: Male and Female. In the advanced search does this field appear as a dropdown for the user to select one of the options to perform the search?

    1. ProfileGrid

      Currently, it does not appear as dropdown in search. It will appear as a checkbox and you may put the text in the textbox to search in that field value. We have added this to our roadmap and we will review it for possible inclusion in a future release.

  45. kobi

    dont you have video tutorial?

    1. ProfileGrid

      We are in the process of setting up a demo site. Currently, you may visit our blog page for details on functionality of the plugin.

  46. Mauricio Gomez

    How can I change the settings to Spanish language or edit the labels to put the texts in Spanish

    1. ProfileGrid

      You can translate ProfileGrid yourself. The plugin has a POT file that includes all English texts from the plugin for translation. Please read this article for more details:

  47. Eduardo Gala

    Hello, thanks for the plugin, I have a question about how to show the button to join the group, I am using the shortcode [PM_Groups]. Thanks for your reply.

    1. ProfileGrid

      Groups should display the Join button on groups in all groups page by default. In order to check the link on your site, we will require access details. Please reach out to us through the support page on our site so that we can assist you further.

  48. Mert

    Hi. No information appears on the About tab. normally appears. Not appear now. How can i fix this? Thanks..

    1. ProfileGrid

      Please make sure that the user is a member of at least one group. About tab displays the profile information of the user only if the user is a member of at least one group.

      1. Mert

        all users belong to a group, but their profile information is not displayed and when the user wants to edit their profile, only the “save”, “cancel”, “expand”, “collapse” buttons appear. there is nothing else. profile cannot be edited. I looked at the settings and found no problems. what else could be the reason?

        1. ProfileGrid Development Team

          Good day – it looks like a possible conflict with other user profile plugin – you can disable other user profile plugin and try out again. If the issue is still there, please reach out to our support team so we can debug for you.

  49. Mariano

    Hello! This a wonderfull plugin, thanks a lot for your job!!

    I’m designing my site, and I need have 2 kind of users; 1- profesionals 2-subscribers
    Each of them must have a different registration form is this possible?

    The funcionality I think is this way, but maybe exist a better way…
    The type 2 users do not belong to any group, but they will be able to see all of users
    level 1 (profile, bio, cover and profile image, blog(if any) and so on)
    The type 1 user must be able to select the art/activity they perform (musician, dancer, organizer, producer, dj’s, orchestra, writer, choreographer, videomaker),
    This user is in a group called professional.

    1. ProfileGrid Development Team

      Thank you for detailed description. Yes, its possible to have different registration form for each group – infant that is built in functionality in ProfileGrid. Although ProfileGrid should be able to take care of requirements, we suggest you check out our Event plugin as well as we think EventPrime will add value in your case.

      1. Mariano

        Thank you for your answer!

      2. David Hedges

        I have the need for three different types of Groups. I cannot find in your documentation as to how to implement three different registrations (on-page). I have the groups and the respective profile questions set up. I just need to know how to serve the registration form to a user. Does the user select the appropriate group from a single registration page or does each group have a shortcode to embed for their particular registration form on separate pages?

        1. ProfileGrid

          You can create a registration page using the shortcode [profilegrid_register gid=”x”]. Here, ‘x’ represents any existing Group ID. Then, configure this page by selecting the ‘Registration Page’ option under ‘User Profiles >> Global Settings >> General’ in the dashboard. After doing this, users will be automatically redirected to the respective group registration page when they click the ‘Join Group’ button on the group page.

  50. Unknown

    It shows me “Sorry, this group is currently not accessible. Either it was deleted or its ID does not matches.” whenever I try to open a particuar group page. Help!

    1. ProfileGrid

      Please make sure that you have put existing Group ID in the group page shortcode, which is assigned for the group page in settings.

      If you still face the issue, please share your site’s admin dashboard access credentials temporarily with us to check and provide you a better solution.

  51. B N Reddy

    Finally I have my destination to find a CORRECT plugin to best suit my requirements.
    Really it’s fantastic beating all other plugins (which more to be relied upon PRO / PREMIER versions). Without looking into PRO Version I think I got my requirements going to be fulfilled. However I should try the PRO version to have total utilization of the plugin to my website.
    Great plugin team..!! Hats off..!!!

    1. ProfileGrid Development Team

      Appreciate your feedback. Please do check out tons of user profiles shortcodes that we launched last week.

  52. Fay

    In the My Profile Dashboard, I found this :
    For best visibility choose a landscape aspect ratio image with size of 260 x 300 pixels.

    How to change the cover size? Especially for the width?

    1. ProfileGrid


      You may change the image upload size with ProfileGrid >>> Global settings >>> Uploads.

      Configure here and save to apply changes.

      Feel free to get back to us for further assistance.

      Thank you,

  53. Fay

    How to change image aspect ratio when uploading the cover image in My Profile page.
    It is written “For best visibility choose a landscape aspect ratio image with size of 260 x 300 pixels”.

    1. ProfileGrid


      You may change the image upload size with ProfileGrid >>> Global settings >>> Uploads.

      Configure here and save to apply changes.

      Feel free to get back to us for further assistance.

      Thank you,

  54. Sonny B

    First I must agree with several other posters that this plugin is amazing.
    I am trying to find a way to update a member’s address, but can’t seem to find that on the edit Profile option. The registration page does not have address either. And when I view a member’s profile from the Profile Grid/Members screen, I do not see the address shown.
    Is this not captured from the WordPress User data? It would fall under Billing Address.

    Thank you
    Sonny B

    1. ProfileGrid


      Thank you for writing to us.

      To enable the address field for groups, enable the Geolocation in ProfileGrid >>> Global settings. Once you enable the Geolocation extension, then you can add the address field for group registration.

      And after filling the address field, the address will display on the user profile and users can edit the address too.

      Feel free to get back to us for further assistance.

      Thank you,

  55. Kazeem

    Thanks for this wonderful plugin, please can i direct users that were uploaded thorough import have access to their login details, like password or can i generate one password for all the users to use before changing their password while loggin in, what can i use. Also please i want to be able to give each user unique code for easy identification.


    1. ProfileGrid

      As of now, the requested feature is not available. We have noted and forwarded it to our development team to review and add features like Unique code and generate a password for imported users.

      Thank you,

  56. Abdul Rehman

    hi, hope you are well. I want a multi-step registration form so please need your little guideline, I’m using free version

    1. ProfileGrid


      As of now, ProfileGrid allows you to create a multi-page registration page not a multi-step registration form

      You may use the shortcode [profilegrid_register type=”paged” gid=”x”] to publish the Multi-Page Registration form.

      Thank you,

  57. Al

    i’m using this amazing plugin with Registration Magic.
    I can’t Understand 2 things:

    1) A default Group user must exist? Can I let user simply register and than (maybe) choose a group?
    2) With Registration Magic, which page I need to use (for example, PG and RM have both “profile page”)

    1. ProfileGrid


      Thank you for writing to us.

      1. You may delete the Default User Group. But the user must be a member of at least one group to use the ProfileGrid features.

      2. If both RegistrationMagic and ProfileGrid are activated on your site, then the profile area of RegistrationMagic will be replaced by the ProfileGrid profile area automatically.

      Feel free to get back to us for further assistance.

      Thank you

      1. Al

        Many thanks.
        And last but not least: so if Default Group it’s what let features work, it’s possibile to hide the default group in profile area?

        1. ProfileGrid


          Thank you for writing to us.

          You may hide the Groups Tab from the profile area; to achieve this, please follow the below steps:-

          1.) Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to the ProfileGrid Menu
          2.) Click on Global Settings
          3.) All the Global setting option will appear
          4.) Click on Profile Tabs
          5.) Now all the Profile Tab list will appear
          6.) Click on the Dropdown next to Groups
          7.) Disable the Show Tab option by the Toggle button.
          8.) Save to apply changes.

          Feel free to get back to us for further assistance.

          Thank you,

  58. teketek

    I am using profilegrid plugin on my web site. I want to update video o blog. Users can update video on personal blog. How can i do?

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team


      Thank you for writing to us.

      As of now, users can not add videos directly to the blog post. But, can add video links.

      We have noted and forwarded it to our development team to review and add a feature to add videos to the blog post in our future releases.

      Thank you,

  59. adrian

    help me how to activate registration form

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team


      Please make sure that you have configured fields for group registration via ProfileGrid.

      To achieve this, please follow the below steps:-

      1.) Login to your WordPress Dashboard and click on the ProfileGrid menu
      2.) Click on ProfileGrid >> All the Group card will appear
      3.) Click on fields- Fields for that particular group registration will appear
      4.) Click on New Field- All the field option will appear
      5.) Select the field you want to add for group registration
      6.) Configure and Save to apply changes.

      Now use the Registration form shortcode [profilegrid_register gid=”x”] on the Registration Page.

      Replace the “x” with the group ID.

      Thank you,

  60. adrian

    what should I do with error
    require user mail field
    in registration form????

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

      The email field is a mandatory field for group registration, please make sure that you have added the email field in group fields. Also, make sure that you have put the correct shortcode of the registration form on the page

  61. Kreatvmind

    Not sure where my question went. So I am asking again for help. If I understand correctly, currently, the user blog feature is only capable of posting onto the members profile page. It cannot function like User Submitted Posts plugin can I assume?

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team


      We have received your comment. The ProfileGrid blog feature supports custom post type that is supported by WordPress too.

      Thank you

  62. Green

    The plug-in is great so far. I only came across 2 issues, users cannot change their cover picture or avatars. When I try to change them, there’s only an option to “remove”, nothing to upload or change. Furthermore, when I try to remove the default pictures, it allows me to click the button to remove, but the picture for cover photo and avatar still remain the same default pics that came bundled into profile grid. I am on the latest version of WP 5.6, I see it says the plugin hasn’t been updated to be compatible yet, could this be the cause for the issue I’m having? Please help.

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team


      It seems like the issue is specific to your site, where one of the existing plugins on the site could be conflicting with ProfileGrid. Could you please check it after deactivating all other plugins on the site, except for ProfileGrid?

      If the issue persists, please share your site’s admin dashboard access temporarily to investigate this in detail.

      In case the issue is resolved after deactivating all other plugins, you’ll need to identify the plugin creating the conflict with ProfileGrid and keep it deactivated. You can check this by activating the plugins one by one and trying to recreate the issue after each activation.

  63. Natalia

    I also agree that this plug-in is amazing and very easy toy use, but i came across a problem that I can’t solve. There’s no log out page to edit and when I click on the log out option that appears in user’s profile, it leads me to an error page. I don’t know what to do. Please, give me a hand. Thanks.

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

      In order to check the issue on your site, we will require access details. Please reach out to us through our support page on our site and we can help you to allow us to assist you further.

  64. Sylvia

    Awesome Plugin. Where has It been when I needed it. Thanks for creating it and giving us a FREE option. So gracious.
    How do you Send a friend request to users? I cannot find that ability despite adding several members as Users to see how that works.
    #NewBie ProfileGrid User

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

      Once you go to another user profile, you will see the “Add Friend” link there. Using this link, you may send the friend request to that user.

  65. Julian

    Hi, I want members to be able to create their own groups but not finding it easy. The above I find a little confusing. But I have tried to configure it. Let’s see if it’s correct. If you can send me details of how a member can create a group please that would be appreciated.

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

      ProfileGrid extension “Frontend Group Creator” allow registered users to create new Groups on the front end. For more details on this, you may visit the link:

  66. Philip J

    Hi, I’m liking the obvious potential for this plug-in, which seems huge. But there are snags. On the Groups Walls for instance, 1/ typed or pasted url links don’t work and 2/ while the wall Comments are in blog order (latest on top) – which is fine – the responses are also in blog order, which is weird – you have to read them bottom to top. I need to see the responses readable in top-down (as on most social media threads). Am I missing something?
    W. Thanks

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

      Links are working or clickable on the group wall, if you are facing any issue with it, please reach out to us through our support page on our site. Regarding comment responses, we have noted this requirement and forwarded it to our management team for further review and analysis.

  67. Melissa

    This plugin is great! Just curious, does it have to create a WordPress account for every user that signs up? I was previously using registration magic but have since deactivated and I don’t know if that is what is causing the WordPress profile creation. Either way, I would prefer to not have this functionality.

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

      Yes, ProfileGrid creates a WordPress account for every user.

  68. Matheus

    hello, I wonder if it is possible for members to edit their profile, such as their gender, parents, etc. I am very interested in the plugin, but without this information I aina can not buy. Thank you very much, have a good day

    1. ProfileGrid

      Yes, ProfileGrid allows users to edit the profile details after login on site.

  69. Andrew

    Can I setting that new user successfully registered then auto assign to default group ?

    1. ProfileGrid

      A user can be assigned a group automatically if he registers using the ProfileGrid group registration form.

  70. Selorm

    I love the plugin. In terms of SEO, is there a way I can display members profile by their full names rather than their UID and also display their profile picture as the social image and a brief profile description as the meta description?

    1. ProfileGrid

      You may configure the profile page SEO setting from “ProfileGrid >> Global Settings >> SEO” in the dashboard.

  71. ZinC

    Hello! I have a question – in the profile page under settings -> account details, there are 4 fields: username, first name, last name, and email. In the registration form I don’t have fields for first name & last name, so how can I remove these two fields from settings -> account details?

    1. ProfileGrid

      Thank you for your note, Could you please create a ticket and we can help you out there.

  72. Graham Frame

    Is it possible to add a field that can not b edited by the user – only by an admin?

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

      You may use add the field type of “Read Only”, which allows admins to create read-only fields. Only admins can change the value for users. This field will not show in registration forms and edit profile pages.

  73. Maria

    Really love your plugin. It’s amazing but I’m having an issue. How do I remove some fields from the user profile as it’s not useful

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

      You may hide a field on profile page by disabling the option “Display on Profile Page” in the field settings.

  74. Branden Smeltzer

    Is there a way to have groups be sub-groups? Ex. I run a volleyball club. I would like site visitors to click on “Volleyball Teams” and then all of the teams (sub-groups of “Volleyball Teams” show up. From there, the site visitor can select the team that they want to see. The only way I see doing this at the moment is by creating a page, then using the ” [profilegrid_register gid=”14″] ” on the page to display the groups. This is quite cumbersome, and will create a lot of repetitive work from season to season.

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

      Currently, the feature of a subgroup is unavailable. Each group works individually.

  75. Andrew

    How to delete a group. Or at least disconnect all users from it.

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

      You may use the extension “Advanced group manager” to remove the users from a group, or you may edit a user profile and unselect the group here.

  76. Michael

    Do you have any instructions on how to use the group walls? I cannot figure out how to use them.

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

      You may check this link for details on group wall extension:

  77. paco carbonell

    El mejor plugin que he encontrado y que se adapta a lo que buscaba en mi web.Funciona a la perfección y cumple con todo lo señalado.He probado muchos plugin y al final encontré este.

    Estoy probando todas sus funciones que son muchas,pero cuando tenga todo testado funcionará a la perfección como quiero.

    Felicidades por este muy buen trabajo,os haré buena publicidad.

    1. ProfileGrid

      Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback! We’re delighted to hear that ProfileGrid meets your needs and that you’re satisfied with its performance. Your support and willingness to promote our plugin are greatly appreciated. If you need any assistance while testing its features, feel free to reach out.

      Translation for other users:

      “The best plugin I have found and it fits exactly what I was looking for on my website. It works perfectly and meets all the requirements. I have tried many plugins and finally found this one.

      I am testing all its many features, but once everything is tested, it will work perfectly as I want.

      Congratulations on this very good work, I will give you good publicity.

  78. Sophie

    hello, great plugin
    I have members in the default group. But when trying to message from one member to another in the message profile section, I can find the member that I want to message, it appears in dropdown menu, but when I try to click on that member, it doesn’t work. How can this be fixed?

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

      It seems like the JS conflict issue with other plugin on your site. Could you please check it after deactivating all other plugins on the site, except for ProfileGrid and then clearing the browser cache.

  79. iliya farukhpor

    This is one of the best plugins in my life

    1. ProfileGrid

      Thank you so much for your kind words @Iliya! We’re thrilled to hear that you consider ProfileGrid one of the best plugins. Your support means a lot to us!

  80. Jason

    Nice plugin ever! I was just wondering if it is possible to connect with flarum forums?

    1. ProfileGrid

      Integration with Flarum forums is not available at the moment. If there is a demand from other users, we can start working on it but nothing is in plans right now. Thank you for your support of ProfileGrid, and we look forward to assisting you!

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