How to Approve or Decline Membership Requests in WordPress

Membership Requests

The membership requests page allows WordPress administrators to manage incoming requests from the users who wish to join a closed or a private user group on their websites. On this page, user information is presented in a tabular format, including their image, name, email address, request date, and the specific group to which they have requested access to. Each row features a checkbox on the left, which allows administrators to select multiple requests for quick batch operations, such as acceptance or rejection. 


The administrator has the option to filter requests based on user groups by switching to a group from the dropdown menu. This will filter the membership requests for the selected group. 

Note: This action is irreversible.


To reject a membership request, choose the user’s information by selecting their checkbox and then click the “Decline” button.

Note: This action is irreversible.

Select a Group

The administrator has the option to filter requests based on groups by making a selection from the dropdown menu. This will then show the membership requests specifically associated with the chosen group.

In this way, the membership requests page provides the administrators with a powerful tool to manage and oversee the requests submitted for membership of a closed user group. This ensures that the closed group remains exclusive and that only qualified individuals are granted access, thus maintaining the group’s integrity and purpose. It’s a fundamental aspect of ensuring that the group functions effectively and in accordance with its intended goals. 



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    1. ProfileGrid

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