New Group or Edit Group

New Group or Edit Group

This form allows for creation of new groups or editing of existing ones with the required attributes:

Group Name: Name of current Group being created. The name will appear on Single and All Groups page and Member Profiles.

Group Description: Description or details of the group. It will appear on the individual Group page and as intro text on All Groups page.

Group Icon/ Badge: Group badge, icon, or image. This will appear with group description and on member user profiles belonging to this group.

Hide Group Card: Turn on to hide group card on its group page.

Membership Limit: Limit the number of membership slots for this group. Turn off for unlimited members.

Max no. of Members: Available only if “Membership Limit” option is selected. Define the maximum number of members allowed for this group.

Limit Reached Message: Available only if “Membership Limit” option is selected. Users trying to register for this group will see this message once all membership slots are filled.

Associated WP Role: Inherit the access rights for the members of this group based on WP User Role.

Group Leader: A group leader is mentioned on the Group page prominently. The leader also has special privileges to moderate the group.

Select Leader: Available only if Group Leader option is selected. It allows for selection of a leader from existing users. Start typing for real-time search. If there are no users yet added to the Group, Group can be edited later on to allocate any user with leader role.

Is Paid Group: Specifies whether current group being created is open for free registrations or will there be any required charges.

Group Membership Price: Available only if “Is Paid Group” option is selected. While signing up, users will be charged this amount for successful registration. User account will be automatically activated after successful payment. Payment settings will require to be properly configured for this to work.

After Registration, Redirect to: Redirect users to a page or URL after they successfully submit the group registration form. Selecting “None” as an option will refresh the form post submission.

Display a Message after Registration: This message will appear to the user after the form is submitted. If redirection is turned on, it will appear for a few seconds before redirection is triggered.

Success Message: Available only if “Is Display a Message after Registration” option is selected. With Rich text support, here user can compose custom message to be displayed for the users.

Member Email Notifications: Send relevant custom email notifications to the user on important registration events. If you have not created any custom email templates, you can save the group now, and come back later to assign them.

Following options will be available only if Is “Member Email Notifications” option is selected:

  • On Registration: Sends this message to the user on successful registration form submission.
  • On User Activate: Sends this message to the user on his/ her user account activation in WP dashboard.
  • On User Deactivate: Sends this message to the user when his/ her user account is de-activate in WP dashboard.
  • On Password Change: Sends this message to the user when his/ her password is changed.

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