User Blogs

User Blogs

To access WordPress User Blogs settings:

  • Click “ProfileGrid” on left side dashboard admin menu
  • Click on “Global Settings” option
  • Control will be directed to new page containing various global settings available for ProfileGrid
  • Click on “User Blogs” link

WordPress User Blogs settings include following:
Enable Blog: This option turns on the social blogging for the users/members being added to Groups. Make sure you have a page with User Blog short code for users to submit posts.
Default Blog post Status: Here you can specify the default status of the blog once it has been submitted. It can be: pending, published, or draft. Published allows it to be automatically approved and Pending requires admin moderation.

Feature Image: This option allows users to add featured image to their post. A featured image is displayed prominently above the blog post.
Tags: It allows for having the posts tagged with required keywords. Helpful for better blog search capabilities.
Use Tinymce Editor: Enables WordPress’ rich text editor for post formatting. If requirement is to allow users to submit only text data, this option should be kept “off”.
Enable content Privacy: Turning this “on” will ask users to set privacy level for their blog post while submitting it.

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