How to Display Custom WordPress Forgot Password Page

Create WordPress Forgot Password Page Using Shortcodes with ProfileGrid

We know that your members are the main asset of your membership site. So creating user convenience is your first priority. As an admin, many times you might have come across login issues from your users. No matter how carefully people create their passwords, many users tend to forget them. So in order to save your users from the ordeal of creating another account. And also to save the admin from repeated emails from users to retrieve their passwords. Today, we will discuss the process of displaying WordPress custom forgot password pages using shortcodes with ProfileGrid.

Display WordPress Forgot Password Page Using Shortcodes

As we already know, ProfileGrid is a membership plugin that offers various shortcodes to make user’s work easy. There is a whole page dedicated to shortcodes on the ProfileGrid plugin menu.

WordPress Forgot Password Page navigation

From creating user profile pages to group walls, or user maps, these shortcodes are the key. In this article, we will use the Password Retrieval Form shortcode. Given below is an image of the Shortcode page where I have marked the required shortcode in this scenario. You can utilize this shortcode as a WooCommerce lost password shortcode as well.

WordPress Forgot Password Page shortcode

Now, copy this shortcode and paste it in a new page on your site dashboard and publish it. You can see below, I have named my page as ‘Retrieve Password’.

WordPress Forgot Password Page new page

This way, you create a new WordPress page on your site where users can go if they have forgotten their password. However, to make this page appear on the frontend, you need to Assign it from the ProfileGrid settings too.

Assigning Forgot Password Page 

In this WordPress user profile plugin, you can assign pages from the Global Settings page. Global Settings allow you to manage all your user accounts in one go. You can configure SEO settings, payment options, email notifications, and many more settings from here. On this page, click on the General settings menu.

WordPress Forgot Password Page global settings

The settings page that will open next is titled, General. Here, you will see a list of all the significant pages. Registration, Profile, Login Page etc. You create each page using the plugin’s shortcode and assign them from here. This way, you display them on the site frontend. Given below is an image of the ‘Password Recovery Page’ setting. You can also see that I have selected my newly created Retrieve Password page there. After assigning your page, click on the save button to finish configuring your WordPress custom forgot password page.

WordPress Forgot Password Page general settings

The Frontend Function

Now, whenever a user puts in a wrong password, he/she can click on the Forgot Password link below.

WordPress Forgot Password Page frontend function

Automatically, they will land on the page that we just created here. Also, after assigning it, the page will appear on the site menu. Moreover, this will give your users the opportunity to visit the site and retrieve their password at any point of time.

WordPress Forgot Password Page frontend page

All they need to do is type in their username, or email ID, and click on the reset password button. Next, they receive a link on their email to reset the password.

Some Words about the ProfileGrid plugin

Thus, you saw how easy it was to create a WordPress custom forgot password page. This plugin makes any job this easy due to its built-in features. From WooCommerce lost password shortcode to email templates, there is everything you need to make work simpler. No need to code or design pages, yet you get stunning user profiles and features such Group Wall, Private Messaging, Blog Creation, etc. Therefore, I recommend this plugin to amateurs as well as pro developers.


  1. absorbo

    I tried this addition of [profilegrid_forgot_password] and [profilegrid_login] and when I go to “my profile page” when logged out, it shows the [profilegrid_login] page as it should.
    Then, however, the link where the “Lost your password?” is pointing to is not the “forgot=password” page, but the “login” page (again).
    In the “General Settings”, it is configured as specified.
    Thanks in advance for the help.
    I entered in the comments so potentially other people with the same question can be helped.

    1. ProfileGrid

      Please make sure that you have configured the correct page (page with forgot password shortocde) for option “Password Recovery Page” from “User Profiles >> Global Settings >> General”. If you still face issues, please raise a ticket at our support portal here

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