How to Change Your WordPress Profile Picture

Change Your WordPress Profile Picture with ProfileGrid

A WordPress profile picture is the main marker of a user profile. Among all the editable fields in a user profile, members prefer to change their profile pictures more often. So as an admin, you also need to offer that facility to your users in a membership site.

When users find their images on their WordPress user profiles, they find it more relatable. The profile comes alive to them and gives the site owner the liberty to create a custom user profile.

A dynamic user profile is one which holds complete information about the user. The WordPress user profile picture is one such field that a user uploads while registering.

However, a default WordPress form does not offer the liberty to add a profile picture on WordPress. To achieve that, you need to create a WordPress registration form with custom fields.

Moreover, ProfileGrid is one user profile plugin that helps users to add additional user profile fields in WordPress user registration.

So, in order to change WordPress profile picture in WordPress have to first install the ProfileGrid plugin.

How to Add Profile Picture in WordPress

After installing the ProfileGrid plugin, you have to first create a Group. Then you make a registration form with the WordPress user profile picture field.

Tips: In ProfileGrid, users can display single page registration forms in WordPress. Also, with the help of shortcodes, that same form can transform into a multi-page one.

Whatever fields you add on a Group registration form, appears on the frontend user profile.

So, to create a Group, first, click on the ProfileGrid link on the plugin menu.


WordPress profile picture profile grid navigation

Now, you will land on the Group Manager page.

WordPress profile picture group manager

Click on the Add New link at the top corner of the page. The page where you will land is called the Custom Fields Manager page. It has an option on the top left corner called, New Field. By clicking on this option, you will see a list of fields opening up; from here you can add your desired fields to the group registration form.

WordPress profile picture custom fields

The list contains predefined fields like Time zone, Date, Country, Profile Image and many more.

Click on the Profile Image field and you will now land on the New Field page. Here you can determine the description, name, and type, etc. of this field.

WordPress profile picture new field

Users can change the field type even in the New Field page from the Field Type drop down. Now, since it is the Profile Image field, the plugin does not ask if admin wants to add this field to the user profile. For all the other fields admin has the right to decide if that field data should display on the frontend.

Now, after doing all the configurations click on Save.

Your registration form will now allow users to add profile picture in WordPress.

WordPress profile picture registration form

Now your users can have a profile on your site with a WordPress user profile picture.

Frontend WordPress User Profile

WordPress profile picture frontend user profile

Tips: ProfileGrid allows users to publish blogs from their own profiles. So, the admin can add an author’s photo in WordPress and earn revenues as a blogging site. 

How to Change WordPress Profile Picture

The WordPress user profile picture set with ProfileGrid is editable on the frontend as well as backend. The user can change the cover picture and their WordPress user profile picture.

Hover on the WordPress profile picture and you will find the Update Image hover text.

WordPress profile picture list of pages

Then click on it and you will be asked to upload a new image and thus change your WordPress profile picture. In this same way, you can change your profile cover image.

Now, there are two options:

first – upload a new image

second – remove image

So, when a user removes their WordPress user profile picture, a gravatar appears in the area.

WordPress profile picture profile page

Gravatars stands for Globally Recognized Avatar. They are a pictorial representation of the users, often a random image. WordPress has Gravatar as a built-in feature. So, the default profile picture WordPress generates is a Gravatar.

In ProfileGrid admin has a choice whether to enable a Gravatar in user profiles. So, on removing a WordPress profile picture a random image will appear.

From the Global Settings menu of this plugin, click on the General option.

WordPress profile picture global settings

You will land on the General setting page. From here, you can enable/disable the Gravatar icon.

WordPress profile picture general settings

How to Change WordPress Profile Picture by The Admin

With ProfileGrid, now even admins can change WordPress user profile picture from the backend. From the  WordPress user profiles plugin menu, click on the User Profile link.

WordPress profile picture user profile manager

The admins can manage and check all the users on their site from here. They can also activate, deactivate and even add new users here. Then by clicking on the View link beside each user, they can view and edit each user data.

WordPress profile picture frontend

Now, by clicking on the edit link on each user profile the admin will land on a page where all the user data is present.

WordPress profile picture edit user

From here, the admin can change the user role, group, first name, profile picture and all the fields except for the username and password. Thus user management for the admin becomes quite easy.

This feature helps to maintain sites that contain a user directory, for example, a school or office member directory. The admin can then edit designations of employees or class, sections, and roll numbers of pupils. With every passing year, the site can work as a yearbook where one can update the profile pictures of employees or pupils.

Profile Making Made Easy 

So, you saw, how easily we could change the WordPress user profile picture with ProfileGrid. This user profiles plugin is a boon for amateurs and pros who want to create an efficient membership site. There is no need for coding or designing. The frontend user profiles are smart and interactive while the admin has an easy site and user management feature on the backend. So, give your online business the boost of ProfileGrid and open new horizons for your site.


  1. Escarfail

    Thank you for these informations.

    Do you have a trick to show profile picture as a custom menu I created on my header for member options?
    Before ProfileGrid, I was using the code {user-avatar-small} to show it on the top of this tiny scroll menu.
    Any ideas, please?

    Thank you very much in advance!


    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

      Currently, ProfileGrid does not have a feature to show the profile picture as a custom menu. We have made note of this and will surely consider this for inclusion in our plugin.

  2. Richard Lymer

    Is there shortcode for profilegrid change profile image?

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

      Users can change the profile image from their profile page after login on site.

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