How To Hide Or Show Menu Items On Your WordPress Website?

There are certain functionalities and menus on every group that you don’t want to show to every user. Some menus are specifically designed for a group or a group of users. However, implementing this feature on your WordPress website may be difficult if you don’t have the Menu Restrictions extension by ProfileGrid. ProfileGrid is considered one of the best hide menu WordPress plugin with dynamic features.

The Menu Restrictions extension can help you hide menu items or show a certain menu to your users. Once installed, this hide WordPress admin menu items extension seamlessly integrates with your ProfileGrid plugin as well as your WordPress enabling you to hide menu in WordPress. Further, the WordPress admin hide menu items extension is exceptionally easy to use.

Let’s see how.

Introduction to ProfileGrid Menu Restrictions Extension

ProfileGrid’s hide WordPress admin menu items extension for Menu Restrictions creates an internal hierarchy structure to help you show and hide menu items on your website. This means that you can select which menu you want to display to a user group, which menu you want to hide, and which set of people you want to exclude from the menu visibility list. In fact, you can also create and display a menu or hide menu in WordPress to only managers of a group.

Just download the WordPress admin hide menu items extension, activate it, and create a strong menu restrictions hierarchy on your website.

Features to ProfileGrid Menu Restrictions Extension

ProfileGrid’s Menu Restrictions extension or WordPress menu hide extension has some amazing features.

  • WordPress hide admin menu items enable the admin can decide the access to menu items of WordPress for every ProfileGrid group.
  • You can select which group would be able to access or view a specific menu item(s).
  • You can select which group would not be able to access or view a specific menu item(s).
  • The admin can select which group managers would get access to a specific menu item(s).
Stepwise Guide to Install Menu Restrictions Extension

Installing Menu Restrictions or WordPress menu hide extension to your WordPress is a simple task. We have explained the stepwise process below. Open your WordPress and follow these steps.

  1. To start with, you need to go to ProfileGrid’s website and Purchase the Menu Restrictions extension. After this, activate the extension to start using it.

Try Menu Restrictions Extension

2. Once the hide admin menu WordPress extension is activated on your WordPress website, you need to visit the Appearance and then click on Menus to reach the Menus page.

3. Here, you would find all the menus of the WordPress website. From the Search option on the left side, you can search the menu that you want to hide, or show to a certain group’s users using the hide menu WordPress extension.

4. After searching the menu, you would get it on the right panel, from where you can edit the preferences. For instance, Registration Menu on the reference image. You need to click on the arrow on the side to show options for Menu Restrictions.

5. From these options, scroll and go to the Restrict Access To section to decide hierarchy.

Menu Restrictions

6. Here, you have three options:

  1. Members of (It helps you restrict access to the members of this group.)
  2. Non-Members of (It helps you offer access to the members of only this group.)
  3. Group Managers of (It helps you offer access to the Group Managers of the selected groups.)

When you use the toggle bar and turn on any option, you will get a list of groups that you can add to this category.

Menu Restrictions

7. Now, simply mark the groups that you want to restrict access to.

Menu Restrictions

Finally, Save Menu, and you are done.

Change Settings

When you want to change the settings of Menu Restrictions, you need to follow the same steps and change settings.

Note: There’s no need to change settings of the Menu Restrictions from the Extensions page of ProfileGrid. Once you Activate this extension, it is automatically activated on your Menus page.

If you wish to deactivate this extension, then go to the Installed Plugins page and find ProfileGrid Menu Restrictions. Select the option below for deactivate to deactivate this extension. However, don’t worry, you can activate it according to your convenience anytime.

Menu Restrictions


When you want to show some menu items to a certain group and hide menu WordPress from another, ProfileGrid’s Menu Restrictions extension is an optimum choice. WordPress hide menu items for specific users allows you to have more advanced features on the menu bar. Through WordPress hide menu items for specific users extension and other extensions of the ProfileGrid plugin, you can easily implement features that might otherwise consume a lot of your time, energy, and resources. There are various hide menu wordpress plugins are available but the ease that ProfileGrid offers is beyond compare. Moreover, WordPress hide admin menu items or show menu items is an amazing feature that can set your website apart from your competitors. So, check out the above steps to install the Menu Restrictions extension and start using it.

If in case, you face trouble while installing the extension, comment below. We would provide a solution quickly.


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