How To Create Custom Labels in Profile On Your WordPress Website?

Here is a simple extension to create custom labels, make User Profiles dynamic and engaging by adding descriptions, WordPress profile tags, and custom profile labels to your WordPress website.

Custom Labels in Profile


The Profile Labels extension helps in making your website profiles stand out by adding any type of custom label to your group members.

The extension helps in including additional data on WP user profiles in a few simple clicks.

From adding an optional description, custom profile labels to WordPress, WordPress profile tags, to assigning more than one label to one WP user profile, name it and you can get it done.

This article explains the features and stepwise procedure to install and utilize the Profile Labels extension to create custom labels of any kind in your user profiles or member profiles on your WordPress website.

Overview – Profile Labels ProfileGrid Extension for Creating Custom Labels

The Profile Labels extension is useful in including a label on the user’s front-end profile in WordPress.

With the help of this extension, you can add any relevant data, profile tags, such as the designation of the user or job role.

This helps display extra information on every user’s profile page, which can be further utilized to search the user.

Imagine you have a global business and need to search Marketing Manager from Sweden individually, a tedious task!

Wouldn’t it be easier to simply assign a designation label and search with designation whenever you want?

Highlights – Profile Labels Extension

The Profile Labels extension has multiple valuable features;

  • Admin of the website can create custom labels for profiles, which can be included in the profile of users.
  • It is possible to assign multiple custom Profile Labels to more than one user. Just visit the dashboard and then the Members page for this task.
  • A group can also have more than one custom label for Profile. Both existing and new groups contain this feature.
  • Admin can filter the members of the group according to a particular label. (This can be done through the Dashboard > ProfileGrid >Members page)
  • You can give an optional Description to your custom labels in Profile. (This is visible when the viewer hovers over the Profile Label)
  • On the search page of your website, it is possible to filter users according to custom labels that you have/ will create.

Create Custom Labels – Profile Labels Extension

ProfileGrid Memberships plugin offers multiple free and paid extensions. Of which, one is Profile Labels.

To integrate Profile Labels extension to your WordPress, follow the below steps:

  1. Visit the extensions page of ProfileGrid Memberships and find Profile Label Extension from the extensions menu. Then complete the checkout process. Or simply click here.

Create custom labels - Profile labels extension

You can buy for a Single website or Unlimited websites.

Buy custom labels for Profile extension

Try Profile Labels Extension

You don’t need to buy this extension separately if you already have ProfileGrid Premium, Premium+, MetaBundle or MetaBundle+ (This extension is already a part of the mentioned packages)

2. Upload and activate the extension.

3. Next, head over to the Dashboard on the left and click on ProfileGrid, and then Extensions

4. Now search for Profile Labels Extension and click on Options

Profile Labels options

This is what you will see

create custom labels options screen

The installation part is completed!

Next, we will show how you can Create Custom Labels or Edit existing Custom Labels

1. For creating custom labels click on New Label


creating custom labels

2. Then fill in the details like, what label you want to add in the Title section. (this will create a custom label with the exact name on the frontend)

Apart from the Title section, you can also add a Description of the title, choose your favorite border color and background color,

like this,

create custom labels - customizations

You can simply skip the Description field (if you want to).

3. That’s all.

Once you have added these details, Save the label. (in case you don’t save, then the changes will not be saved)

Save custom label

In just a few clicks, you can create custom labels for your user profiles.

Moreover, to Edit the label, you can simply click on Edit whichever label you want to edit.

Edit custom labels


if you want to delete one or multiple custom labels, just select the labels that you want to delete and click on Delete next to New Label.

Delete Custom Labels



Assigning the custom Label to a User Profile

Now once the custom labels for profiles are created, we will show how to assign those labels to the user profiles.


  1. Go to the Dashboard and then the Members page of your ProfileGrid Membership Plugin.

Adding labels to profile Part 1

2. From here, select one or multiple users to assign custom labels to the Profile, then click on the Assign Label option.


Select user and assign labels

3. From the pop-up select as many custom labels as you want to and click on Assign

Assigning custom labels

And done!

After assigning the custom labels, go to the front-end and check how it looks,

frontend custom labels

As we said before, you can assign single or multiple custom labels to a single profile.

Custom labels enhance the profile and make it very user-friendly for you to manage and showcase your users.

Now, when you want to find the Marketing Manager, just go ahead and search for it

Search by custom labels


Custom labels search result

Similarly, you can create custom labels like Country, Phone number, email id, or social profiles, etc.

This is a very handy and useful feature when you have a large number of user-profiles and user groups.

This small custom label extension can help you save a lot of time.

To encapsulate

On WordPress, plugins, and extensions enhance the features and capabilities of your website.

ProfileGrid Memberships and its extensions are amazing tools that help in creating an engaging and lively community of users, WooCommerce customer profiles, WordPress member profiles, WordPress custom user profiles, WordPress front-end profile, and much more.

We have shown you how you can create custom labels for your user profiles in just a few clicks.

Not only this, but

through this plugin, you can also integrate add-on features, such as Instagram Integration, Group Photos, and you can create a user profile in WordPress, etc,  the list is limitless.

These extensions empower the website admin to simplify work and improve process workflow.

The Profile Labels extension is beneficial in including descriptions and custom labels on user profiles.

If in any case, you face glitches, contact us through the comment box below, we would happy to help.



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