How to Allow Multiple Group Managers in WordPress User Groups?

A group manager is a user role that you can assign to a member of a specific group. Generally, WordPress allows you to assign only one group manager in WordPress user groups.

To allow multiple group managers in WordPress user groups, you will require a different tool.

ProfileGrid offers an extension called Multi Group Managers Extension. This extension can be used by communities, groups, and members-based websites to assign more than one group manager in WordPress user groups.

The extension also allows these group managers to perform various activities and enjoy special privileges that other group members might not have.

Overview of Multi Group Managers Extension

If you have a groups-based or members-based website, the Multi Group Manager extension can be extremely helpful. Other than allowing multiple group managers, it also allows them to share the same level of control over a group.

Each group can be operated by a single Group Manager or you can allow multiple group managers to access or control the group. The group managers are distinguished as primary and secondary group managers. 

You can assign only one primary group manager and multiple secondary group managers for your WordPress user groups 

Features of Multi Group Managers Extension

Here are some of the key features of Multi group manager extension:

  • Assign more than one managers in any WordPress User Groups
  • Assign one Primary Manager and multiple Secondary Managers
  • Primary Manager has the authority to assign Secondary Managers 
  • All the assigned managers will have the same control over the group activities
  • Only the member of a group can be assigned as Manager
  • Add/ Remove Managers from the group
  • A system-generated message will be sent as a notification to the members when a Manager is assigned or removed
  • “Make Group Manager” option is available on the user profile setting tab to make a user the Manager of the group

Step by Step Procedure of Using Multi Group Managers

To assign multiple group managers on WordPress user groups, download and install the extension from this link or click the button below. If you already have ProfileGrid Premium or Premium+, you do not need to re-download the extension as it is already present in them.

Try Multi Group Manager Extension!


Step1: Once you have installed the extension, go to the ProfileGrid option available on the left menu of your WordPress dashboard.

WordPress User Groups

Step2: When you hover your cursor over the ProfileGrid Option, there will be a submenu with multiple options. Click on the ProfileGrid option. It will redirect you to the Group Managers page.

WordPress User Groups

Step3: Select the WordPress user group in which you want to assign multiple managers. Hover the cursor to that group and click on ‘Settings’.

WordPress User Groups

Step4: On the user group settings page, scroll down to the ‘Group Manager’ toggle. Click on the toggle to allow multiple group managers on the group.

WordPress User Groups

Step5: Next, add a group manager label. For example, if it’s a media group, you can label the manager as Media Group Manager or Media Organizer.

WordPress User Groups

Step6:  You can select a Primary Manager for the group.

WordPress User Groups

Step7: From the secondary Manager drop-down, select the secondary manager.

WordPress User Groups

Here’s an example of three secondary group managers assigned to a single user group.

WordPress User Groups

Step8: Once done, save the setting to add these managers to your WordPress user groups.

WordPress User Groups

How group managers can assign more group managers in WordPress User Groups?

Apart from the admin, existing group managers can also select and assign group managers from the front end. To assign a group manager from the frontend, the user needs to login into their account and follow the below steps:

Step1: Go to the All group page.

WordPress User Groups

Step2: Scroll down and find the WordPress User Group in which you want to add the manager.

WordPress User Groups

Step3: Open the group page and click on ‘Settings’.

WordPress User Groups

Step4: Scroll down and click on the Group Manager tab on the left side menu bar. (In our case it is ‘Media Group Manager’ as we labeled it earlier in Step5)

WordPress User Groups

Step5: It will show all the group managers with their respective details.

WordPress User Groups

Step6: Next, click ‘Add.’


Step7: Here you can search for the member you want to assign as the manager. Multiple members can also be selected.

group managers

Step8: Select all the members you want to assisgn as the manager.

group manager

Step9: Once done, click ‘Add’ to add the users as group managers.

Step10: This notification will show up.

group manager

The selected users have been added as the managers.

group managers

These managers can control the activities of the group as mentioned before.

Final Words

Why stay limited to only one Manager per Group when a group can have multiple managers?

With the Multi Group Managers extension add more than one Managers for any WooCommerce customer groups or WordPress User Groups.

Further, allow your existing manager to assign more than one group manager.

You can explore other features of the ProfileGrid Membership plugin like WordPress User Role, Menu Restriction, WordPress User Groups, and enhance your website functionalities more. 

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