How to Setup WordPress SEO for Your User Profiles

Enable WordPress SEO for Your User Profiles

When you build a membership site, the user profiles become great assets to expand your online presence. If you setup WordPress SEO for your user profiles, they become more easy to find. Moreover, it also helps to capture search visibility for your membership website. The WordPress ProfileGrid plugin offers inbuilt tools to setup  WordPress SEO for your user profiles.

So, let’s learn to enable SEO for user profiles in WordPress membership sites with the help of the ProfileGrid plugin.

Activating SEO Features on User Profiles

ProfileGrid offers helpful tools to create professional membership websites on WordPress. From predefined shortcodes to useful extensions it has everything to make your work easy. However, one of the best tools of ProfileGrid are found under the Global Settings. Every feature on Global Setting lets you manage your groups and user profiles globally. Thus you don’t have to spend time making changes on individual groups or user profiles.

Among various other features, the SEO tool of ProfileGrid lies under Global Settings.

WordPress SEO for Your User Profiles global settings

Once you click the SEO menu, you land on a page similar to the one given below.

WordPress SEO for Your User Profiles seo settings

You see, on the above page, there is space to put your User Profile Page Title and User Profile Description (HTML Meta).

On the User Profile Tag, I used the user display name and site name (Utopia). However, for User Profile Description, I used the pattern: {{display_name}} is on {{site_name}}. Join {{site_name}} to view {{display_name}}’s profile.

Let me show you how this makes a profile look on the frontend. If we take up a profile, for example, the one given below.

WordPress SEO for Your User Profiles frontend

The user profile title will appear in the below-given manner.

WordPress SEO for Your User Profiles tittle

Again, we can change the User Profile Tag to display a user’s first name.

WordPress SEO for Your User Profiles seo tag

Then, we will get the following result.

WordPress SEO for Your User Profiles frontend

So, for the user with first name Lisa, the profile tag shows her first name along with the site name.

In this similar manner, one can use mail IDs or user IDs to appear on profile tags and profile descriptions. However, one has to keep in the mind one very important thing. The fields that one uses on profile tags or description must be present on the user profiles. For example, if a user doesn’t mention his/her username, then that field will not appear in their profile tag.

The Utility of Setting Up WordPress SEO for Your User Profiles

To avoid negative third-party online reviews, you need to push your site assets upwards in search engine result pages. If you host customers in your membership website, their reviews can put your page on top of the search list. However, when their profiles have customized SEO tags, your site automatically gets a boost. Added to that, your users also feel engaged when their personal details appear on their profile descriptions. It is ideal to make your site’s user profiles dominate the first page of search engine results. Your users will post their reviews and their customized profile tags will display your brand.

A One-stop Solution for Many Needs

It was a cake walk to set up WordPress SEO for your user profiles with ProfileGrid. Many plugins need a third party plugin to implement such features. However, ProfileGrid provides many such tools to create an efficient professional membership website. Users get the freedom to buy and sell from their user profiles on the site, integrate other plugins and take in multiple registered users. Moreover, it is a treat for amateurs since ProfileGrid doesn’t require much coding. Thus its popularity is increasing with every passing day.


  1. guoyuguang

    Dear Sir or Mam,

    I want to know how to set certain detailed fields on the users’ SEO page title and description HTMl?

    For example, I have different locations set for users. Some users live in London, Some live in Paris, and others live in Berlin, Moscow, Beijing, etc.

    How can I set this similar to {{site_name}}, or {{user_daily rate}}

    Please kindly reply.

    Thanks and Best Regards,

    William Kuo

    1. ProfileGrid Development Team

      Hello William, thank you for reaching out. Could you please open a support ticket, so we can help you better.

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