How to Offer WooCommerce User Group Discounts?

WooCommerce User Group Discount is a feature that enables you to offer exclusive and targeted discounts to user groups. It allows you to limit discounts by groups and roles.

Additionally, it helps you stand out from the competition and improve the customer retention rate of your website.

Hence, it is considered a great way to generate recurring revenue for your business.

To implement WooCommerce User Group Discounts on your products, you can utilize the WooCommerce Members Discount extension by ProfileGrid Memberships.

In this article, we have demonstrated how you can set up and use this WooCommerce member discount extension on your website.


WooCommerce Member Discount Extension

The WooCommerce user group discount extension helps the website owners to offer a percentage-based discount and a fixed discount.

The discount is, however, provided to the users on the products based on their group membership. Additionally, it allows enabling/disabling the discount on specific products.

This not only helps you increase registrations and improve member retention but also helps you increase your ROI. There are many different ways to create WooCommerce group discounts. For example,
  • You can offer free trials to first-time members.
  • Exciting renewal offers to the existing customer.
  • First-year membership offers and more.

Features of the WooCommerce Member Discount Extension

  • Admin can add discounts on WooCommerce products based on Group memberships.
  • Add a fixed amount discount or a fixed percent discount on the product price.
  • Enable/disable the WooCommerce discount for a specific product.
  • Set the priority of WooCommerce discounts if the user is a member of multiple groups.
  • Admin can also add a text for the discounted price to display on the frontend.

In addition to the WooCommerce User Group Discounts extension, ProfileGrid Memberships offer other unique WooCommerce extensions that can help you enhance the properties of your website.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Use Woo Commerce Members Discount Extension

If you already have a ProfileGrid premium or premium+ plugin, then you do not need to download and install the WooCommerce User Group Discount extension again. Otherwise, download the extension from the button below and install it on your backend.

Try WooCommerce Members Discount!

Once done, follow the steps below to set up and use WooCommerce User Group Discounts.

Step1: Go to your website dashboard and hover your cursor on the ProfileGrid menu. Here, you will find multiple options in the dropdown. Click on the Global Settings.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Use Woo Commerce Members Discount Extension

Step2: Scroll down and click on the ProfileGrid WooCommerce Members Discount option.

WooCommerce User Group Discount

Step3: This will redirect you to the Members Discount settings page.

WooCommerce User Group Discount

Step4: Turn on the member discount toggle to offer a discount to the group members.

WooCommerce User Group Discount

Step5: Further, mention the text (the type of offer) which you want to display on the product page. For example, “Discounted Price” or “Offer Price.”

WooCommerce User Group Discount

Step6: Likewise, select the discount type, i.e., Highest or Lowest, which will be applied if a user is a member of multiple groups.

WooCommerce User Group Discount

Step7: After adding the required setting, click on the Save button.

WooCommerce user group setting

Step8: Now, again, click on the ProfileGrid option on the left menu to access the Group Manager page.

WooCommerce User Group Discount
Step9: Now go to the settings of any particular group.

WooCommerce User Group Discount
Step10: This will redirect you to the settings page of the group.

WooCommerce User Group Discount

Step11: Scroll down the page and find the “Enable Discount for Group Members” toggle button and turn it on.

WooCommerce User Group Discount

Step12: Now select the type of discount you want to apply on the product, i.e., Fixed or Percent and enter the discount amount.

WooCommerce User Group Discount

Step13: Scroll down and save the settings.

Step14: Subsequently, you will find a discount on the product page if you are a member of the group on the front end.

WooCommerce User Group Discount

Adding WooCommerce user group discount to specific products

Step15: If you want to provide some extra discount on any particular product, go to the product page setting.

WooCommerce User Group Discount

Step16: Then, go to the “Members Discount” tab and turn on the “Enable Member Discount” Button.

WooCommerce User Group Discount

Step17: Furthermore, select the particular group, discount type, and discount amount.

WooCommerce user group discount

Step18: Once done, update the product and the discount will be visible on the frontend to the members of the specified group.

Concluding Note

If you want to personalize the discount settings on the groups, WooCommerce Members Discount is the best extension.

You only need to follow a few simple steps given above to start using the extension. In a normal scenario, the task of assigning a discount is difficult. However, this WooCommerce user group discount extension makes the process much easier. In addition to that, the extension requires zero coding to set up and use.

The extension helps you customize your website settings in a hassle-free manner. Moreover, if you face issues while installing the extension or ProfileGrid Memberships, then comment below. We would soon reach out to you with a solution.

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