Email Notifications

Email Notifications

To access Email Notifications:

  • Click “ProfileGrid” on left side dashboard admin menu
  • Click on “Global Settings” option
  • Control will be directed to new page containing various global settings available for ProfileGrid
  • Click on “Email Notifications” link

Email Notifications settings provides control over user approval process and notifications related to it:
Send Notification to Site Admin: Regular Toggle switch that turns on email notification to default site admin every time user registers.
Define Recipients Manually: Allows notifications to be sent to the other recipient than site admin, or where multiple persons need to be notified of form submissions. By default, it contains only admin’s email address. You can add more email addresses by clicking on “Click to add more”.

From Email Name: This is the name which appears inside email header as sender’s identifier.
From Email Address: The Reply-to email address inside the emails delivering notifications to the admin and the members. It is a good idea to use an email address different from the admin’s email address to avoid being trapped by spam filters. Also users may directly reply to notifications emails – therefore you can either user an actively monitored email or specifically mention in your email templates that any replies to automated emails will be ignored.
Enable SMTP: Enable this option, if you wish to use SMTP relay service for emails. Such service is provided by many email providers such as Google, Yahoo, etc. You might need to contact SMTP provider for configuration details. Following options are available for SMTP configuration:

  • SMTP host
  • Encryption type
  • SMTP Port
  • Authentication
  • Username and Password, if authentication is required.
  • From Email Name
  • From Email Address
  • Test Outgoing Connection

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