How to Translate ProfileGrid to your Language

Hello ProfileGrid Users,

In this post, we’ll provide instructions on how you can translate your favourite WordPress user profile plugin to the language of your choice. Yes, this is possible, and quite an easy process. All you need to do is head over to ProfileGrid Translation Project, select your locale, and begin adding your translations.

Get ProfileGrid Extensions Bundle for Free

Once you are done translating ProfileGrid 100% to your locale, send us a contact request so that our team can review the translations. If your translations are good, we will offer you the Extensions Bundle of ProfileGrid completely free. You can then translate the extensions to your language as well.

Contact Us for Any Questions

Raise a support ticket if you have any questions regarding translating ProfileGrid to your locale. Our team will reply back promptly.

Not only is this a great opportunity to help localize the ProfileGrid plugin in your language, it is also a great opportunity to earn a free Extensions Bundle for yourself.



  1. Daniel Montsech

    Hi there,

    I’m sorry for the silly question, but want to translate the plugin into Spanish and I can’t find the languages folder. Where is it?

    I beg you pardon in advance if the answer is too obvious,


    1. ProfileGrid | Prabs

      If you know Spanish, you can translate ProfileGrid yourself. The plugin has a POT file that includes all English texts from the plugin for translation. You can find the languages folder in the plugin folder. Details about the procedure are mentioned in the article above. If you have any specific questions about any part of the process, we will be happy to help.

  2. Daniel

    Hi, sorry if this a basic question. In the language folder I found the .po and .mo file for Spanish, the question is how do I indicate ProfileGrid to use Spanish for all the plugin?

    1. ProfileGrid | Prabs

      You need to update site language from WordPress settings.

  3. Bruno Verrier

    I translated your plugin into French.
    How can I send it to you?

    For the record some sentences are still in English and not referenced in the .pot file.

    PS: I send this message a second time cause i was not logged the first time.

    1. ProfileGrid Development Team

      Thank you, please contact us from our support page (browse from top menu). We will reply back, and request the translation files.

  4. RudiVanOverloopII

    Translation works fine. But i don’t find a way to translate the extensions like Group Photos.

    Rudi Van Overloop

    1. vincent

      Hello Rudi,

      Thank you for writing to us. While ProfileGrid core is fully translatable, we are still working on making its extensions translator friendly.

      Stay tuned as we release an update on this in the near future.

  5. DB

    Why you dont answer to my suggestions to translate your plugin to Russian?
    Is it possible to translate ProfileGrid via in-WP-site LocoTranslate?
    When, at what month, your extensions will be translatable?

    PS Have you a plan to integrate some powerful comments system as wpDiscuz with ProfileGrid or create your own multi-functional comments engine?

    1. ProfileGrid Development Team

      Hi, There appears to be some miscommunication. We did respond to your ticket. I apologize for the delay due to weekend. Yes, you can translate core plugin via in-WP-site LocoTranslate. We are presently working on extensions compatibility. In the release going out today we have also fixed compatibility with wpDiscuz. A dedicated comments engine is an interesting idea and we will surely consider it once current pipeline of features has been delivered.

  6. DB

    What is the better way to translate your ProfileGrid:
    1) LocoTranslate;
    2) POEdit;
    Why LocoTranslate shows only 1518 strokes when WP-locale shows 2093? What is the different?

    1. ProfileGrid Development Team

      Hi, Both plugins should works fine. In Loco Translate you need to sync POT file to be able to see newer strings after update. We made some strings changes recently (including today’s release), so make sure you are using latest release.

  7. Eugene

    Hello, I have translated the file “profile-magic-ru_RU” into Russian, how can I activate it so that my plugin on the site is in Russian?

    1. ProfileGrid

      Please make sure that you have set the WordPress site language to Russian. In order to change the the site language, refer to refer the following steps:

      1) Login to WordPress site dashboard and go to “Settings >> Generals” menu.

      2) Select the Russian language for “Site Language” option and save it.

  8. L2BD

    can I create ambassador profiles with this plugin? if so, how?

    1. ProfileGrid

      ProfileGrid allows users to create profile on basis of the groups; registration can be free or paid. Also after registration, it allows to manage user profile on site and have numerous extensions to cover different aspects of profile management. For more details on ProfileGrid working you can visit the link:

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