WordPress Groups Manager for Community or Membership Site

New Group

A new group can be created by using the New Group button. This button pops-up a field where-in the group name should be given as input, which could be edited later. 

Duplicate and Delete


This button enables the admin to duplicate the selected groups. Various basic options of the group like group name, group type, group description, group icon, group page of the duplicated group remain the same as the original group.

Select Group > Duplicate > Confirm

Delete Group

Similarly, this button enables the admin to delete the selected groups. This is an irreversible action.

Select Group > Delete > Confirm

Demo Content

Demo content enables the admin to import demo data for ProfileGrid after the installation of this extension. This option gives a brief understanding of ProfileGrid to the admin.

Starter Guide

Starter Guide option redirects the admin to ProfileGrid Starter Guide Blog. It is available within the Group Manager that is designed to offer an overview of ProfileGrid’s features and provide some basic tutorials to help users get started. On the webpage, you will find information on the following topics: Introduction to ProfileGrid, Easy Quick Setup, Basic Tutorials, and details about using shortcodes, among other resources.

Global Settings

The “Global Setting” option available in group managers allows you to directly access the core settings of the profile grid. Some of the available settings include Email Notifications, Profile Templates, Security, User Blogs, and more. Additionally, it provides access to other extension settings for various ProfileGrid extensions.

Group Cards

Group Cards display the group with their basic options like Group Name, members, etc. It just briefly shows each group and their respective properties.

Group Type

Open Group: It is indicated using a globe icon. It allows any member to join the group without the intervention of admin.

Closed Group: It is indicated using a lock icon. The group admin needs to accept the request for a member to join in the group.


The provided shortcode within the group card can be utilized to display that specific group on the frontend page. It is unique for every group.

Members List

The members list icon redirects the admin to members page where the information of all the members in the respective group is displayed. Some information displayed are  Display image, Display Name, User Email, Status and Action.

Group Options

The Group options page can be accessed through this icon where the admin can make changes in the core options and extension options of the group.

Registration Form

Group registration form allows the admin to customize the registration form by adding, editing, deleting various sections.

Member Requests

This option is automatically displayed for a closed group which redirects the admin to member requests page wherein the admin can view, accept or decline the requests of members.

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