How to Enable Friend System in WordPress

Enable Friend System in WordPress with ProfileGrid

When you build a community-based website you want its members to connect with each other. Being able to enable friend system in WordPress fetches more users in your membership site. Eventually, more and more users connect, who invite other users thus helping your site to grow. So let’s learn to enable friend system in WordPress to create a true membership site.

Activating Friend System in ProfileGrid

The WP ProfileGrid plugin is your ultimate tool to create a fully functioning membership website. It provides users with predefined Shortcodes, essential Extensions, and more such useful features. Thus allowing you to create a membership site easily. Among its most useful tools, the Global Setting option under the ProfileGrid menu deserves special mention. It is meant to reduce users’ work to a lot of extent. It offers users the facility to manage all the groups and user profiles globally.

The Friend System is one such option that helps users enable friend system in WordPress, globally on all its groups.

Enable Friend System in WordPress global settings

Once you click on the Friend System option, you land on a page called the Friends Integration page.

Enable Friend System in WordPress friends integration

Here, you will get an option to activate a toggle that will enable users to send friend requests among each other. You will find another toggle which allows users to resend friend requests if their earlier request gets rejected. After activating your desired functions from this page, click the ‘Save’ button. Then enjoy its features from the frontend.

Connecting with People on the Frontend

On the frontend, you will see the user profiles will have a tab called Add Friend.

Enable Friend System in WordPress add friend

By clicking on this tab, users will be able to send friend requests to each other. Very conveniently, the users will get notifications on every new friend request.

Enable Friend System in WordPress notification message

Likewise, users get the option to ‘accept’ or ‘decline’ requests. Also, once a user accepts a friend request, it becomes a part of the friend list. This list appears in the Friends tab of a user profile. A user also has the liberty to remove a friend even after accepting his/her friend request.

Enable Friend System in WordPress friends tab

The Friends tab in a user profiles conveniently shows the number of friends, number of accepted and sent friend requests. By clicking a friends icon from the friend list one can start chatting with them. An entire chat history is accessible from there. Again, the one who sent a request will get a notification once his/her request gets accepted.

Enable Friend System in WordPress frontend

Since this Friends System is available in Global Setting, one doesn’t need to activate it individually on different groups. This option allows users from different groups to make friends with members of other groups. Therefore, turning your website into an ideal community where there is no restriction to become friends with anyone.

The Utility of Friend System

When you enable friend system, you transform your WP website into a live community. New ideas are born there, new experiences are shared when people connect with each other. Along with increasing your online reach it also helps you bring different minds together to add value to your site. With the help of Friend System, you can bring your organization together. You can create your own social networking platform where the members can become friends with one another. With features like Group Wall, Group Photo and Frontend Group Creation, PG helps you create an interactive membership site.

Create, Grow, and Earn

There are innumerable opportunities for a membership website. You can transform it into an online store, enable friend system in WordPress to create a global community. PG helps you achieve this goal even without coding. Therefore it gives power in the hands of amateurs to start their online ventures all by themselves.


  1. amanda

    en mi web no me muestra los botones de añadir amigoa y mensajería privada

    1. ProfileGrid


      To add friends, you have to go to another user’s profile.

      Also, you have to enable private messaging and the Friend system in Global settings.

      Thank you,

  2. Kimberly Thorpe

    I have enabled the Friends System and the Messaging and it is not working. Friends or Messaging on the tab does not have a hyperlink to it. I have gone through my plugins, and cleaned my cookies, it does not work.
    I have paid $79 for the full package and I have so many bugs, I’m very upset. Please assist

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

      It seems like the issue is due to conflict with other plugin. Please check this after deactivating the plugins except ProfileGrid on your site. If still face issues, please write us here.

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