How to Allow Users to Create New WordPress Groups

If you maintain a membership site and wish to make it interactive, then you need to make the participants equally contribute to it. There are multiple ways to make this possible. One of which is to allow WordPress users to create new WordPress groups from the frontend. Doing so will make them more attracted to your site’s functionality. Eventually increasing member engagement and add more value to your site.

The WordPress ProfileGrid plugin helps to create wonderful membership sites. Moreover, it offers a host of features like extensions and shortcodes for users’ convenience. In this article, we will show you how to allow WordPress users to create WordPress user groups with ProfileGrid.

Activating Frontend Group Creator Extension

We have already told you that ProfileGrid offers an array of extensions. The Frontend Group Creator is available in the premium pack. The bbPress and WooCommerce Integration, Display Name, and Custom Profile Slugs extension are available in the free version. So we proceed to activate the Frontend Group Creator extension from the ProfileGrid ‘Extensions’ page.

WordPress groups

Right after activation, the extension appears on the Global Setting page enabling users to apply this feature to all WordPress groups. When you click on the Frontend Group Creator extension, it opens up a page similar to the one given below.

WordPress Groups

After enabling the toggle, you can allow WordPress users to create new WordPress groups. However, there are a few things to be done before this feature appears on the front end.

Creating Frontend Group Creation Page

The ProfileGrid plugin offers its own set of shortcodes. There is an entire page dedicated to shortcodes. From there, activate the shortcode [profilegrid_new_group] under Group Creation Form.

WordPress groups

You will then find a new page has appeared on the ‘All Pages’ page which is called ‘Create Group’.

WordPress Groups

Now if you paste the shortcode there, you will publish a form on the frontend which will allow registered users to create WordPress user groups.

WordPress groups

You can see, this predefined form is complete with all the parameters required to create a new group.

Let’s now see the process of creating a group with the help of this form.

WordPress Group

WordPress Group

Right after filling up this form and saving it, you will find your new group on the ‘All Groups’ page.

WordPress Groups

You can see, from the above picture, the group ‘Art Club’ that we created from the frontend is now added along with the existing groups.

Advantages of the Frontend Group Creator Extension

Though this extension will allow WordPress users to create new groups, the site admin will have full control over Group settings from the backend. However, users can apply the shortcode [profilegrid_new_group] to display the ‘Create New Group Form’ on any page. Once created, the new group works just like all other Groups on site. Users can set the following details while creating a Group:

  • Group Name
  • Membership Limit
  • Group Description
  • Group Icon/Badge
  • Hide Group Card
  • Max Number of Members
  • Limit Reached Message
  • Display Message After Registration
  • Success Message

This extension will generate user interest in your site. Besides, the authority to create groups from the front end will engage your users.

Moreover, this will help your site to grow and become more dynamic. When you will allow WordPress users to create new groups, they will invite their connections to join their own groups. This, in turn, will help your site to grow, increasing its online reach.

Create Without Hassle

You saw how easily we built a frontend group creation form to allow WordPress users to create new WordPress groups. This process didn’t require any coding or any complex development process. We only had to copy and paste a shortcode to do our job. This plugin gives power to the average WordPress user to create his/her own professional membership website. This is one of the main reasons why more and more users every day are relying on ProfileGrid.


  1. guoyuguang

    Dear Profilegrid Admin,

    I want to search users based on a certain field.

    How can I do that with a shortcode?

    Best Regards,

    William Kuo

    1. ProfileGrid Development Team

      Support team will need to answer this question. Could you please open a ticket, so we can help you better? Thank you.

  2. Satinder kaur

    can i add search users to navigation bar

    1. ProfileGrid

      You can create a page with shortcode [PM_Search] and then add this page in the navigation bar.

  3. Rajeev

    Curious if the Front End Group Creator can be made available only to select users?

    1. ProfileGrid

      As of now, the feature to allow selected users to use the Front End Group Creator is not available. We have noted and forwarded the feature request to our development team to review and add this feature in one of our future releases.

  4. Nate

    Whenever a group is created on the front-end, is there a way to set a “default registration form”?

    Right now, whenever someone joins a club without a default registration form, it adds “default” to the persons’ “About me” profile.

    Alternatively, is there a way for a person to join a group without it adding anything to their profile?

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

      The feature to set the default registration form for a group created from the front-end is unavailable

  5. Allcanpost

    Hi there,On user profile page (in the name section its showing first and last name) is it possible to show username?

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

      ProfileGrid extension “User Display Name” allows to customize profile display name.

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