How to Allow Users to Add WooCommerce Products to their Wishlist

If you want to make it easier for your users to purchase products from an in-built Wishlist, here’s what you can do. The ProfileGrid plugin in WordPress has numerous features and extensions that increase the functionality of your WordPress. These features set ProfileGrid apart from other best WooCommerce wishlist plugins. One of the extensions that are particularly significant in adding a Wishlist to user profiles is WooCommerce Wishlist Integration. You only need to activate this WordPress WooCommerce extension to add WooCommerce wishlist page on your WordPress website. Having a wishlist in WooCommerce WordPress sites is extremely important for a better user experience. A wishlist in WooCommerce can add to the features of your e-commerce website.

In the following sections of the discussion, we have explained the importance, features, and installation steps of this WooCommerce wishlist page extension. Dive in and start exploring why you should use WooCommerce Wishlist.

Overview of WooCommerce Wishlist Integration

It is not hard to anticipate that you are already thinking about how this WooCommerce Wishlist Integration works. You must have heard of multiple wp wishlist plugins or WooCommerce WordPress plugins, but an add to wishlist button WooCommerce extension? Yes, it is an add to wishlist button WooCommerce extension and a useful one. This WordPress WooCommerce extension that enables a Wishlist feature on your website. Using this feature, your users can add products to this list and purchase these products later. This list is visible on the profile of the user, from where they can even manage it and delete products.

Imagine how feasible it would for the user after you add wishlist in WooCommerce to simply traverse products, add them to the Wishlist as they explore, and purchase when they want to. They don’t need to go through the hassle of searching for these products again and again.

Features of WooCommerce Wishlist Integration

Here’s a list of features that you get when you integrate WooCommerce Wishlist to your website:

  • Allow your users to add WooCommerce products to their Wishlist and purchase them at a later point.
  • Include a button to ‘Add to Wishlist’ on WooCommerce products to allow direct adding of the product to Wishlist instead of the cart.
  • Customize and change the entire look-and-feel of the ‘Add to Wishlist’ button by changing icon, text, and color.
  • Include this ‘Wishlist’ tab on the profiles of ProfileGrid users to allow them to view products in one place only.
  • Encourage users to directly move to cart from their Wishlist tab and make a purchase quickly.
  • Allow your users to delete products from this Wishlist when they are not willing to purchase these products.
Step-by-Step Installation Process of WooCommerce Wishlist Integration and how to add wishlist in WooCommerce

Installing ProfileGrid extensions is a simple task, which would only take a few minutes. We have explained the step-by-step process of installing WooCommerce Wishlist Integration to your website. Check how you can do it:

  1. The first step is the same for every extension. You need to visit the Extensions page of ProfileGrid, Purchase the wishlist page WooCommerce extension, and Activate it on your WordPress. See the image for reference:

Try WooCommerce Wishlist Integration

This purchase would only cost you USD 39, and it would only take some minutes to activate. Once that is done, you can start using WooCommerce Wishlist.

2. After activating the wishlist page WooCommerce extension, go to the Extensions Page from the admin and click on Options to open the ‘WooCommerce Wishlist Integration’ page. On this page, you would find the settings of this extension.

Customize Wishlist Button

3. Push the toggle button and Enable Wishlist. This would give you multiple options to change settings further.

3. Pick a name for your ‘Add to Wishlist.’ This would be the tag from which your WooCommerce Wishlist would appear.

For example, in the below image, we have used Add to Wishlist as the tag.

4. Now, select the icon that would appear beside your ‘Add to Wishlist’ button. Usually, a lot of websites use a heart icon for the Wishlist. You can use that from ‘Pick an Icon’ or select any other icon.

5. You can also change the color of this icon. From the Color for Wishlist Button, Select Color for your icon.

6. In the same way, you can change the color of the Wishlist Text. You just need to click on Select Color for the color palette.

Customize Displayed Text

7. The next option that you have is to add the text that will appear once the user adds a WooCommerce product to their Wishlist. This can be simply ‘Added to Wishlist.’

8. If the user visits the Wishlist, but there is no item in the Wishlist, then you need to display a text there. This text can be added to the ‘No Products in Wishlist Text.’

9. In this step, you need to add the display text for when the user removes a product from Wishlist.

10. You can save all the changes. Here’s how the Wishlist will appear on user profiles.

Final Words

If you have a WordPress website, you may already know the importance of the best WooCommerce wishlist plugin. With robust and valuable best WooCommerce wishlist plugins, we have the power to improve features and extend the functionalities of the website. This is why ProfileGrid offers advanced extensions to help you move one step ahead of your competitors. And this is why ProfileGrid is the best wishlist plugin for WooCommerce. By integrating WooCommerce Wishlist to your website, you can allow your users to make quick and easy purchases. Check out the above steps to know-how, and read the steps to install the plugin.

If you get stuck somewhere, you know you can always comment below and reach out to us. We would help you resolve the issue at the earliest.

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