How to Add WooCommerce Wishlist to your Products?

WooCommerce Wishlist is a feature that enables your users to create a wishlist of products. Additionally, it also allows the users to add, edit, or delete products to/from the wishlist as per their preferences, likings, and disliking.

A WooCommerce Wishlist makes it easier for your customers to purchase products and provides a much more personalized experience.

To incorporate this feature into your website, you can utilize the WooCommerce Wishlist Integration by ProfileGrid Memberships.

ProfileGrid Memberships is a WordPress plugin that comes with 7 unique WooCommerce extensions including a Wishlist integration, WooCommerce Integration, WooCommerce Extension Integration, WooCommerce Product Integration, WooCommerce Subscriptions Integration, WooCommerce Product Custom Tabs, and WooCommerce Members Discount.


Overview of WooCommerce Wishlist Integration

This WordPress WooCommerce extension enables a Wishlist feature on your website. Using this feature, your users can add WooCommerce products to wishlist and purchase these products later.

Users can manage and delete products from the Wishlist tab available on their user profile.

It becomes feasible for the user to simply add products to the Wishlist as they explore, and purchase when they want to. Additionally, it eliminates the hassle of searching for products again and again.

Features of WooCommerce Wishlist Integration

Here’s a list of features of WooCommerce Wishlist integration:

  • Allow users to create Wishlist.
  • Allow users to add WooCommerce products to their Wishlist.
  • Include a ‘Add to Wishlist’ button on WooCommerce products.
  • Customize the ‘Add to Wishlist’ button by changing icons, text, and color.
  • Allow users to view the products directly from their profile with a ‘Wishlist’ tab.
  • Directly move products to the cart from the Wishlist tab.
  • Allow users to delete products from their Wishlist.

How to add wishlist in WooCommerce?

To add a Wishlist to your WooCommerce products, you need to download and install the WooCommerce Wishlist Integration extension. Click the button below to download the extension.

Try WooCommerce Wishlist Integration!

Note: If you have the premium or premium+ versions of ProfileGrid Memberships, you do not need to download the extension separately. The mentioned versions of this plugin come with the WooCommerce Wishlist Integration extension.

Follow the steps below once the extension is downloaded and installed on your website backend:

Step1: After activating the extension, hover your cursor over the ProfileGrid menu and click on ‘Extensions.’

WooCommerce Wishlist

Step2: Scroll down and find WooCommerce Wishlist Integration and click on ‘Options.’

WooCommerce Wishlist Integration

Step3: Enable the Wishlist and add a text for the wishlist button.

WooCommerce Wishlist Integration

Step4: Further select an Icon for the Wishlist.

WooCommerce Wishlist Integration

Step5: Select colors for the Wishlist button and the Wishlist text.

WooCommerce Wishlist Integration

Step6: Add a text that’ll appear on the popup when users add a product to Wishlist. Next, add a text that’ll appear on the Wishlist user profile tab when there are no products in the Wishlist.

WooCommerce Wishlist

Step7: Further, add a text that will appear on the ‘Remove from Wishlist’ button for products in the Wishlist tab and save the setting.

remove from wishlist

Step8: Once the settings are saved, customers will be able to see the wishlist on the frontend products.

add to wishlist

How users can use the WooCommerce Wishlist?

Step1: Users will be able to see a ‘Wishlist’ tab on their profile page.

WooCommerce wishlist

Step2: The text for ‘no product added’ will appear when there are no products on the Wishlist.

WooCommerce wishlist

Step3: To add products to their wishlist, users can go to the products page and click on the ‘Add to Wishlist’ button.

WooCommerce wishlist

Step4: After they add the product to their Wishlist they will receive a ‘Product added’ notification and the ‘Add to Wishlist’ button will change to the ‘Remove from Wishlist’ button.

add to wishlist

Step5: Users can further go to their user profile Wishlist tab and remove the product from their Wishlist.


Final Words

Improve features and extend the functionalities of your WooCommerce website with this Wishlist extension.

By integrating WooCommerce Wishlist into your website, you can allow your users to make quick and easy purchases. Moreover, you can offer your customers a highly personalized experience.

You can also explore other WooCommerce extensions that can add more value to your online shopping experience.

Hopefully, the article has helped you add wishlist in WooCommerce. If you get stuck somewhere, you can always comment below and reach out to us. We would help you resolve the issue at the earliest.

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