How to Reward Users with myCred Points on your WordPress Website?

myCred points system is a user points management system for WordPress and WooCommerce websites that enables you to manage and build a reward system to reward users with points, ranks, and badges.

myCred is vastly used by user and community based websites for establishing a reward systems.

Additionally, it helps you increase customer engagement, reward users, and enhance community engagement. 

To incorporate the myCred user reward system, you can utilize the myCred extension by ProfileGrid Memberships.

The extension allows you to build and manage a broad range of digital WordPress rewards including user ranks, user badges, and user points on your WordPress website. 

Overview of myCred points extension

myCred user reward extension is used to build your brand or business loyalty by rewarding your customers or clients.

This helps you create, manage, and run a user-friendly point reward system. In addition to this, myCRED allows you to give one or multiple points to the users based on the activities performed on his/her profile.

Further, the balance of the points is visible on the user’s profile page under the settings or notifications section. 

Different Ways of myCred Extension to Engage & Reward Your Loyal Customers

myCred extension allows three different ways via which you can reward your users. For example:

  • Points – This method comprises a real-time tracking system that automatically awards your users with myCred points.
  • Ranks – Create a leaderboard in WordPress with significant perks and set their ranks within the leaderboard after they accomplish a milestone.
  • Badges – Create a profile badge and reward users with badges for their exceptional performance to boost up their participation.

It is an easy-to-use WordPress rewards extension and a loyalty extension with dynamic WooCommerce rewards. It is considered to be one of the most reliable WordPress reward points extensions.

Step-by-step procedure to add a point reward system to your WordPress website

To upgrade your website with this extension, you need to download and install the extension from the button below. Once downloaded, install it on your backend and follow the steps below.

Try myCRED Extension

Step1: Go to your WordPress dashboard, hover your cursor over the ProfileGrid menu and click on ‘Extensions.’

myCred Points

Step2: Scroll down to the myCred extension and click on ‘Options.’

myCred Points

Step3: Go to the “myCred Integration” toggle switch and turn it on. 

myCred Points

Step4: Further you can set the reward system to display ranks, display points, and display badges.

myCred Points

Step5: As a subsetting, you can add text for the Badge tab and opt to display all badges.

myCred Points

Step6: Next you can set the rules based on which the users will be rewarded.

myCred Points

Step7: Additionally, you can set the number of points you want to reward the users. Along with that, you can set a limit on how many times the points will be rewarded to the user.

myCred Points

Step8: Save the setting and the point system will be active on your site.

Frontend example of myCred points extension

Example1: For this example, we have used the myCred points system with the ‘Upload profile picture’ rule.

myCred reward users

Step2: Here is another example of a rank reward system with the ‘Upload profile picture’ rule.

reward users

Step3: This example shows the badge rewarded to the user for uploading a profile picture.

reward user

Similarly, you can reward users for activities such as:

  • Upload a cover image,
  • Update profile,
  • User is approved by group or site admin for a closed group,
  • Blog Post is Published
  • User is promoted to Group Manager
  • A friend request is approved

You can also give negative points to the users for activities such as:

  • Post on Group Wall
  • Leaves a Group
  • Removes Cover Image
  • Friend Request is Rejected
  • User is Suspended

The Last Word

myCred integration extension that helps you establish a fully functional award system as per your requirement.

Further, every setting of this extension is explained in the backend to help you set up any type of award system.

In addition, you can showcase leaderboards on a user profile page using widgets or shortcodes. This extension can be immensely useful for membership and subscription websites.

If you require further assistance in setting up the extension or a reward system, please comment below. Our team of experts will reach out to you with the best solution.


  1. krishna

    How to setup when user click on deal button they reward some point on click on my existing button .
    I am using MyCred+cash tracker pro+content egg

    1. ProfileGrid

      Thank you for reaching out. In the current integration with ProfileGrid and MyCred, the actions available are limited to those within the ProfileGrid environment. Unfortunately, we don’t have direct control over actions triggered by external buttons, such as the “Deal” button you mentioned.

      To implement point rewards on the click of your existing button, you may need to explore customization options within the Content Egg or Cash Tracker Pro plugins. I recommend checking the documentation or seeking assistance from the support teams of these respective plugins to understand how to integrate point rewards on button clicks.

      If you have any specific requirements or details about how you envision this feature working, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to guide you within the capabilities of the existing integrations.

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