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A Friendly Heart!

Whether you need simple or complex user profiles on your site, ProfileGrid will serve you well. With a modular structure at its heart, you can switch on or off different user profile sections without affecting ProfileGrid's central functionality. In short, ProfileGrid can be moulded to fit into your site, adding only the stuff you need for your WordPress user profiles, without the extra bloat.

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Groups, groups, groups!

ProfileGrid introduces what was sorely missing among WordPress profile plugins. User Groups can be used for creating different types of WordPress user profiles, for building separate directories, for different sign up processes and in so many other ways! Groups also feature in privacy settings making selective content visibility a breeze. Groups can have their own group leaders, badges and properties. You will be surprised how many things you can do with groups.

Paid Sign Ups

Want to charge users for WordPress memberships? Or make content available for a fee? Or perhaps introduce multi-tier pricing for membership sign ups? All this and more is possible with ProfileGrid's in built payment system when combined with power of restriction and group settings.

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Beautiful Front End

Attractive yet structurally strong CSS/ HTML form the core of ProfileGrid's design philosophy. It's beautiful whichever way you look at it! Neutral visual elements that borrow from your theme will look at part of any site.

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Intelligent Responsiveness

Apart from responding to screen size, ProfileGrid's layout also adjusts based on the content area size of your WordPress theme.

This allows for balanced layouts and optimum use of available space space.

Profile Features

  • Unlock a bundle of indispensable features that all WordPress admins can do with, in their arsenal.
    Add option to export submissions as spreadsheets, create multi-page forms, attach notes to submissions, send user note alerts and more.
  • Field Analytics is a great way to visualize how users are filling up fields with predefined options on your forms.
    Check which options users are selecting in checkbox, radio and dropdown fields in percentages over pie charts. Great tool for analyzing stats and conducting opinion polls.
  • Add file upload field to your forms. Define accepted file types and allow users to upload multiple files in a single form.
    Apart from this, there’s a dedicated files browser to check and download all received files individually or as a single zip. Also see a thumbnail overview of image files in cards view.
  • Add multi payment options to price fields and Stripe payment gateway integration for accepting on site payments
    Now you can give users option to select from multiple items with different prices and pay cumulative price during checkout. You can also ask users to define their own price. Great for accepting donation and charity forms.
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  • Testimonial
    I looked everywhere for a members plugin like this. The plugin is very flexible … especially the form fields. This plugin has lots of shortcodes, multiple profile types, good looking template pages and it is easy for front end users to use. The plugin is a little short on documentation, but support is readily available. At this writing, the plugin is being updated regularly. Give it a go!
    Becky MeltonOn
  • Testimonial
    So far so good. I’m really liking this plugin. I just hope it’s going to be compatible long-term with the membership plugin I’m using.
  • Testimonial
    Wow, a plugin with features I’ve been looking for a long time. I would like to see an integration with lifterlms and badgeos in the future. Thank You!
  • Testimonial
    ProfileGrid is a new and very promissing plugin with much featueres on the roadmap. Also the support is fantastic.