Boost WP Download Manager User Profiles With ProfileGrid

Boost WP Download Manager User Profiles With ProfileGrid Using Shortcodes

Want to make your digital files available for download? The WordPress Download Manager lets you share digital files to your users through your own website.

Nowadays artists, photographers, musicians, game makers are embedding their own products on WordPress sites by integrating ProfileGrid’s Custom Tabs extension with the Download Manager plugin. All you need is the ProfileGrid plugin on your site, which offers you a host of simple yet smart features to jazz up your website.

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All About Custom Tabs

WP Download Manager User Profiles from

Custom Tabs is one of the extensions of ProfileGrid that enables a person to customize user profiles. The plugins that one installs in his WordPress site can be embedded in the user profiles with the help of Custom Tabs. It is no more required to create different pages and make your site heavy. With the help of this extension, you can now incorporate the functionalities of specific plugins into user profiles hence make your site look and perform smarter.  This can be done globally to all user profiles attached to your website.

Custom Tabs and Download Manager – Integration

Once you have added your digital file through WP Download Manager User Profiles, you have to get the shortcode of that file to start the customization. The custom tabs operate primarily through the plugin specific shortcodes. So, once you get hold of the shortcodes of each plugin, half of your work is done.

WP Download Manager User Profiles form manager

The above picture shows, the shortcode of Download Manager which is specific for each uploaded file. Now, create a new tab from the Custom Tabs option of ProfileGrid.

WP Download Manager User Profiles new tab

You can see we have named it ‘Downloadable’ since we are going to keep our downloadable files here. If we start editing the content of this tab we will get two options – Custom Content and User Custom Posts. On selecting the Custom Content option we will get a text area, where we now have to apply the shortcode.

WP Download Manager User Profiles shortcode

There is an option to choose the privacy of this tab – whether to make it visible only to registered users or the public or just the admin. We have kept that option disabled our tab is visible to everyone. So let’s see what happens in the frontend after we click the ‘Save’ button.

WP Download Manager User Profiles frontend

We see the ‘Downloadable’ tab has appeared in the profile of User 1. If we click the tab we will get to see its inside content.

WP Download Manager User Profiles frontend tab

We see our downloadable PDF file has appeared in the frontend and is ready to download.

Testing Other Media Formats

I have gone ahead and added an MP3 file to test if this file will be compatible with custom tabs. In a similar manner, we will apply the shortcode of this file in the same tab along with the previous file’s shortcode.

WP Download Manager User Profiles media formats

By placing both the shortcodes together we are trying to get the two files inside the same tab.

WP Download Manager User Profiles result

We see in the frontend both the files have appeared under the ‘Downloadable’ tab. Two digital files of different format are available for download inside a single tab! Truly one can create magic with custom tab without being a professional coder.

A Breakthrough In The World Of Plugins

ProfileGrid, with features like Custom Tabs, has indeed changed the way websites are built nowadays. It gives immense liberty to users and provides a host of options to make a site smart and efficient. We could see how simply Custom Tabs boosts a site by integrating plugins, just with the help of shortcodes. So make the most of the World Wide Web and reach newer heights of virtual publicity – the power is in your hands now.

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