How to Add a Custom Author Profile Page to your WordPress

Add a Custom Author Profile Page to your WordPress

Want to assign individual profile pages to the users on your site? You just need one plugin to get this done, that too in a few clicks.  The WordPress ProfileGrid plugin is one such tool that will make you achieve your goal in no time. In this article, we will get our hands to add a custom author profile page with the help of ProfileGrid.

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 Getting Started With ProfileGrid

add a custom author profile page form

Once installed, the ProfileGrid plugin offers you its own set of shortcodes. These shortcodes pretty much do most of the work for you.

add a custom author profile page shortcodes


As you can see from the above image, the plugin comes with a dedicated page only for shortcodes. All you need to do is to copy the required shortcode and paste it in its assigned page. Our goal is to create a custom author profile page. So we have to copy the shortcode [PM_Profile] in order to do our job.

Here, I need to tell you that, ProfileGrid also creates default pages right after activation. These appear as PM Groups, PM Search, PM Login, PM Profile etc.

add a custom author profile page default pages

This makes the job of a user more easy and quick. Now the only work left for the user is to paste the particular shortcodes into the specific pages.

Going Forward To The Second Step

Our second step consists of applying the shortcode [PM_Profile] into the PM Profile page. Now, one can change the name of PM Profile page to anything that they want. I named it My Profile here. Now go ahead, click the edit option of the page and paste the shortcode there.

add a custom author profile page edit page name

After clicking the publish button you have successfully created your Profile Page. Here we need to do a few things before this page appears on the frontend.
Get into ‘Global Setting’ under ProfileGrid and click the ‘General’ option.

add a custom author profile page general options

Here you will get various options to work on the appearance and frontend features of the site. In order to display your Profile Page on the frontend, you need to assign the page from here. From the ‘Profile Page’ option select the name of the page that you have assigned as your user profile page. In my case, I will assign the My Profile page here and click on the Save button.

add a custom author profile page profile page

Now, let’s see what appears on the frontend. There are already a few registered users on our site. If the profile page gets activated these users will get allocated in their own user profiles. They will be able to access these profiles by providing the username and password.

add a custom author profile page frontend result

So we see here on the frontend, our User 1 has got her own profile page. Now they need to provide their details to personalize their profiles. Likewise, their details will get updated here and will feature along with their blogs.

The Convenience Of ProfileGrid

The way we created Profile Page simply with the help of a shortcode, proves the convenience of the ProfileGrid plugin. It looks like as if it is made for users who are not acquainted with website development or coding. One just needs to have the will or idea to create a community-based site and ProfileGrid helps you to achieve it easily.

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