How To Add Social Activity To User Groups In WordPress

Add Social Activity to User Groups With ProfileGrid

Do you want the users of your membership website to communicate with each other? True to the definition of a community-based website the users should be able to share photos, blogs, updates and thus build a virtual community. ProfileGrid is one unique plugin that can create multiple groups with registered user profiles on your WordPress site. It also allows you to add social activity to user groups.

In ProfileGrid enabled sites, users can create new posts, comment on other users’ posts or browse the group timeline. In this article, we will add social activity to user groups with the help of the ProfileGrid plugin.

Activating Group Wall Extension

ProfileGrid comes with a host of features like shortcodes, extensions, global settings, email templates etc. Group Wall is part of the premium pack, unlike WooCommerce & bbPress Integrations, User Display Name or User Profile Custom Slugs extensions. You will find the list on the ‘Extensions’ page.

add social activity to user groups extension

After activating this extension, a ‘Group Wall’ page will be created automatically with the shortcode [PM_Add_WallPost].

add social activity to user groups shoprcode

Now, the admin just has to assign the page from ‘ProfileGrid Global Settings’ in the WordPress dashboard.

add social activity to user groups global settings

After clicking on the ‘Save’ button a Group Wall will appear on the frontend.

add social activity to user groups wall frontend

It supports the TinyMCE editor to create frontend posts. The post can have text content as well as image attachments.add social activity to user groups frontend post

Any member from the same group can share posts and add comments on the Group Wall. When a comment is added to a post, the author receives notification. Also, the author can delete any comment on his/her post. Authors can remove an entire post along with its comments. However, a Group Leader can remove any post by another member of the group. Members of the same group get a notification on a newly added post and they can delete any of their comments on another members’ post. In short, the Group Wall becomes the center for social activity for a user group in your WordPress site.

add social activity to user groups my profile

Application of Group Wall on User Profile

Users can apply this feature specific shortcode on any page to display the group wall. In order to add social activity to user groups, the Group Wall should be accessible to all users. For example, we can place the Group Wall on a user profile page. One just needs to apply the shortcode on the PM Profile page on the backend.

add social activity to user groups application

After clicking on the publish button the group wall will appear on individual user profiles. A user can then use his/her own profile as a social network zone.


Moreover, there is option to post on the group wall from the backend. This allows the admin to announce anything to a particular group from the backend. A ‘Group Wall’ menu appears on the dashboard right after the activation. One can click ‘Add New’ to add new posts or see earlier backend posts from the ‘Group Wall’ option.

add social activity to user groups group wall

So you see, we added a post from the backend. This post will appear on the main Group Wall page and the users will get notifications on their individual profiles.

add social activity to user groups frontend

A Community Builder Plugin

ProfileGrid, by allowing users to add social activity to user groups, helps to create a complete community-based website. Moreover, one can create an efficient membership site and invite users to it without even being a pro coder. This plugin actually puts power in the hands of users and enables them to create a lasting online presence.

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