Boost Easy Media Download Plugin User Profiles

Boost Easy Media Download Plugin User Profiles with ProfileGrid Using Shortcodes

Nowadays people do not invest in other sites to promote their products. They invest in making their own site capable of promoting their own stuff. WordPress Easy Media Download is one such plugin that can help you achieve this goal. If you are an artist, game developer or possess any digital media file that you want to make available through your site, this plugin will come handy for you. Together with ProfileGrid and Easy Media Download plugin user profiles you can integrate downloadable media into your user profile.

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Customizing User Profiles Is Now Easy With ProfileGrid

The WordPress ProfileGrid plugin comes with its host of extensions that help to add more value to your WordPress site. One such extension is Custom Tabs.

Easy Media Download Plugin User Profiles form

The Custom Tabs allow users to integrate the functionalities of plugins to a user profile. The admin can do this globally to all user profiles. These plugin specific functions that get embedded in the profiles can be accessed in the frontend by registered users.

This extension primarily works with the help of shortcodes that are specific to individual plugins. With custom tabs, you don’t need to create several pages and make your site heavy. Boost user profiles with custom tabs and integrate as many plugins as you want in your site.

Exercising The Power Of Custom Tabs

After installing the Easy Media plugin add your downloadable file in the WordPress ‘Media Library’. When you click on the file in the Media Library page, it will show you the URL of the media file.

Easy Media Download Plugin User Profiles custom tabs

Here you can see from the above picture that we are working with an audio file, one can select any digital media they wish. The URL of this file makes up a part of the shortcode that custom tabs will utilize in the following process of customization.

Now go on and add a new tab from the ‘Custom Tabs List’ page. We are naming it ‘Downloads’ as we wish to keep our downloadable file here, one can name it anything they like.

Easy Media Download Plugin User Profiles download tab

By clicking the ‘Edit’ button we will now start adding contents to this tab. The inside page will show us two options – User Custom Posts and Custom Content. In order to customize our user profile, we have to select the Custom Content option. This will lead us to a text area where we now have to put our shortcode.

The first shortcode that we are going to use is the basic Easy Media Download shortcode that contains the URL of the file and the text that we want to show on the download button.

Easy Media Download Plugin User Profiles shortcut

The default text for the download button is ‘Download Now’; there is option to change it through shortcodes. Now let’s see what appears on the frontend when we click on the ‘Save’ button.

The Ease and Flexibility Of Custom Tabs

Easy Media Download Plugin User Profiles frontend

Easy Media Download Plugin User Profiles download button

In the above frontend view of a user profile, we see a tab ‘Downloads’ has appeared and its inside content has the download button for our audio file.

Here I would like to mention that, there is option to change the privacy of this tab; since we want to make it public we haven’t delved into that option. However, according to his wish, the admin can make this tab available for public view or make it only visible to registered users. One gets a series of options by enabling the ‘Privacy’ button, likewise, they can control the privacy of a tab.

Moreover, we see the name that we have given to the button hasn’t fitted properly inside the area. To solve this problem we can increase the width of our download button. This can also be done with the help of shortcode. Just add the desired width in the existing shortcode inside the custom content text area and click the save button.

Easy Media Download Plugin User Profiles button width

Now let’s see if we are capable to make the download button bigger to fit the name of the audio file.

Easy Media Download Plugin User Profiles result

The frontend view shows us that the name has fitted perfectly inside the new bigger download button. In a similar manner, one can change the color, height and even make the download start in a new page by altering the existing shortcode.

The Success of Custom Tabs

The beauty of the ProfileGrid custom tabs extension lies in its simplicity. It enables one to customize a user profile effortlessly just by adding the plugin specific shortcodes. One doesn’t need to know coding and yet make wonderful changes in their website easily with the help of custom tabs.

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