Boost WooCommerce Memberships with ProfileGrid Plugin

ProfileGrid is one of the popular profile, community, and WooCommerce memberships building plugins that help to build a fully-functional website. Installing this plugin will help you get multiple functionalities in the form of multiple extensions.

You can also create communities and profiles like any social media by installing different WooCommerce extensions offered by ProfileGrid. Not only that, boost your WooCommerce memberships and build an amazing WooCommerce website with this WooCommerce memberships plugin. 

Continuing the discussion, in this blog, we will go through the 7 best WooCommerce extensions by ProfileGrid, their top features, and some frequently asked questions regarding the WooCommerce extension. Let’s dig in. 



What is a WooCommerce extension?

WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin introduced for WordPress. It is designed for both small to large-sized online merchants to develop their e-commerce websites using WordPress. The extension quickly became popular for its simplicity, ease of installation, and various customization features.

What WooCommerce plugins do I need?

There are tons of free and premium WooCommerce memberships plugins available online. If you are also looking for the best one for your business, figure out your requirements, and do a little research. In this blog, we have hand-picked some of the best WooCommerce extensions offered by ProfileGrid. These extensions will surely help you increase sales and grow your business.

How do I add extensions to WooCommerce?

To get WooCommerce membership:

  • Go to the WordPress admin dashboard of your website.
  • On the left menu, place your cursor on ‘Plugins’ and then click on ‘Add New.’
  • Additionally, on the ‘Add Plugins’ page, select ‘Upload Plugin.’
  • Now click on Choose File and browse the desired plugin or extension.
  • Click on the install now button, and the installation procedure will start in a while
  • Now, wait until the upload process finishes.

What is the best theme for WooCommerce?

WordPress WooCommerce themes help users to create a beautiful and user-friendly eCommerce shop to sell products online. Further, you can find many paid or free WooCommerce themes online. Explore the one that suits your business requirements and make a powerful business store.

7 Unique WooCommerce memberships Extension Offered by ProfileGrid

Integrating WooCommerce on any profile page will help you enhance your experience. Like any other extension, ProfileGrid also helps to integrate the functionalities of WooCommerce via seven unique WooCommerce Extensions. For example, WooCommerce integration, extension integration, wishlist integration, product integration,  WooCommerce subscriptions, and memberships integration. Also, WooCommerce custom tabs and WooCommerce member discount. Continuing the discussion, we will now discuss in detail the seven WooCommerce extensions offered by ProfileGrid. 

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce Extensions- woocommerce memberships

Try WooCommerce Integration Extension

The very first WooCommerce extension offered by ProfileGrid was WooCommerce integration. The extension helps the users to combine the functionalities of ProfileGrid and a shopping website on their website. In addition, this offers the ultimate shopping experience to website users.

Key Features:

  • Helps to add WooCommerce ‘Purchase’ tabs to profile pages.
  • Controls the maximum number of products under the ‘Purchase’ tab directly from the group settings.
  • Adds ‘Product Reviews’ tab to different user profile pages.
  • Adds WooCommerce Shopping Cart tab to profile pages.
  • Displays a user’s orders on his/her profile page below the ‘Settings’ tab.
  • It also allows a user to manage shipping/billing addresses directly from the profile page.
  • Displays the total amount spent by a user on the profile pages.
  • Additionally, it displays the number of WooCommerce purchases made by a user on the profile pages.
  • Moreover, a user can also check the visibility for the total amount spent from the Group settings directly.

WooCommerce Extension Integration

woocommerce memberships

Try WooCommerce Extension Integration Extension

After WooCommerce Integration, WooCommerce extension integration was introduced. The basic WooCommerce integration is covered under the free extensions with standard functionalities. Correspondingly, WooCommerce extensions integration helps the users to take their profiles to the next level. Also, it helps to add some superior functionalities to your WooCommerce memberships website. Further, this extension’s major benefit is that it adds extra functionality of WooCommerce along with the standard functionalities, along with the ProfileGrid user profiles. Listed below are a few key features of this extension.

Key Features :

  • Show the pro version of the seller dashboard tab on the user profiles. 
  • It also displays the seller’s dashboard tab on the user’s profile with seller-specific information.
  • Make the shop tab visible on the user profile containing products added by this user for selling. 
  • Additionally, it displays the shop settings tab on the profile page. It allows the sellers to configure settings for their shop, right from the profiles.

WooCommerce Wishlist Integration

woocommerce memberships

Try WooCommerce Wishlist Integration Extension

Another extension introduced by ProfileGrid is WooCommerce wishlist integration. This extension will introduce a Wishlist feature on your WooCommerce memberships website. This helps users add the desired products to this list for a record and purchase the same products whenever required. Further, this process also helps eradicate the trouble of searching for the same products repeatedly.

Key Features 

  • The WooCommerce wishlist extension allows users to add products to a wishlist and purchase them later.
  • It comes with customization features to change the appearance of the ‘Add to Wishlist’ button by changing its text or color.
  • It also helps to include the ‘Add to Wishlist’ button on the products.
  • Additionally, it helps to include the ‘Wishlist’ tab on the user’s profiles to allow them to view the products in one place only.


WooCommerce Product Integration

woocommerce memberships

Try WooCommerce Product Integration Extension

WooCommerce product integration was another ravishing extension by ProfileGrid. This extension allows users to integrate ProfileGrid Groups with WooCommerce products. In addition to that, this will allow you to assign groups to your users on the basis of the products they buy or the amount of purchase they have made in the past. 

Key Features 

  • On the product purchasing history, assign individual or multiple groups to users. 
  • Allows you to enable/disable the groups for a single product.
  • Based on the product purchased amount, it helps to assign single or multiple groups to users. 
  • It also helps to assign groups to users based on the number of product purchases.
  • Moreover, the users can easily be a part of closed groups without an administrator’s approval.

WooCommerce Subscriptions Integration

WooCommerce Extensions- woocommerce memberships

Try WooCommerce Subscriptions Integration Extension

Integrate the WooCommerce membership Subscription integration extension with ProfileGrid to assign or unassign groups to the users. The groups are assigned based on the basis of their WooCommerce membership subscription. Further, the WooCommerce Subscription plugin has various features. Below are some of the features:

Key Features:

  • WooCommerce subscription plugins allow assigning groups to the users on the basis of their WooCommerce membership/subscription.
  • It also allows assigning the closed groups to the users, with or without the administrator’s approval. 
  • Moreover, it lets enabling or disabling the groups based on the individual’s subscription.
  • Additionally, when the WooCommerce memberships or WooCommerce subscription product is expired or canceled, it automatically unassigns a single or multiple groups.

WooCommerce Product Custom Tabs

woocommerce memberships

Try WooCommerce Product Custom Tabs Extension

The WooCommerce custom tabs extension allows adding custom tabs on WooCommerce products. It allows the users to enable/disable the WooCommerce custom tabs on specific products. Below are a few key features of the extension:

Key Features:

  • Allow enabling/disabling of the WooCommerce custom tabs on the products only.
  • The administrator can add the custom tabs on WooCommerce products as addons.
  • It also helps to send the message to the seller of a product who is a member of a group.
  • Allows adding the global custom tabs on all products or a specific product
  • Additionally, the group details custom tab appears only if the extension is activated.
  • Moreover, the seller details custom tab appears only if the plugin “WC Vendor Marketplace” is activated on-site.

WooCommerce Members Discount

WooCommerce Extensions- woocommerce memberships

Try WooCommerce Members Discount Extension

This WooCommerce membership plugin allows the administrator to add discounts. You can add discounts on WooCommerce products as addons for the WooCommerce members of a group. Such WooCommerce discounts are described on the basis of a fixed amount or on a percentage basis. It also allows the admin to enable/disable the WooCommerce discount. Let’s take a quick look at the features of the extension.

Key Features:

  • It allows enabling/disabling discounts on WooCommerce products.
  • It also allows the admin to enter the caption for the WooCommerce discount to be displayed on the frontend.
  • Moreover, it allows choosing the highest or lowest WooCommerce discount if the user is a member of multiple groups.

In A Nutshell

If you also own a WordPress website, you must be aware of the importance of various WooCommerce membership subscriptions and related extensions. With robust extensions of WooCommerce subscriptions and WooCommerce memberships, we get the control to improve the functionalities of a website. Don’t wait! Get complete control over your website today by installing the amazing extensions.


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