How to add Custom Fields in Groups on a WordPress Website?

It is easy to create groups on WordPress with some plugins. But very few let you customize custom fields of the groups independently. 

If you are looking to add some more advanced features to your website such as adding custom fields to a particular group or editing the existing ones, finding the right WordPress custom fields extension is crucial.

Moreover, finding the right WordPress custom fields plugin to add advanced custom fields list is a hassle and no one is available to guide you through the correct process. 

The addition of an advanced custom field option in groups will not only help you make a user-friendly group on your website but will also make your website fully functional and engaging. 

To make your search easy, we have introduced an amazing WordPress user custom fields extension, i.e. Custom Group Fields.

Features of Custom Group Fields Extension


If you are creating any social media website with a number of various profile pages, and groups, the ProfileGrid Memberships plugin with Custom Group Fields extension is the right combination with advanced custom fields list inside the group.

It will not only let you create customized profile pages but also lets you add multiple functionalities to your WordPress website. 

Continuing the discussion, let’s shed some light on the title of this blog and talk about custom group fields extension and steps to add it to your WordPress website. 

Overview of Custom Group Fields Extension

Custom Group Field is an amazing extension that helps you add custom fields to any group on your WordPress website.

The extension provides an easy way to structure fields into groups.

It helps in organizing the complete group as well as add custom fields to the WordPress website in an easy way.

Custom Fields in Groups – Custom Group Fields Extension 

The major benefit of the ProfileGrid plugin is that it comes in handy with many free as well as paid extensions.

Further, you can buy either a single extension, multiple extensions, or all the extensions at a time from the extensions bucket or by purchasing the Premium or Premium+ version of the Profilegrid Memberships plugin. 

Custom Group Field Extension is one of them. It helps you create unique groups with multiple WordPress advanced custom fields list on your WordPress website. 


Before we explore the features, let’s first install and setup the extension;

here’s how to add advanced custom fields in WordPress groups…

Stepwise Process To Install and Use Custom Group Fields Extension

1. To enable WordPress advanced custom fields, install the Custom Field Group Extension, visit the ProfileGrid website >> Go to the All Extensions page. Or simply click here

2. On the All Extensions page, you will find a list of free and premium extensions. Find the Custom Group Fields extension and install it by completing the payment. 

Custom Group Fields Extension Download

Try Custom Group Field Extension

3. Once the checkout process is complete, the extension will download automatically.

You can skip these steps if you already have ProfileGrid Memberships Premium, Premium+, MetaBundle, or MetaBundle+. (This extension is a part of all the mentioned packages) 

4. Once the extension is downloaded, you need to install it on your website’s WordPress Admin. After the installation, go to your WordPress admin, on the left menu of ProfileGrid on your Dashboard. 

Here, make sure that the Custom Group Fields extension is enabled.

For that, go to ProfileGrid in the left pane and click on Extensions

Extensions PG

Then, find the Custom Group Fields extension and click on Options

Click on Custom Group Fields Extension Option

Next, make sure to enable custom group field setting and click on Save

custom group field enable option

5. When you click on the ProfileGrid option, you will find multiple options on the dropdown menu such as ProfileGrid, Members, Requests, Global Settings, Profile Labels, etc.

Adding Custom Group Fields

6. Click on the ProfileGrid option.

ProfileGrid Menu Optins

Once you click on the ProfileGrid, it will redirect you to the Group Manager page where you will find multiple group cards. 

All groups with Group Fields

7. When you hover your mouse pointer on any of the Group Cards in which you want to add custom fields for WordPress groups, you will find two options, Settings and Fields.

Group Options - ProfileGrid

8. Click on the Settings option, it will redirect you to the Edit Group page.

Edit Group Page

9. Scroll down and you will find the Custom Group Fields option with a toggle.

Custom group filed

10. Click the toggle to add custom group fields to your group.

Custom group filed toggle

11. Once you turn the toggle on, you will get an option to add fields to your group. 

12. Now, click the button to add fields. You can label the field and add the field value.

Add field value

13. You can add multiple custom fields to your group. 

Add multiple fields

Once you are done adding the custom fields you can scroll down and save the settings.

save settings custom fields


14. After you save the setting, you will be redirected to the all groups page. Go to the group frontend and you will be able to see the added custom profile fields.

custom fields

Once the installation of the extension is done and you can play around with settings.

As explained above, you can easily add a new custom field or Edit the existing one in just a number of clicks. Now that you know how to add advanced custom fields in WordPress groups;

Let’s talk about the advanced custom field features

Why do you need to have WP advanced custom fields in the groups? Having the same fields in different groups is boring, repetitive, and kills usability.

With a WordPress custom fields plugin and extension, you can customize your existing or new group fields the way you like (better to have a customization option rather than not having one at all)

By customizing fields in the groups you can make it more unique, engaging, and good-looking.

Here are a few examples of how your custom fields would look:

Example1: If you have a marketing group, you can add fields such as Recent Blogs, Job Opportunites, Upcoming Events, and more.

Marketing groups custom fields

Example2: If you have a Photographers Group, you can add custom fields such as Best Photographer of the Month, Photography Events, Group Rules, and more.

Photography Group custom fields

Example3: If you have a blogger’s group, you can add custom fields such as Latest Blogs, Age Limit, Blogging Topics, and more.

Blogger group custom fields


as we have seen there are so many useful features in one extension, similarly, the ProfileGrid Memberships plugin comes with a dynamic range of extensions that further offers a wide range of useful features that are customizable.

There are extensions that help to add menu items, advanced forms, custom field slugs, and custom group fields, etc. 

The Custom Group Fields is an amazing extension to add customized field names to the groups present on your website with different kinds of functionalities. Use this extension to create customized groups on business, social media, school administration, or auction websites.

If you are looking to enhance the functionality of your website, ProfileGrid Memberships is the best option for you. Explore other extensions available on the ProfileGrid Memberships site and take your website to the next level. You can explore the WP advanced custom fields tutorials available on the website. Also, check out all the extensions one by one and enjoy building an amazing and fully functional website. 

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