Free and Easy Way to Customize WordPress User Profiles Display Name

Customize WordPress User Profiles Display Name With Ease

Customizing WordPress user profile display name can be a bit daunting. Especially when you don’t know squats about it how to Customize WordPress User Profiles Display Name. However, there are about a bunch of options available to help you out with it, choosing one is overwhelming. Although, ProfileGrid is an amazing and seamless option you have. ProfileGrid offers a large number of free and paid extensions to make your website building process hassle-free. Let’s get started with one of the striking and handy extensions that ProfileGrid offers for free i.e., User Display NameHere are a few insights of this stunning extension that can help you customize your profile display name:


Use of ‘User Display Name’ Extension 

This extension allows you to easily customize your profile display name, and add predefined prefixes, and suffixes. Further, it also allows you to mix and match different patterns. Moreover one of the best things about this extension is that you don’t need any expertise to use this extension. All you need is to install it and get yourself going!


Key Features of the ‘User Display Name’ Extension 

There are some great features and functionalities that you get with this extension. Customizing your Profile’s Display Name is just one of them. In addition to that, it comes with multiple patterns as well. Here are a few patterns that are provided by User Display Name:

  • FirstName LastName 
  • LastName, FirstName 
  • F. LastName 
  • FirstName L. 
  • F.L. 
  • NickName 
  • UserName 
  • Email 

Moreover, it helps you add a predefined prefix to a user name, helps to add a suffix to user names, and also offers both global and per-group settings. Further, these setting options allow you to set different display names for each individual group.


Step-by-Step Process to Customize WordPress User Profiles Display Name 

 Now that we are all set with the extension insight, let’s shed some light on the process. Here’s how you can add or change your Profile’s display name and a demo of how it will show your name on the front-end:

  1. To get started with the extension, you need to download it. Simply go to the extensions page, and click on the “User Display Name” extension below Core (free extension). Further, click on Free Purchase. After downloading, activate the extension to enjoy the benefits of the amazing feature. 
  2. For example, if your existing profile name is ‘Erik Betts’ (as shown in the below image), and you want to make some changes to it, you need to follow certain steps.                             Want to Customize your Profile’s Display Name? - ProfileGrid

       3. Go to ‘User Display Name Setting’. A settings window will appear on your screen with multiple options.                

  Customize WordPress User Profiles Display Name - ProfileGrid

       4. The very first option is the Name Pattern. Further, this will help you select the desired pattern of your displaying name. The several options you can find in the drop-down include: 

  • FirstName LastName 
  • LastName, FirstName 
  • F. LastName 
  • FirstName L. 
  • F.L. 

      5. After selecting the pattern of your choice, you can also define a prefix with your name. Further, switch on the Add Prefix radio button. In addition to that write the Prefix in the below field which you want to be displayed before your name. For example, Dr. or CA.

      6. You can also add a suffix after your username, depicting your education qualification, or any other information by activating the ‘Add Suffix’ radio button. For this purpose switch on the option which will activate the below field and simply provide the required information in the Suffix field.  

      7. Switch on the ‘Enable Display Name’ button after all the settings are done. This will turn on the customized settings on your profile page.  

      8. Now when you view your page on the front-end, you can find that your display name is updated. 

Customize WWordPress User Profiles Display Name - ProfileGrid



Who said you need to be an expert to design a great WordPress site? If you have the User Display Name extension, you are all set to unleash some new dimensions on your WordPress website. Be it customizing your profile name or forming a group, this extension will make your WordPress site all spiced up!


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