Boost WPAdverts Classifieds User Profiles With ProfileGrid Plugin

Boost WPAdverts Classifieds User Profiles with ProfileGrid Plugin using Shortcodes

The ProfileGrid WordPress plugin enhances the functionality of WPAdverts Classifieds user profiles with Custom Tab extension. Or, as second use case, you can very easily add ‘classifieds’ functionality to your site built with ProfileGrid plugin, using the WPAdverts Classifieds plugin.

The WPAdverts Classifieds plugin gives you the liberty to build a WordPress classifieds site in very simple steps.

The Magical Combination of ProfileGrid And Custom Tabs

Once you have created different user profiles on your site with the help of ProfileGrid you can add several features on those user profiles to make them dynamic. The Custom Tabs is the key to make these dynamic customizations. One can add WooCommerce tabs and enable an online store, create an activity tab where the user’s daily activities will get updated, add an address directory tab, post job openings and so on. So we see the Custom Tabs plugin is the ultimate answer to boost a user profile with various other plugins thus opening up many possibilities.

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Integrating WPAdverts With Custom Tabs

Just after activating the WPAdverts plugin on your server you will see a tab called “Classified” on the dashboard. The list of options that are provided under “Classified” helps you to add your WordPress classifieds particularities. You can categorize your products, add your contact details and keep a track of your payment history from there.

WPAdverts Classifieds Plugin User Profiles form


Now that you have added your list of classified items, its time you integrate it in your user profile. In order to get started, first click the “Custom Tabs” option on your dashboard.

WPAdverts Classifieds Plugin User Profiles dashboard


WPAdverts Classifieds Plugin User Profiles custom tab

You are now on a page where you can name and create your desired tab. Here you can see we have named our tab “Items For Sale”. Once we click the edit button we will get to edit the content of the tab. We will get two options – User Custom Post and Custom Content inside the page, where we have to select the latter option. The custom content option opens up a text box where we need to put the shortcode for integrating the classified list.

WPAdverts Classifieds Plugin User Profiles custom content

As you can see here, we have put the shortcode [adverts_list] in the tab content. This will let us have the list of classified items that we have created on the backend. Here, I need to tell you that, this Custom Tabs plugin mainly works with the help of shortcodes. It either lets you choose a page that you want to feature in the user profile, in that case, you need to select the Custom Post option, else you need to apply the plugin specific shortcodes on the Custom Content text area.

Now let’s see what customization appears on the frontend after clicking on the “Save” button.

WPAdverts Classifieds Plugin User Profiles frontend


As you can see a tab named “Items for Sale” has appeared on the frontend. Upon clicking the tab we get to see the entire classified list complete with a search bar, contact details, and price of the products.

WPAdverts Classifieds Plugin User Profiles frontend classified


Playing The Trick With More Shortcodes

So we see the above list that has been integrated with the user profile is created by the admin. Now, if the admin wants to give the liberty to other users to showcase their ads on their profile, one has to apply the shortcodes on the custom tabs.

Create another tab in a similar manner and start editing it.

WPAdverts Classifieds Plugin User Profiles new tab

In the above picture, you can see we have created a tab naming “Sell your Own”. In the Custom Content text area, we now have to put the shortcode for a predefined form. The users can fill this form and thus showcase their items.

WPAdverts Classifieds Plugin User Profiles predefined form

As you can see, we have put the [adverts_add] shortcode in the custom content text area. Due to this, we will get a complete form in the frontend which users can fill up to list the products they want to put on sale.

WPAdverts Classifieds Plugin User Profiles result


Therefore we see the custom tab plugin becomes a real help for customizing user profiles. As a result, a site becomes interactive and gets an array of opportunities added to it.



    Thank for a awesome plugin i loves it i use this plugin in my market place website

    1. ProfileGrid Development Team

      Thank you. please try out and let us know how it goes. Our support is available if you need help.

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